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Author: LilacLovely12
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Destination of Raggs Kingdom

"If only that thay you didn't leave me behind, we'll all live happy as never."

One day I saw my own reflection in the mirror

It just looked like you, daddy

This brunette hair

This emerald-colored eyes

This smile on my face

Everything makes me recalling the memories of you

The days we played all day long

Beneath the blue sky

While the snowflakes fell from heaven up above

I heard your and my laughter

I saw your emerald-eyes look at me in affection gazes

The love you gave me cannot be replaced by anything


Where are you now?

I'm searching through the darkest night, even the coldest night

That day I realized

Now you lived in a place I cannot reached in this mere form

I love you, daddy

One day I will come to the place you are in for sure

So we can play with water again, all day long


"…your wish has been fulfilled, Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs," said Chief of Heaven in a monotone voice to Teito, still staring at the young boy. You can't even guess how his feeling right now because of his expressionless face is. But he knew that young man is the reincarnation of his only daughter, Eve despite he don't utter single a word of it. The gate before Teito opened, and Teito stepped out from that gate hesitantly. Suddenly, everything's disappeared from his vision. It's pitch dark, soon Teito couldn't feel anything. It's only dark here…

Teito Klein just now back from Land of Seele. Verloren's soul finally purified by the Chief of Heaven, but both his body and his memories still remain in this world. Now, here he is, all alone at the place last time he was before he went to the Land of Seele. Teito looked around, confused. Without announcement, a man appeared before Teito. Noticing there's someone there with him; he turned his head and saw a stranger standing there. He's smiling gently at Teito. Somehow, Teito felt very nostalgia the time he saw that stranger's face, but why? He took a good look at that stranger for awhile.

Teito was stunned after realized who that man is. Can't even say single a word. "Dad…dy!" snapped Teito the time he find his word to say. He tried to touch his daddy, but he couldn't because his daddy's all transparent. Moreover, it's looked like a hologram more than a human or ghost.

"Nice job, Tiashe. I really am proud of you. From now your true mission just started…" said his daddy in a saddened tone. His face turns into a darkened one.

"I, I always want to meet you, daddy. There're many things I'd love to talk with you, but—"

"Me too. There're too many things I want to talk with you, but we've not much time left to talking each other. I'm really sorry for being a bad father 'till the very end…" uttered Weldeschtein Krom Raggs in a regretfully tone. Their eyes met each other, it's obviously they've same color of irises. Green emerald. "I love you, Tiashe."

"Sorry for what? You're my proud daddy! Honestly… I always want you to stay alive, so we… we all can live together. Live happy as never…" tears began to drip uncontrollably down Teito's pale cheeks as he uttered his last words. He doesn't want bear such a great loss anymore. His father, uncle, all of his friends, even his best friend died because of him. Why does he can only do nothing to protect his precious one?

"Now, now. Don't cry my child. I can't wipe your tears now but… I will always with your heart, Tiashe. Besides, you've an important mission, don't you?" said Krom try to comfort his only son, whereas his heart also in such a great pain. "One last thing, take care of your beloved one, Tiashe. I believe on you!"

Teito nodded slightly as his father began to disappear. "I love you too, daddy," Teito whispered while his daddy completely disappeared. Teito laughed in a trembling voice as tears flowed again and again from his emerald eyes, felt in a great, great pain right now.

"Master…" a voice Teito recognized well echoing in his mind, but he doesn't care. Still, he is sitting in the ground. Buried his head in his arms and wept silently. "Master, please stop crying and let's back to the Seventh District."

"Leave me alone," Teito answered show how annoyed he is, but still in a trembling voice. "I… I want to die here, let me starving to death, Mikhail. Don't interfere with me. "

It's the first time Mikhail ever hear his master says stuff like that. The Archangel feels sorry and a bit angry for his poor master. But, what can he do?

"Don't say anything like that again, my beloved master. You remember what Fia Kreuz, Vetrag told you long time ago?" Teito nodded slightly, again. He will not forget that day, when his very own uncle told him he mustn't let go of this baton of his life which 'they' entrusted him with. "You have an important mission, master. First, we should back to the Seventh District to report your result."

"But, how about Frau and how about Luna*?" (*Carnellia Lunatique Barburg, called Luna. She's one of my original characters in story entitled "The Beginning of New Life". By the way, Luna is Teito's future wife and she's Ouka's stepsister. I'm so so sorry the story's in Indonesian.)

"We can send them letter from Seventh District to tell them this," Mikhail answered. "Now, just sleep my beloved master. Take this chance to heal the wound which was depth in your heart, I'll lull you to sleep."

This time, Mikhail took over Teito's body, let his master sleeping inside. Mikhail wiped Teito's tears and slowly opened his wings. He flew far, far away ahead to the Seventh District. In the way to their destination, Mikhail sang a lullaby special for his beloved master as the winds softly blowing on his face…


I search for your footprints
In stars in snow in memories
Whether it is the eternal peace
This is amids of a dream

With small wings, I ran across the hill
Straying from the road I close my eyes

I search for your footprints
In stars in snow in memories
Whether it is the eternal peace
This is amids of a dream

It all went back to someday Alone,
at the end of sky by yourself
The peace you wait for
Leaving behind a trail of light

With small wings, I ran across the hill
Straying from the road I close my eyes
With these unwavering wings, I search for your footprints
In dreams in love in hearts
Leaving behind eternal light

Giving you eternal love



The Seventh District…

"…you must always face forward, walk toward the path of light…"

The morning bells were chiming, while a group of birds chirping happily. A brunette with sunshine-colored eyes is wandering through the garden, searching for someone there. It was almost prayer time, but Labrador could not be found anywhere even he wasn't in his own beloved garden. Before he walks any further, Castor's eyes widened the time he saw Teito's collapsed body over there. Moreover, The Archangel Mikhail's taking care of Teito by wrapping his master's body with his own wings to let him sleep in warmth.

