AN : This story starts immediately after iStill Psycho and assumes that the iCarly gang are in their Senior year.

Disclaimer : Don't own the shows or the characters. Unless I invent some new ones later on in the story.

It was one of the great moments of my life, when the BIG envelope from UCLA arrived – I was in! Mom was surprisingly calm about it, she finally realises that "all little boys have to grow up in the end". I was still annoyed about what had happened when we were at Nora's party, so instead of telling Carly and Sam the news, which would usually have been my first act for something as major as this, I immediately thought of somebody else – Tori.

We had met at the party where we'd caught out hers and Carly's mutual boyfriend. She was a huge fan of iCarly and we'd all become quite close that night, trading e-mail addresses and we'd kept in touch since. She happened to be online at the time so I requested a video chat.

"Hey Tori"

"Freddie! Hi, how are you?"

"Really good thanks. In fact, I might be seeing you soon – I got into UCLA, I start in the fall!"

"Oh wow Freddie, that's so awesome!"

"Thanks. So, do you know anyone down there, y'know – a friendly face who might want to show me around LA when I get there?" I flashed what is probably my goofiest smile at her but never mind.

She smiled back. "I'm sure I can find someone…" then we both giggled.

We chatted a bit longer before she broached the elephant in the room and asked what Carly and Sam thought about it. I had to admit that I hadn't told them.

"Things are… awkward since Sam and I split" I explained. "At first it was great but recently neither she nor Carly have been that nice to me"

"Oh, well that's not good. But you guys have been friends for years – you'll figure it out"

"We'll see" was all I could say.

The next couple of days I didn't hang out at Carly's after school – I wasn't seeing much of the girls in school and I didn't really want to talk to them about college. I wanted to carry on feeling happy and excited about going there – so I spent my evenings focussing on finals, preparing what I wanted, and needed, to take with me, and chatting to Tori.

But by Friday (with iCarly that night) I figured I couldn't put it off any longer so when I saw the girls at lunch I told them I was heading to college in LA. They didn't take it well. It turns out that the girls are both staying in Seattle for college and they thought that I was as well. Carly looked disappointed at my news while Sam ranted, raved and threatened to hit me until Mr. Howard intervened and threatened her with a month of detention if she didn't calm down.

I spoke to Tori before heading over to do iCarly and she offered to be on Blabcam and talk to them.

Walking into Carly's apartment I was immediately confronted by the two girls. They started yelling about how I was "breaking up the team", "leaving them behind" and how they thought that they mattered to me. They were trying to lay the guilt on real thick.

"Look!" I said, quieting them, "things change and life goes on. I've applied to UCLA and I've got in. This is a good thing for me and I'm doing it. I'm not going to be the punching bag for you two anymore, so deal with it" and with that I walked up to the studio leaving them downstairs. I could feel their glares on me as I climbed the stairs.

The show was going ok, Sam was surlier than usual and Carly was trying to force her voice into its usual sweet, sugary tone – then we came to Blabcam and I introduced "an old friend of ours, Tori from LA". Sam visibly stiffened and Carly's voice was at its most syrupy as she greeted her.

Tori went on to say how much she loved the show and how great the news was that I had this awesome opportunity at UCLA. Sam grew even stiffer at that, if it was possible, and Tori promised that she's take care of "their little tech boy", at which point Sam stormed out, slamming the studio door behind her. Carly, Tori and I exchanged glances before Carly asked me if we could take a quick break and put up a picture of a green-haired girl eating bugs, while promising Tori we'd get back to her soon.

As the picture went up, Carly rounded on me.

"What the hell, Freddie?" she asked angrily. "Why are you doing this? And what did you mean you won't be 'our' little punching bag?" – air-quoting 'our' to show her disagreement.

"Remember Nora's 2nd party?" She nodded slowly. "I meant what I said. I thought YOU cared about me so I wanted you to deactivate the chip."

"I do – " she started, but I cut her off.

"I thought you'd be gentle, caring, considerate. Instead you just zap me in the head – WITHOUT WARNING. Then Sam does the same, because that's who she is. And when Nora jumped me? I thought you'd try to help me, but no – the cake meant more to you two than I did!"

Carly tried to speak but I cut her off again.

"When YOU broke Sam and I up," I was beyond caring if I upset her now, "things were ok. We were civil – dare I say it but it was like the friendship that you and I have always had – now Sam's back to what she was like before: a bully. And I've had enough."

"So that's why you're leaving us?"

"No, I'm leaving because it's a great course at an awesome university. And the fact that neither of you could be happy for me – and all you can think is 'what about us' shows me that I'm not going to miss as many people as I thought once I've gone."

Carly glared at me before turning on her heel and walking to the door muttering "I'm going to find Sam and see if she's ok"

I put the camera back on, said goodbye to Tori, made some stuff up to sign off the show then began taking apart my tech stuff. I pushed the tech cart to the elevator and went down to the main floor of the apartment. Nobody was there, presumably the girls were in Carly's room, so nobody stopped Freddie Benson, tech producer, from leaving the apartment for what I expected to be the last time.