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Sport Means War and Europe is Sorta Locationist

The Hit Squad sprawled around their room like a pack of indolent lions. Momentum had been gained, and promptly lost again as they hit the roadblock of Sirius's mental breakdown. The mind healers had been predicting it since he had started therapy and it should actually aid his overall sanity in the long run, but now Remus couldn't do their research, and with the curious lack of information on wizzarding law in the library the Moody watch was restricted to just watching.

Madame Pomfrey had played her part beautifully, but they were in no position to take advantage of Dumbledore's need to sooth his medi-witch. Without any legal knowledge they were firmly stuck.

Hence the lion impersonation, though they really needed a fly attracting carcass to complete the image there was no deigning the resemblance to big cats. Even Hermione could not resist the urge to lounge, and she had arithmancy homework on offer.

"…can we just kill him?"

"No." murmured Susan, sounding very much regretful, but rather muffled as she was face down on Hazel's chest. "Fudge's wants our heads on a platter. Unless we can find a really good reason to get rid of him we'd go straight to Azkaban."

Tracy swore indistinctly and wiggled closer to Hermione's side as she frowned at the world.

"Can we get the munchkins to kill him for us?"

"We are not believable innocents." stated Harry, absently petting Neville and Hannah, who were napping on his chest. "Anyone murdered in our general vicinity will be linked to us, even if only by rumor."

"That is so unfair. How many people have we actually killed?"

"…Two." said Yuki after a moment's thought, adjusting on Hannah's lap and causing Indigo to mutter darkly in the process. "Not counting the dementors. Or the nightmares. Or the aurors."

"The aurors were not our fault."

"No, but we are scary and we were there, so everyone will assume it was us regardless of the facts of the matter. Assumption of guilt is unfortunately common."

Jackie grumbled into Fred's lap, and then silence returned.

"…Where did the table go?"

"What are you talking about Ron?"

"The table Millie. We're on the floor because we wouldn't all fit on the couches, so where is the table that used to be here?"

"On the ceiling of course."

Ron twisted to look at the ceiling, inadvertently elbowing Miranda in the back as he did so, and sure enough there was the table, a teapot and three cups still on the surface in cheerful defiance of gravity.

"Sometimes England just offends my soul."

"We are in Scotland you twit."


Immortality tended to cultivate a need to have hobbies, and Catherine Malificent was old enough to become quite skilled in her chosen occupations. Any one fortunate enough to see her glass paintings would be in awe of her skill, but presently it was her other past time that occupied her mind.

She had been people watching, and was consequently quite amused by the world.

Mad Eye Moody was sulking, as was Dumbledore though he was more discreet about it. The other teachers were disturbed due to the general wrath of Madame Pomfrey, and Malfoys pack of rogues had gone from dark satisfaction to worried frustration seemingly overnight, presumably having hit a road block that they were unwilling to simply incinerate, and their displeasure was making the other students twitchy enough to actually focus on their homework.

They would all achieve excellent grades on their OWLs if this kept up. Few things focused the mind like fear.

Catherine smirked slightly. She was by no means easy with her unexpected circle of blood donors, their power was to rich in their veins for that, their motives to uncertain, but the intensity of the other students fear was still amusing. What strength was perceived in the Hit Squad to inspire such terror of a group that paid so little attention to those that feared them? Children were so strange.

She wondered how they would respond to the upcoming tournament. None were old enough to take part, unless she had sorely misjudged their ages, but they would still provide amusement no doubt.

Boredom was the plague of immortals, but she would be free of it for a time yet. Between Dumbledore and the Hit Squad she may even crave it before she ended her time here.


There was something darkly amused in Yuki's expression as she read the notice, and it spread to Indigo as he read over her shoulder. Flare didn't seem to share the sentiment, but then he was less predatory that his blond almost siblings and tended to miss the things that had them in sadistic smirks.

Hermione eyed the trio and approached slowly. She did not fear them and never had, but they were a little alarming sometimes and after the Moody screw up anything that had them smirking like that almost had to be bad news for somebody.

"Those are not comforting smiles."

"Those are not comforting people." replied Flare, shrugging philosophically at his often malevolent friends. "The tournament shall begin soon. Friday's lesson will end half an hour early."

"Damn." How dare they intrude upon her potions lessons? It was one of the most difficult subjects at Hogwarts and she refused to do badly. "That does not explain the smirks."

