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Day one : INTRUDOR

Rima Mashiro still couldn't believe this. This is nust freaking ridiculous, stupid, and… arrrgh!

"Are you gonna stand there all day or coming in?" Rima giving a death glare to the owner of the voice that standing in front of her. Annoyed purple long haired, cocky gesture…

"I'll do whatever I want."

"Fine, I don't take any responsibilities of you falling out of sunstroke," Rima held back a groan and taking down her suitcase in anger, passed by his side and going in. Nagihiko smile in thriumphant, after all the fights now once, Rima Mashiro giving up. Well this isn't exactly what he wants for their relationship, anyway. They are guardians and supposed to help each other, not glaring each others to death. As he recall he never did anything wrong or anything offense to her either, she is the one who always mocking him, never give any trust to him, despise him as if he was something that bring viruses that will cause her to death just to be in the same room with him.

Rima mumbling incoherent as she walking down the hall. Fujisaki mansion was huge, indeed. But instead of second floor mansion, they only have one floor and it was wide, really, their school maybe can fit into it. There's an outside garden in the middle of manor, the floor was wooden board that Rima knows must be expensive. What else to hope from such a honorable family that hold Japanese tradision to strict that even make their only heir practically must dress as a girl? It's not like Rima like Nagihiko better than Nadeshiko anyways. Afterall Nadeshiko is much much friendlier than when he is on Nagihiko mode.

"You room's on the right." Suddenly Nagihiko appeared behind her, pointed at the right door across dining room. Rima bring her suitcase there, Nagihiko followed behind.

"What the hell are you doing, stalker?"

"Since this is my house and you're my honorable guest, I don't think it'd polite if I didn't show you all the direction in here first."

"Since I was your honorable guest I don't think you stalking me wouldn't do any good."

"You're really an arrogant chibi, Mashiro-san."

"I'll take it as compliment, cross-dresser." He opened the door for her and she come in to a huge bedroom that one side of the wall is glass that show the breath-taking view of Fujisaki famous garden. Indeed, beside it's big, it's almost a lovely room. A bit suspicious since Fujisaki only has one son why they bothered to make this kind of room.

"This is my old room when I'm as Nadeshiko…" he tell her, looking at how the feminime atmostphere make her wondered.

"Oh. No wonder you're such a gay." Nagihiko sighed, he didn't want wasted his energy to arguing with her. He has to practicing today afternoon, he wouldn't let this chibi devil ruin his dream to become a skillfull Japanese dancer. Rima thrown her suitcase carelessly and sit on the edge of the bed, staring with her big round golden eyes that sometimes captivate Nagihiko.

"I'll show you other side of this house."

"I just need to know where's your room."

"What for?"

"So I wouldn't get myself near you."

"…I really don't get why you acting like I spread some deadtly viruses, Mashiro."

"You wouldn't and don't use the brain of yours working the work they never done." Even say so, Rima knows for sure that Nagihiko was a bright student at junior high, and he always get the highest score in almost everything, compete with Tadase. And not to mention they both looks like a gay couple when they're hanging around. Don't get Rima wrong, Rima know too well that both of them having tons of fangirls that ready to give them all just to get close to them. And now here I am, sitting in his old bed, living under the same roof with school's most eligible purple-head bachelor.

Again, Nagihiko sigh in defeat. Rima waiting for him to argue but today looks like he take a day off from their mocking routine at Royal Garden; try to kill other other with glaring and words. One day Tadase even has to transform with Kiseki to stop them both before they really kills each other.

"It's acroos your, in the other side of dining room." He then leave her alone in her new room. This is where she will spent 2 weeks of her live, in Fujisaki mansion. It's all started because her parents were gone on a cruise that they far too concern to their little girl and wanting someone they know very well to take care of her. Since she never know her family beside her mom and dad, little she know where she'd spent day instead of just at home with all the waitress. And one morning, all it takes just one name to make her chucked her toast.



What the hell?

"You will be living with Fujisaki in their mansion, Rima. I heard they have a son in the same age as you…" Her mother touch her cheeks gently.

"Isnt he's your classmates?" Father comes with his suitcase.

"Yes," her voice barely audible.

