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Author's Note: Hey, I'm mistaken this time. The chapter one's title must be: Destiny of Raggs Kingdom, not 'Destination of Raggs Kingdom'. So so sorry…! Btw, there's a scene of romantic in the very end of this story. Should I change the genre into romantic? OMG, I even don't know…

Destiny of Raggs Kingdom


Ten years later…


That's pretty cool, right? We are the member of Raggs Family!" cried Edelweiss Daffodil Raggs to her little brother after hearing her father's whole story about his past. Daffodil is a preteen; with pretty, big emerald eyes, pale complexion, wavy, waist length brown hair, slim appearance, round adorable face and a peculiar smile, which always make every boy who had seen her, fell in love.

Daffodil's little brother, Wegener Spitzweg Raggs nodded slightly as an agreement for his big sister's statement just now. "Is that true, daddy?"

"Yep, why not? Our surname's Raggs, right? But Raggs Kingdom's no longer exist, so we are all Barsburgian now," Teito answered wisely to his son's question while patted his son's head. Spitzweg blushed, and Teito chuckled to see his son's pouting and blushing face at the same time. Well, Spitzweg's personality a bit similar to his the time when he was still a little boy, aloof but shy.

"Me too! Me too!" shouted Daffodil to her father, wanted her father patting her head too. Teito's smile grew wider to see his daughter's usual enthusiasm and then patted his daughter's head softly too. Daffodil's personality's similar to Mikage's somehow. "I don't care even if I'm a princess from other kingdom. I'll protect our empire with all of my strength and all of my life! And you, Spitzweg?"

"Well, when I turn into fourteen years old, I'll go to the military academy which its chairman's an old fart named… named Miruko if I'm not mistaken," replied Spitzweg, not in an enthusiasm as his sister's. But in a serious tone as usual. "I will protect this empire with my entire life."

"Miroku," corrected Teito. "Now, now. It's the time for all of you take baths. Your private teacher will soon arrive here, right?"

"Oh my gosh! Ma'am Erica will slap our butts for this! For us being late!" shouted Daffodil panicked, imagine their fiercest private teacher ever punish them again. While his little brother's serious expression changed into an anxious one. They hurriedly took baths and then attend the Raggs Language class together.

Teito sighed and took a deep breath, he then leave his room, looked for Ouka or maybe Hakuren. This day the royalty holds a formal Christmas party at the one of the royal families' mansions. Well, in fact Teito didn't really like that kind of party since the attentions of all guests usually centered on him. Who will say that's a comfy situation?



About nine years ago, the Emperor of Barsburg killed by an accident and Ouka ended up as the Empress of Barsburg. Since she crowned an empress, the policies which allow slavery erased by her, and she allows her people using both Barsburgian and Raggs language. That empire becomes very very peaceful and Ouka being loved by all of her people. Ouka then married with Hakuren, her ex-tutor she loved that much. Meanwhile, Teito's journal ended the time he married with Carnellia Lunatique Barsburg, woman he loved that badly. It's not that Teito hated his journal of finding all of his memories, but his love to Luna made him willingly end his journal and came into marriage life. After their marriage, Teito became the part of the royal families and he officially changed his name back to his true name, Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs. Teito and his family lived in the loyalty after Ouka persuaded him to stay still.

The marriage between Teito as the prince of ex-Raggs and Carnellia Lunatique Barsburg as the princess of Barsburg spread various rumors which disappeared as time passed by. Seems like Teito and Luna didn't really care of those rumors as long as they loved each other, that's all. Lunatique gave births to two cute children for Teito which appearances are pretty similar to Teito's. Both Spitzweg and Daffodil have big emerald eyes also brown-colored hair.

Teito as the wielder of Eye of Mikhail don't even gave the military any additional powers since Ouka herself, Teito, and Mikhail refused to incorporate the strength of Mikhail or Raphael's into the military. Mikhail and Raphael aren't toys, do they?

Well, Teito's still missing Frau sometimes. After that perverted bishop's death, Teito feel a great, personal loss. He doesn't even believe that 'ghost' already ceased to exist in this world. Such a great grief, eh?

Teito sometimes visits the Seventh District to kill time there by helping the poor or chit chat with Labrador and Castor, obviously. They've not changed even at the slightest part of them. Labrador still love to gardening, and Castor still making dolls. That place always reminds Teito of the lingering memories of past, the time when Frau's still alive and his sweet-bitter memories with Hakuren, Mikage too as if it's just happened yesterday.