"Durmstramg." purred Yuki, smiling wickedly. "Ivan Karkaroff is the headmaster there. He was a death eater."

"Severus hates him." stated Indigo. "He will eat the man alive."

"Well, that should be entertaining. I wonder how Moody will react to him." Hermione shifted from foot to foot, considering the notice. "Durmstrang is in Russia, isn't it?"

"Eastern block, certainly, but probably not quite Russia, it was built in the Holy Roman Empire."

"And Beauxbatons is in France, yes?"

"Founded by Eleanor of Aquitaine while she was Queen of France, she was a half blood, and a squib but that mattered less then." Indigo frowned slightly at nothing. "It was a girl's school until the schools in Spain fell after the Christian re-conquest. I have a cousin who attends; it is one of the few places that still accept students with obvious non-human blood."

"The culture of affairs has done some good then, I suppose." Hermione considered the writing, mind ticking away. "It cannot be coincidence that that the three European powers most often at war with one another participated in this tournament."

The trio looked at her, surprised and smiling oddly.

"Well, there was more than one reason for the body count, and with the prominence of our societies within the muggle governments during most of history, having a contained place to blow each other up was rather helpful."

Hermione nodded her satisfaction with the answer.

"We were mimicking the muggle wars. I suppose there were representatives of the Middle East during the crusades?"

"No, never anyone from outside of Europe." Flare smiled, odd and slightly wry. "Magic is used a bit differently outside of Europe, it tends to be more, ritual isn't quite the right word but it comes close. Things tend to be slower acting or highly symbolic, like voodoo."

"Magic is locationist?"

The idea was more than a little bizarre. The wizzarding world had no time for sexism, racism was a distant thing and homophobia was a non-entity. She had thought that their prejudices were entirely sunk in blood lines and house colours. This new facet was perplexing.

"Well, culture plays a large part as well, but essentially, yes. Europe has an abundance of ley lines, particularly in England and Wales. Hogwarts is on a nexus point, like Stone Henge, Glastonbury, the Houses of Parliament and a fair potion of the mountains in Wales. We are raised around them and something of that sticks." Indigo shrugged, turning away from the notice board. "It makes for a more, immediate access to environmental magic. Europe has a reasonable number, particularly in Italy, but there the only know nexus beyond the European continent are the poles, Jerusalem, the Forbidden City, Mount Fuji, and a few in the Sahara and the Amazon. All of the nexus in the Caribbean are underwater, and all the ones in Australia move around. A lot about Australia is weird."

"The duck billed platypus."

"That is an excellent summery."

"What about America?"

"Nothing north of Mexico city. Canada taps into the field in the Arctic Circle but the USA has nothing. Whatever might have been their once didn't survive the slaughter of the natives, the puritans and the various wars. They use faith magic, and that had a tendency to cause insanity, since its very basis is egomania."

"It is somewhat responsible for the fall of the Roman empire." mused Yuki. "Caligula and Nero both used it directly and it completely unhinged them. A few of the emperors of China went the same way, as well as the Aztecs as a whole. The Vatican City is an unexploded bomb and Jerusalem has been exploding for a while now."

"Why is none of this covered in History of Magic?"

"Because the Ministry is full of douche bags." said Flare, very earnest. "Any any pureblood child learns it from privet tutors when they are tiny so no-one bothers to make a fuss."

Well that would be the case wouldn't it? That would have to be fixed; clearly the Ministry would require extensive remodelling as soon as they had the time.

"One last question. Explain Tibet."

Indigo graced her with a rare laugh.

"Mia, there is no explanation for Tibet. There are no lay lines and the concentration of faith is completely untouched. It just is."

At least they would have plenty to do after graduation. Between fixing the Ministry and working out Tibet she and Tracy should be occupied for years to come.


Harry received the news by way of Miranda, who caught him in passing as he went to charms just as she was leaving it.

"Moody is inexplicably smug. Watch yourself."