"Pyuuh, so I know it's all setting up. There wouldn't be no problems since you guys already know each other. We will be leaving this morning, Rima. Take care of you and send our thanks and biggest love for Fujisaki." Her mom kissed her cheek and she just trying her hard to smile weakly at them.

End flash back

Fujisaki and Mashiro are good friends, sometimes they come to each other's dinner and Rima always avoid them since they always bring their only-so-proudly son together with them. So Nagihiko know too well her house while Rima never intent to know his house. And this is really not the right time to know.

Nagihiko change his clothes in his room. How he manage to survive 3 months with the devil chibi that always angry with him no matter how he try to be good was out of question. He likes the only daughter of Mashiro family. He know her since they back from American and their parents being good friens while he get his Jack chair back at Guardian. But ever since, she always despise him as if he's gonna kill her if she lay a good opinion about him. He always ask her what makes her hate him but the answer never far from a loud mock, sometimes a yelled, a shout, and the last time Rima tell where he hide to all his fangirls that cause him to skip class because they simply never let him alone and always chasing in, even in male's restroom.

So this time, he just would put up like usual, don't get too close or too afar from her. Beside, it's not like there's only two of them in this huge mansion. If that chibi devil try to get his throat when he's asleep (most doors in Fujisaki mansion doesn't have lock, it's the Japan form sliding doors) at least his parent will catch her. Done with his changing, Nagihiko come outside to go to his practice room. Nagihiko already mastered the basic, for this level he doenst need much direction from a teacher. So his parents let his practice alone, if he needs someone to teach he simply can call anyone he wants. But Nagihiko prefer practice alone. He always like doing anything in his own, so he doesn't depend on anyone's.

As the door slide, Nagihiko almost caught a heart attack.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"Hm? What are you doing with that oh-so-feminime-crossdresser of yours?" Rima Mashiro asking back, still laying lazily with her comic in front of her.

"It's my practice room, Rima." Oh great now he think he can call me with just my first name.

"Oh. Not my fault all the rooms here are look alike."

"Can't you just read on your own room?"

"I'm bored there."

"Then you can find other rooms."

"I want to read here."

"…fine." He finally agree for here to stay there eventhough she really a distraction. "but please don't disturb me while I'm practice,"

"…no promise." That chibi devil… I had to find a lock and locked her in her rooms so she wouldn't roaming my house and hijacked one by one rooms here like this.

Nagihiko choose to backing her and start to practiving his dancing skills. But still, her eyes seems fixated in his back that making him hard to concentrate. Be calm, be calm, Nagi… concentrate, she says she just read here, not staring at you and your movement… Even the fact is yes, Rima cant stop looking at his smooth movement than to read her comic. How his purple long hair move everytime his slim, tall, yet muscular body move… wait? What the hell, Rima? Did you just admiring him?

Rima finally wake and come outside the room. Longer she there she maybe find herself falling for the purple-haired freaking crossdesser. Sigh in relief as he know Rima has left, Nagihiko find it hard to back to concentrate on practicing. He had done dance many times in front of people, but truthfully, this is the first time Rima Mashiro watch her dance, even it's just practice. And he didn't know why her gazing and even her presence can disturb him this big.

"Hello?" Nagihiko run into a ringing phone and take the freaking phone before Rima get it first and yelled to someone that buzzing her nap time. How could Nagihiko tell she's taking a nap? Simply because he can find her nowhere and there's no trace outside thus there's no noisy from her room. It's not like he's spying on her or searching her inside out house…

"Nagi, dear? How's home?"

"Fine, Dad. Why with the question?"

"Is the Mashiro daughter already come?"

"Yes she is."

"Good things you're home. I was worry how's she doing while we're out."


"Well, you mother and I stuck on a heavy snow storm at NY, so I think we both wouldn't get home for about two weeks. All the plane was canceled and the storm only be done on two weeks. Hope you take care of her well."

"Wait, two…"

"Ah, before I forgot, I can be longer for that, Nagihiko. If her parents come home before us, please take care of her."

"No way you'd go over three…"

"You know we are busy, dear. But we already tell her parents nothing to worry since they got the most stongest, smartest…"

"Dad." He cut it off. "there's no way in hell I could live with her alone for freaking more than two weeks or even longer!"

"Well, what's with the language? Of couse you can. She maybe your future bride anyway."

