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Driving home from the airport, Alice had trouble concentrating on the road. Her mind kept wondering off to the moment her wonderful holiday turned into her own personal hell.

She and Riley had spent two weeks travelling down the California coast when Riley had turned to her with a grim look on his face. "It's not working Alice."

"What do you mean it's not working? What are you saying Ry?" Alice had said, dread rising in her chest.

"I don't think I love you any more, I don't think I have for a while now. I'm sorry Alice, but I'm going back to New York."

They had been together for over six years now. Only recently had they decided he would move into her small brownstone in Seattle. All Riley's belongings, packed into boxes, were ready to be moved from his apartment to her house right after their three week vacation. It would've been the start of the rest of their lives. Turning into the serene cul-de-sac, it now felt like her life had come to an end.

Walking in her front door, Alice noticed three things. First, there was someone else in the house she had thought would be empty. Second, she didn't know the slender dark haired figure sleeping on her couch. Third, her living room is a mess, complete with left over pepperoni pizza and used condoms on the coffee-table.

"What the...", she stopped speaking as the door behind her flung open. Her startled looking brother Edward stood frozen in the doorway. His coppery hair a ruffled mess, his bright green eyes filled with fear. He was holding a brown grocery bag.

"Sis, you're back.." He straightened his shoulders and walked in, closing the door behind him. "I thought you wouldn't be here for another five days."

Alice just looked at her brother for an uncomfortable moment. "Yes, well... Riley broke it off, so I took an early flight back." she snapped and let out a sigh. Edward moved toward her putting his bag on the ground.

"Seriously? What the hell happened?" he asked, a sad frown forming on his face.

Alice didn't want to talk to her little brother about any of it. Actually, she had wanted nothing more than to come home to her clean empty house and curl up in a ball. A plan, which had been meticulously ruined by her brother and what seemed to be a girl on her couch.

"Never mind that now, what the hell is going on in here? Why are you here?" she spun around facing her living room. "And better yet, why is there a girl sleeping on my couch?"

Edward's cheeks flushed red, he stumbled forward a few paces and than realised what Alice had said. He let out an involuntary nervous chuckle and started pushing Alice towards the kitchen gently. "I'll explain it all, and we'll talk. But first get yourself a nice cup of tea while I get rid of my... ehm... friend."

"Edward, no! I'll make a pot of tea, but than I'm going to take it into my living room, and have a talk with you AND your friend. So you have five minutes to get her decent!" Alice was livid. Not only had he broken into her house at the worst possible time, he was trying to hide something from her.

Edward's face turned pale. "You want to eh... you don't want me to eh... you eh... I-I... we..."

"Get her to get dressed Edward, I'll be there in five. And for god's sake, clean up your filth!" said Alice, turning around and going into the kitchen.