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That was so crowded in a field that had turned into a stage-where Momoka held her concert- because audiences were shouting 'hoshi' and 'Momo-tan'. The shouts became louder than before, because someone who they waited hadn't come out. It was obvious she hadn't come out, because Switch's watch telled it was 3.55 p.m, while her concert would start at 4 p.m. Audiences couldn't be patient anymore. They shouted her name louder, louder, louder, and louder than before.

"Hallo! How are you all? Hope you all are fine! It's me, Kibitsu Momoka! Are you ready for Momo-tan's concert?"

"AAAAAAA." audiences answered excitedly.

"Seems like you all are ready. Let's get start! Masumasu marumaru marshmallow..."

Momoka started to sing beautifully. Audiences was becoming noisier. Momoka looked in to the audiences and tried to find something, someone. She gave a sweet special smile and blinked an eye for someone who watched her from the right corner of stage, Switch. Switch realized that Momoka gave her a smile and blinked her eye, he didn't smile back or blink back, still in his poker face as always.

Momoka's concert was over. Audiences still shout 'hoshi' and 'Momo-tan'. Momoka said goodbye to the audiences. Audiences were becoming less, less, less, than before and the field became empty. But there was still one person left, Switch. He opened a message on his phone.

From: Kibitsu Momoka

Sub: [no subject]

Hey, Switch! Will you come backstage again now? I'm afraid you're coming but my director doesn't know that. So you couldn't come in. ('~'!)

For: Kibitsu Momoka

Sub: Re:[no subject]

Yes, I'm on the way there. (^o^)

From: Kibitsu Momoka

Sub: [no subject]

Well okay! I'm waiting. I already telled my director now.

Switch walked to the backstage. Bossun and Himeko were stalking him. Switch pretended like he don't know although he knew exactly that Bossun and Himeko were stalking him.

Suddenly, Bossun's weird ringtone heard. Himeko hit Bossun at his head. "Idiot, why you didn't make your phone silent?"

"Aww, it hurt! It's from Switch. Does he know that we're stalking him?"

"This guy is scary. What's the message?"

From: Usui Kazuyoshi

Sub: [no subject]

Release your small antelope mask and pelolipop advertisement mask, then come with me.

I know Himeko and you are hiding behind that big tree (`▽´)-σ

come here and have fun ┌(・。・)┘ └(・。・)┐ ┌(・。・)┘

"Ah, he sent a disgusting message again! Those emoticons, tch." Himeko said.

"Come on, Himeko!" Bossun said, leaving Himeko and released his small antelope mask.

"Hey, wait for me!" Himeko ran after Bossun and released her pelolipop advertisement mask too.

"The reason you are stalking me are you wanted to know what was Momoka's gift and what happened with Momoka and me." Switch typed before Bossun says hi.

"How could you know that?" Bossun said. He was surprised.

"Stop it! That's seriously scary." Himeko said and she was surprised too.

Three of them walked together. They had the same aim now, the backstage. They seemed so awkward, especially Bossun and Himeko. Because they had caught stalking at Switch. But Switch stayed calm as always although he felt the awkward atmosphere.

They arrived in front of backstage. Switch showed Momoka's message on his phone to the security guard. Security guard did let them in and took the small antelope mask and pelolipop advertisement mask before. He said they were arouse suspicion.

"Switch! How are you? Hmm..hmm.. h-have you open my gift?" That Liberty Maji's and Maternity Blue's voice welcomed Switch. Switch didn't answer her question, he was just showing something at his right hand. Bossun's and Himeko's eyes automatically glued into Switch's right hand. So, that is Momoka's gift, thought Bossun and Himeko. Orange curly haired girl smiled.

"Unthinkable! Nee-san and Boss-su are coming too." Liberty Maji's and Maternity Blue's cheerful voice was heard again. Bossun and Himeko were in their nervous face, compactly. They were still in their awkwardness.

"Y-y-yes." They said nervously and compactly.

Bossun put his hand in front of Himeko's ear. He whispered something.

"Momoka, Himeko and I have to go. Sorry, I've to help my mother because Rumi isn't at home and Himeko..." Bossun said. His explanation was cut by Himeko.

"Hmm...hmm... my mother suddenly asks me to shopping! Yes, shopping! How much I miss shopping with my mother!" Himeko said cutting Bossun's explanation.