"Dad! How many times I tell you I pick my bride up on my very own?"

"Fine, fine kid. Just take care of her. We'll be coming home not over two weeks, we promise. But until that time, I really warn you, to never hurt her."

"You don't think I'll sneak into her room and kill her, don't you?" he said sarcastically.

"No, but maybe you'll sneak into her room, kiss her and leave her brokenhearted the next morning."

"Daaad!" his face become all red by his father's words. He can hear him chuckle in the line.

"Well, I must go now, you can always call. Your mother also warn you to not devour her until you both married."

"Really, you guys!" before he could defend himself, the phone already hung up. "Geez, what kind of parents are they, thinking I'd…" his face become all hot again. He needs to clear his mind from any image that include Rima Mashiro, for the nest days will be rough as hell for him.

The door cracked opened, make Nagihiko jump in shock. A messy long blondie hair, pajamas, and a half-opened eyes Rima Mashiro stand by door was enough to make Nagihiko step back in defense.

"What's with that noise?" she ask, rubbing her eyes. If she's not as devil as she is, Nagihiko maybe didn't bothered to ask her out, since he got this flirting personality, thanks to Rythem. But Nagihiko didn't just ask a girl like that, the only one he ever ask maybe his mother when he accidentally transformed with Rythem and the only woman that near him that can get him heart was his mother. Hos ridiculous that day when his mother think he's practicing a line to get to girl heart and hugged him to tight that proud he finally get a girlfriend.

"N-nothing." She walked toward him, her round golden eyes seesm did not believe him. Oh well, since when Rima believe in him?

"You stutter. That means you're lying."

"Stuttering doesn't have anything to do with lying, Mashiro."

"I don't like liars."

"You don't like me whoever I am."

"Yes," she rolled her eyes, thinking. "as a matter of fact, I dislike you more when you're telling a lie."

"So that means you like me more when I'm not telling a lie?" he smirked.

"Yeah, but… well…" she thinks again. "but I don't like you at first and telling a lie only make me dislike you more, and it has nothing to do with liking you more wheter you tell a lie or not." Nagihiko look at her, one eyes brow arched. Rima feel embarrassed for him staring at her like that, she know she's not as bright as him and now she just prove it. "j-just tell me what happened!"

"You stutter also. Is that mean…"

"For God sake, purple-head!"

"Fine, fine. That was my father, he and my mom stuck in NY and they also have many things to do…"

"When will they come home?"

"Two weeks."

"You must be lie."

"Even if I want to, I didn't." her eyes widened. He knows what thoughts are now in her small that framed with her big curly yet smooth blonde head; it's time for me to kill that purple head! But honestly, that's not what going inside Rima's mind. That means… me and him living in the same roof, together, alone…?

"Are you okay?" he asked with sincere since her face suddenly become dark and all red. She even shaking. Is she angry at this fact? Is she afraid? Of course she will afraid living the same roof with someone she already framed as one who can spread viruses to death if living in the same roof. Nagihiko sighed. "I wouldn't do anything harm. It's my duty to protect you."

"Well that's touched purple-head, but you would caught me off guard."

"God, all I ask is just you being a nice guest in my house, is it taking too much to accomplished, Mashiro?"

"Yes, begin from to stop calling me by my last name."

"Then stop calling my by… my hair colour."

"Purple is freak for a hair colour."

"And yet a girl who tricked all the boys who fall for her outside looks,"




"…shortie." Rima was right to punch his chest when he catch her hands and held it firm.

"No violence in my house allowed, Ma-shi-ro." He say sweetly at her ears. Rima's face become red wheter it's from blushed or angry. "consider we will spending days our live together… what about make a deal?"

"No way in hell!" she trying to kick him and get her hands free. Nagihiko was an athele, no less than Kukai, and he already experience in such a weak power from a girl. He bring her down to a couch, his body hovering her.

"Aaaaa let go of me you sick purple head pervert!"

"Stop struggling, Rima." How her name sounded in his mouth was rather velvetly. No way in hell I would falling for him! Says the one that now falling beneath him.

"Let go off me or else I'll scream!"