He accepted the warning with a silent nod, and was rather distracted though the lesson as he pondered the message and the messenger. He did not, could not, resent or object to the bond shared by Indigo and his sister, but it did strike him as a little peculiar. Goku had not, to his knowledge, received messages though their bond and Shar had possessed a steady awareness of his twin but they had never actively communicated though their connection. He knew that Indigo could send thought now; it was part of the empathy in a roundabout sort of way, but the power seemed heavily restricted and knowing Indigo that was more by choice than necessity. Yuki and Flare had that contact and he suspected the same of Luna and Jackie, while Miranda was clearly a favored messenger. Neville, however, had far less mental contact since the dementor incidents and Harry, for all of their silent communication and the grumbles about brain sharing, had never been broadcasted to.

It was rather curious. Why send a message though his sister when it could just as easily be sent direct? It could not be a matter of tricky thought patens or unknown reactions, Harry often felt that he knew the blondes mind better than he knew his own, and that was entirely mutual and had been even before the mind reading became an issue.

Flitwick sent them on their way with a reminder about the homework due on Friday. Tracy and Hazel went to their own contemplations once Miranda's message was passed on.

Then there was Moody's announcement that he was going to Imperio each of them, which certainly explained the smugness. It also gave them something to work with as it was completely illegal and regardless of how Fudge might feel about them Amelia Bones would have something to say about this.

It seemed that his year mates could be surprisingly acrobatic when properly motivated and, save for breaks to wake Hazel up when the spell simply caused him to faint and clear up the windows that an Imperio'd Tracy had shattered with a scream, things moved quickly. No one remained be-spelled for longer than a few minutes and Moody seemed genuinely pleased by those few capable of resisting. It almost made up for the obvious question, but not quite.

"You now, Potter."

Well, it was better to test it now, surrounded by witnesses, than later.


There was dreamy unconcern and vague happiness and a opiate sweetness to send every worry to the mist and… His teeth ached but… Something was absent so… The voice said jump but why…

The next thing he was really aware of was Tracy punching him hard enough to knock him back, off his feet and into Hazel's hold. The desks that had been stacked against a wall were scattered across the room, his classmates were cowering and Moody was looking a little manic in a Full Body Bind.

"You can't kill him Harry. We're still in trouble for the dementor thing, at least poison him discreetly or something, you know you could pull it off." Hazel's whisper was almost frantic, his grip the painful side of tight. "We really aren't that good at memory spells you know."

"Nice punch." He could feel the bruise forming as he eased into the silver haired boys grip. "I would never have guessed. What happened, and is your hand alright?"

"I shall have bruised knuckles, but I do know how to hit someone without hurting myself. You tried to maim Professor Moody with a desk."

"I see. That is a useful sort of reaction to have. The, er, body bind?"

"It seemed prudent." She rubbed her hand, tone bland and eyes sharp. "You have a hard jaw bone."

"Let's go to Madam Pomfrey." said Hazel, voice shaking and not loosening his grip. "You two have bruises and she makes wonderful hot chocolate."

"That does sound rather nice, but perhaps we should release the Professor first?"

Hazels hand clenched for a moment, an impulsive rejection of the idea, and Harry relaxed further into his arms. Hazel had never been particularly bloodthirsty, and had not gained, should never gain, the broken edges of his previous life. But he was learning the urge to destroy those who harmed his friends, and it may not be a safe or sane trait to pass on, but it was a useful one.

"I suppose we have to."

Moody nodded to them once he was able.

"Go on. And well done. All three of you, very well done."

Harry could hear him talking as they left, saying that was how they did it, that was the right response. The pleasure in his voice, the strange off center pride, was actually more unnerving than anything else.


"I think someone is tampering with my mail."

Julian slowly straightened from his homework and shifted the mental gears needed to process Susan's statement. Clearly some response was called for, and with Neville and Hannah with their respective Slytherins and Hazel off somewhere that would have to come from him.

"Why do you believe that is so?"

"My aunt always spells any letter she sends to ensure that it reaches its correct recipient. There is no magic on this parchment." Susan looked at him, still turning the unopened letter in her hands. "She did not reach her position though carelessness."

"Then we have a serious problem, do we not?"

"Quite. Particularly as anyone taking the trouble to intercept my mail is unlikely to stop at only taking my mail, if you take my meaning." She glared at the letter and the slightly smudged wax seal. "I think I shall curse the parchment in future. Amelia always checks her post anyway."

"Some might call that paranoid."

"It isn't paranoia when you actually are out to get them."

"Oh." Julian considered her words for a few moments. "That seems a little backwards somewhere."

"My family have been in law enforcement for generations. I assure you it isn't."

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