"Oh, ok then. Take care!" Momoka said gently.

Switch was just quiet, he knew that Bossun and Himeko were lying. But as always, he pretended like he don't know. Quietness attacked Momoka and Switch after Bossun and Himeko left. Nobody opened conversation. Momoka stared the floor and Switch did something with his laptop.

"Thank you." Switch typed broke the quietness without looking at Momoka's face.

"For what?" Momoka asked when she was still staring the floor.

"For this. I like it." Switch typed. He showed his watch at his right hand.

"Thanks for liking it and wearing it too." Momoka said. Her face was full of embarrass.

"Momoka, can we go outside? Sit at the bench in a park or else." Switch suddenly typed. He started staring at Momoka's face. He avoided Bossun and Himeko. He knew they were hiding somewhere.

"E-eh? O-of course. I'm in my free time." Momoka said nervously. Her face was totally blushing.

Switch took Momoka's hand and pulled it. Momoka followed him. She was suddenly turning into her super embarrass mode. She stared at Switch's good-looking face from Switch's left side.

Bossun and Himeko lost Switch and Momoka. They felt tired of stalking and they decided to go eat then go home.

Switch and Momoka arrived at a park. Switch was still holding Momoka's hand. Momoka was still in her super embarrass mode.

"Let's have sit there." Switch typed. He pointed toward at a bench.

"Hmm y-yes." Momoka answered.

They had a sit. There was no word out from their mouth. Awkwardness attacked although it was unnecessary. Their eyes weren't looking at each other.

"Momoka.." Switch typed. He released his glasses and put it in his pocket. He stood when Momoka was siting.

"Y-y-yes?" Momoka said nervously. She didn't know what to do. She was wondering why did Switch release his glasses. She didn't have brave to stare at Switch's eyes although she noticed that Switch released his glasses.

"Look in to my eyes, please." Switch typed. He put his laptop on the bench. He typed using his left hand only. Momoka stood and threw her nervous feeling away. Slowly, her face look up in to Switch's face. Because Switch was taller than her. Her eyes were closed. Slowly she opened it, she already found certainty to plant her brave back. This makes me more nervous than when the first time I road to the stage, she thought. She opened her eyes. Finally she found her brave to stare at Switch eyes. Quietness attacked them again without bored. So quiet until it felt like they could hear voice of the wind, whistling in to their ears just like disturb repeatedly at them.

"I love you, Kibitsu Momoka. I love you as a male loves a female, not as a fan loves his or her idol." Switch said gently. He smiled at Momoka. He put his arm around Momoka. Stiffness covered Momoka's body. She didn't know what to do. Her face colour was turning into red. She felt like her mouth was zipped. She couldn't say any word.

"At first, I didn't know what was this feeling. Every time I see you, the atmosphere is different. I found out, and now I realize that I love you. I thought I would never fall in love again, but the fact thinks different. I love you." Switch continued his confession.

"Switch... you're talking... and smiling..." Momoka said haltingly. She found her voice again. She threw her stiffness. Her arm was put around Switch's body. She hugged him back.

"I love you too, Usui Kazuyoshi. As a female loves a male, not as an idol loves his or her fan." Momoka answered Switch's confession.

Switch released his hug and so did Momoka. Switch moved Momoka's bangs until nothing covered Momoka's forehead. Momoka didn't move, gave Switch permission. Switch kissed Momoka's forehead gently.

"May I call you Momo-chan?" Switch said. He smiled.

"Why not? And may I call you Kazu-kun?" Momoka said. Red was still colouring her face.

"Yes, please. May I tell you something, Momo-chan?"

"Yes. What's up, Kazu-kun?"

"I used to won't confess use my mouth. I wanted to confess used my speech synthesis software. I won't speak because of my deep trauma. I'm afraid that you will hurt if I speak. That's why I was a little nervous before I speak. But, the fact says no. You're the one who makes my fears gone. Thank you, Momo-chan." Switch said.

"E-eh? I'm not the caused you dare to speak again. It's because of yourself, Kazu-kun. You fight your fears and you win. You don't have to say thank you to me." Momoka said. Switch smiled. He wore his glasses back and took his laptop. He took Momoka's hand, hold it, and walked leaving the park.

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