"Scream as you want, nobody will hear." At this rate, Rima finally feel scared of him. "now ready to make a deal?" she nodded in defeat. Nagihiko wake up and sit, Rima sit also from her laying position. Nagihiko notice that her body shaking in fear, her face dark, looking down, avoiding the gaze. Is he just make her scared? He try to take a strand of her hair but she jerked when he touch her.

"Rima, I'm so sorry for making you scared…"

"You're the worst," she said.

"I'm sorry, can we start all over again?"

"One condition…"


"You promise."


"I'll write 7 of the deal and you got 3, got it?" The former queen's chair look at him at her usual devilish from. Darn her, tricking him like this. She always can manipulated anyone!


"First, no bad mouthed words from you."

"Hey, what about you!"

"Second, never asked anything personally to me."

"Not like I want to know."

"Third, you have to treat me like I really your honorable guest."

"Rima, I already did that!"

"Fouth, no physical contact are allowed." Nagihiko goes silent with this one. "Five, I can watch you practicing."

"You can't! you cant, you cant!" he almost shouted in frustration.

"Six, you have to pick me up whenever I ask since I don't have drivers here."

"You should learn how to use bicycle."

"Utau-senpai always picked up by Kukai-senpai even with bicycle."

"They are dating, Rima."

"Can you use bicycle?"

"Well, I can teach you…"

"Then you have to pick me up too."

"…we are not dating."

"And the last, you, Fujisaki Nagihiko, must promise me you will always be there for me, protecting me, and never leave me alone!" Rima's round eyes looking straight to his hazel one. Her face was so close that he has to avoided her gaze and turn his face, blushing.

"At this rate I start to think this conversation almost sounds like you're gonna proposing me…"

"In your dream."

"I don't have you in my dream, or you have otherwise?" he smirked at her that reply by a death glare. "I don't have anything particular for the deal… except I just ask you to be my friend."

"…just that?" Rima already sure that he maybe ask her to servant him, to get rid of her, to do the hosue stuff, but never she think he would only ask her to be his friends.

"Yeah." He shrugged off. "so, deal?" he offered his hand for shaking.

"Deal." She just slap it.

"Good now I want to sleep."

"Where's my dinner?" Nagihiko forgot that in her house all her needs already taken care of maids, where he's here, he almost done everything in his own.

"Er…we don't have maids to do anything but clear the house."

"You said… we both completely alone?" too manu shocking new Rima had taken today that she's not sure she'd be fine living with him in this shocking house.

"Well, I do almost everything on my own. So you're hungry? I'll make something." He wake and walk toward kitchen. Not a long time then he comes off with some foods on the dining room. Rima sit on a chair and look strangely at the food.

"Is it poisoned…?"

"I eat it too if it's convince you."

"You could poisoned my plate."

"How the hell I'd know which plate are you gonna take?"

"You may poisoned it all and have the cure for yourself."

"Somehow I was indeed admired your imagination."

"You should, anyway."

Rima finally decide it's not poisoned and take her dinner. Nagihiko sit acroos her, taking his plate as well, As soon as they try to reach the rich, their hands touched. Rima take her hands first. But Nagihiko smile as always, handing her the rice.

"You can take it first."

"I want to see wheter you'll die or not, so you first." He sighed again. How will he manage to get friends with her like this…

They eat in death silence, Rima closed her eyes almost all the time, clearly she doesn't want to eat with opening her eyes and seeing a purple head in front of her. Nagihiko already get used to her icy behavior so he just put up with that. Nagihiko only make foods and as the drink there's only water. He knows whenever he goes to a dinner with Mashior family, the always serve many sweets drink which eh didn't quite fond. But surpisingly Rima didn't ask anything. Finish with his meal, he bring the dirty place to washers. Without bothered to say goodnight, Nagihiko come to his rooms and no noise was heard again.

Inside her heart, Rima was just going to yelled. But again, it's his house and she already make a deal to be his friends, not taking much advantage from his too kindness heart. Rima doesn't like his behavior, his too care, too good, too nice to everyone's behavior. That smile, that hands that help so many girls and causing them to fall for him. Actually, Rima hates all his fangirls. They're just bunch of airheads, like him. The fact that again, he treat people too nice, like what eh just done. Why didn't he simply making a call, to servant, to ordered food to some restaurant, or just… Rima don't know, maybe asking his fans to get food? Because that she usually do.

What's the point of doing something when you someone can easily do it for you?

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