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Chapter Title: Things Unnoticed
Summary: So what if they can't see it (yet)? It doesn't mean that Claudia can't. The resident gifted technician's observations regarding Pete and Myka's relationship.
Word Count: 502
Warning/s: Un-beta-ed. Typos and grammatical errors may turn up. Also, I'm not sure I'm able to get a hold of Claudia's character entirely.

For Claudia, Pete and Myka's relationship had always been weird, if only because she just can't fathom how things can be the way they are between them. Artie would prefer the word peculiar, but all the same.

Leena told her that theirs is a relationship that doesn't need any kind of label, so Claudia just settled with weird. Sometimes, Claudia would ask Leena what she sees in their auras when they're together. "Many things. Most times, contentment despite exhaustion."

One time, Claudia caught Myka, under the pretense of reading a book that's obviously upside down (unless the cover's purposely oriented that way; she'd seen a book like that once), secretly watching Pete with a small smile on her face. The second time it happened, Claudia pointed out that there was a big flaw in the agent's supposedly undercover observation, and Myka scrambled to turn the book to its proper orientation. "I was, you know, they said it's a good exercise for the brain and—I should probably go and do some inventory."

Sometimes, Pete would simply sit down beside a reading Myka and not talk. This would subsequently be followed, always, by Myka scooting closer to him and leaning her head on his shoulder, as if a way of saying that she has been waiting for him and is glad that he's finally there. He would always respond by putting his arm around her shoulders so that she'd get more comfortable. Claudia could go install new contraptions in the warehouse for a few hours and come back to B&B with the agents still in the same position, except that Pete had already fallen asleep and Myka's almost finished with the book.

Claudia thinks they haven't noticed how Pete would almost immediately put a hand behind Myka's back when they stand next to each other, or how Myka would almost always reach out for Pete's arm when they walk off together, talking just about everything they could talk about, mostly about how they should try not to get affected by an artifact the next time they're out in the field. She thinks they also haven't realized how their heads would almost immediately turn at the sound of the other's name, or how they always seem to brush hands when they pass by each other.

"Myka," Claudia hears Pete say, "You comin'?"

She watches them at the corner of her eyes. Pete stands at B&B's front door and waits for Myka to catch up. He takes his partner's hand and tugs on it as soon as Myka is within reach. "Can we get cookies along the way?"

Just before the door closes, Claudia catches sight of the spontaneous locking together of their fingers.

She suspects the two may have already fallen in love with each other, but haven't realized it yet—just like how they haven't seem to notice at all the million things they only ever do to and with each other.

Claudia smiles, and, through the closed door, shouts, "Bring home donuts!"

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