Mikhail aware of Castor's presence the time he stepped in that garden. He turned his blood-colored eyes to Castor. "So it's you, Fest. Take care of master, do not do stupid thing that will make me kill you," and Mikhail disappeared. Castor quickly brought Teito into the guest room, and then reported this to the Head Bishop.

Tap, tap, tap…

Castor knocked the Head Bishop's room. "Come in," command a voice from inside the room. Castor opened the door with his bishop pass. Before he stepped inside, he wandered the room with his eyes from behind the lenses and really really shocked to see what's inside.

"Lab! I've looking you to everywhere but here you are, drinking tea with Jio-sama!" snapped Castor at Labrador who's drinking tea with their Head Bishop.

"Hi, Castor! I know it's almost prayer time now. But I just invited Jio-sama to have tea together with me," Labrador said cheerfully, while one of his hands holding a cup of his homemade tea.

"Ah, so it's you, Castor. What's the matter?" ask the Head Bishop curiously; put his cup of tea on a table. "Looking for Labrador?"

Castor blushed badly. "M, my apologize, Jio-sama. It is not it. But I've to report something important to you."

"Oh, that's nice. What kind of report this time?"

"Well, it is about the Eye of Mikhail…" uttered Castor hesitantly. The Head Bishop's expression darkened the time he heard Castor says 'Eye of Mikhail' 'coz that would be a bad news. "They come back."

"That's all?" Jio-sama asked Castor seriously. Castor nodded as the answer. "Well, I'll come to see him later. But it's prayer time right now."

Teito opened both of his green emerald eyes, seeing the white-painted ceiling above him. He doesn't know where he is right now. The last things he remembers are the time Mikhail asked him to sleep and then he heard a nostalgic song inside his head. Was it a dream or something like that?

"I'm glad you have regained your consciousness, Teito-kun," Castor said to Teito suddenly. Teito jumped from his bed, he didn't even knowing Castor and Labrador in that room just now.

"It's you, Castor-san, Labrador-san…" Teito uttered confusedly. "Where am I? Where're Frau and Luna?" continued him, then he sat on his bed.

"So you don't even know where you are nor where are Frau and Luna-san, Teito-kun?" asked Labrador curiously.

Teito nodded slightly. "I… I've purified Verloren's soul, and then I don't really know where I nor Frau and Luna's are…" Teito answered without mentioned his meeting with his father. After he ended his words, Labrador stared at him with 'a weird gaze'.

"E.. eh…! What's up?" uttered Teito clumsily, avoided eyes-contact with that light purple-colored bishop.

"It is not the whole story, Teito-kun. We will not force you to tell it for us, but, can you please tell everything to us?" Labrador said. He took a cup of tea again and sipped the tea.

Teito had no choice, so he tells them everything he knew. His 'trip' to the Land of Seele, his meeting with the Chief of Heaven, and at last, his meeting with his father. Both Castor and Labrador listened to Teito's story patiently until the end of it.

"Well, the most important thing now is we must send Frau a letter to inform him his apprentice had come back to the Seventh District," said Castor after listened to the whole story. "Take care of Teito-kun, Lab,"

Castor went to send a letter, leave Teito and Labrador all alone in the room. Labrador's the one who break the awkward silence between them after Castor's leaving the room. "So what will you do after this, Teito-kun?"

Teito's look locked onto his blanket, still avoiding eyes-contact with Labrador. "I…" murmured Teito. He took a deep breath before put an end of his sentence, "I will continue to live on, no matter how painful it is because this life's the one which 'they' entrusted with their lives," answered Teito. This time with confidence in his big emerald eyes.

A gentle smile adorning Labrador's face, "So, do you want to occupy your father's throne, Teito-kun?"

Teito shook his head 'no'. "Raggs Kingdom has already eliminated, that kingdom's no longer exist. I'll go on a long journey, to teach other people Raggs language and some of its cultures," replied Teito. "More importantly, I'll search for the true identity of mine," Teito rested a hand on his chest, expressing his willpower.

"Indeed. Raggs Kingdom's no longer exist unless in historical record, but why do you want to teach others Raggs language and its cultures?"

Teito gave Labrador a pouting face, as if he should tell that bishop every single thing in his mind. "Well, Raggs Kingdom's annihilated. But at least its language and its cultures still remain." Labrador's smile wider the time Teito finished his words. He hand over a flower to Teito and Teito accept it. "What… is this for?" ask Teito curiously, stared at the white flower in his hand inquisitively.

"This is White Heather, the flower of protection. And… the symbol of 'may your wishes will come true'." Labrador answered while smiling gently as usual. "May God always be with you, Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs. The destination of Raggs Kingdom is in your hand."

Author's note:
Well, how 'bout it? It's all ended now. But I'm goin' to update the epilogue. Just wait for it, or rather just forget it. Haha, this is the worst story I've ever write I guess. Hope you like it! Review; please (especially the grammar errors I made). Well, well. I know this story's pretty ridiculous or whatever. Y'all knew my grammar's 'chaotic' and my vocab's poorer than you can ever imagine. See ya next time(?)

Omake love Omake

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