Normal POV


Teito's viewing the sight of twilight at Barsburg Empire from the heights of Hohburg Fortress as the breeze never ceases to blow his face soflty. Daydreaming again. Well, it's the party time, but Teito decided to leave the party to have fresh air. That day's a snowy day, and Teito doesn't really like it because it makes him recalling his hometown. His meeting with his 'father' ten years ago flashed through his mind again. Teito took a long breath, subconsciously, his green emerald eyes filled with tears. Wept silently.

"Tiashe…" a voice made Teito back from his reverie, back to the reality which was cruel, yet dizzy. He turned to see Luna who staring at him anxiously. "You looked unhealthy today," continued her. Luna is Teito's dearest lover, however. Well, perhaps it's crazy, although they've married for about ten years, Teito still can't help his heart beating fast every time he sees her smile,her long wavy silver hair, hearing her voice, or eye-contacting with her violet eyes.

A smile began to adorn Teito's face while his heart beating fast hearing his lover calling him. "Well, I just am reminiscing about my past, that's all," Teito replied and he ask Luna verbally to join him viewing the Barsburg Empire from the heights, and Luna do what her husband ask her to do. Standing right beside the brunette.

"Frau… again?" asked Luna carefully, tried to not hurt Teito's feeling. Teito nodded as the silence answer. "This is really wonderful…" Luna uttered the time she feels winds blowing her face softly, whilst seeing the hustle and bustle of Christmas time below.

Teito turned his eyes from the sight to Luna's face secretively, to saw her smile. His heart beating faster and he feel his cheeks turned into the red one, seeing his favorite smile on Luna's face. Noticing Teito's staring at her weirdly, Luna turned her eyes to Teito's. "Why are you looking at me like this?" asked Luna curiously, with a grin on her face.

"Eeehh… I, I just—"

"Falling in love with me again, eh?"

Teito's blushing that badly to hear Luna's last words. "It's not it! I'm just…" he stopped, don't know what to say.

"Just what?"

"Nope, just forget it," Teito answered, still avoided eyes-contact with Luna. "Mmm… may I kiss you…?"

Luna chuckled to hear Teito's request. "Of course, why not?" replied her with a grin on her face. "You don't even need to ask it. Just kiss me here every time you want it that badly… 'till it satisfied your lust," continued her pointing at her lips. "Now, just kiss me as you wish then."

"Your words really are embarrassing," Teito uttered while trying to hide his reddish face. Luna grinned, seeing how shy her lover is.

"Gah, too soft," Luna uttered, pretended to be irritated. She pressed her lips against Teito's a bit roughly. Teito who was surprised by the sudden actions of Luna froze, but when the silver-haired woman ran her tongue over his lower lip he couldn't help but moan slightly in a seductive voice. Eyes fluttering shut as he melted into the kiss, parting his lips slightly to allow Luna the entrance she so desperately sought.

As the brunette opened up his mouth Luna's tongue was thrust in, eagerly exploring the wet cavern. Mapping out everything as he rubbed her tongue against Teito's still one. Teito tasted sweet with a floral note, an addicting taste that the lover knew he would never be able to get enough of. Just one taste was all it took. The kiss was simply blissful. When the need for air was too much, she pulled away, looking at Teito with clouded eyes. They looked at each other for a long time, maybe a minute, an hour, or whatever.

"You are blushing," uttered Teito break the awkward silence between them while looking into his dearest person's violet eyes, aware of her blushing cheeks.

"That's not the problem, right?" Teito didn't answer; they're looking at each other for awhile. Teito placed a chaste kiss on Luna's forehead before reclaiming slightly bruised lips. This kiss wasn't like the one before, it wasn't frenzied, desperate, or filled with desire it was soft, loving, and sweet.

"I love you, Luna…" uttered Teito as his cheeks blushing again, while looking into the amethyst eyes of Luna which he loved that much, which are deep and beautiful. Every time he looks into them, they always recall him how filthy he is… how sinful and ugly his past is…

"I love you, too…" whispered Luna in Teito's ear, don't care neither her heart which hammering nor her darkening blush on her own cheeks. Looking into the green emerald she loved that badly, touching the warm skin of her lover, smelling the sweet scene she loved that much from Teito, and stunned from the smile which adorning Teito's face.

"Very good," Teito replied, and then placed a chaste kiss on Luna's forehead once again. Both of them viewing the sight of First District once again, all alone in the middle of cold weather that they couldn't even feel since they're holding hands and enjoying each other's presences…


The End

Author's Note: Heee… such a short story, isn't it? I'm really really bad at romantic scene, but I've tried my best on it since I've no experience of anything like this or that.
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