Day Fourteen : Best Rival!

People say, there'll always be a silver lining even in the darkest clouds.

Fujisaki Nagihiko dream about that silver lining, shinning a blooming flower than was held by someone. Nagihiko try to remember that someone, but as he walked closer, he wake in sudden. Realizing that was just another vividly dream, Nagihiko sighed and rolling on his bed. It's still 3 pm in the morning, there's still plenty time. Nagihiko is a morning person, if he wakes in the early morning he didn't usually back to sleep, but doing some other things and try not to delay anything.

But today, he just want to do the opposite. He has packed everything and it just take no more than an hour to get ready and going to airport. Yeah, less than an hour to leave his life here. It's not like he's gonna say goodbye forever or what, it's just another moving place. He surely will keep in touch with everyone, sending them his stories there, and asking how they're doing here… Will Amu be with Ikuto when I come back? How will Tadase react, will he still be furious when people call him Prince? What chance lay between Kairi and Yaya? How mature Kukai will be, dating someone like Utau?

How's the ice clown will do?

Will she finally can adapt with her surrounding, having other friends beside Guardians, and finally accepting she has to grow up?

Nagihiko close his eyes and let another dream take him over. It's just another year living without people you know very much, just another place, another story…

Rima having her breakfast with her parents that just come off this morning. They talking about how amazing the trip is and bring her many things as souvenirs. Her mind is wandering somewhere she didn't even want to know, all the talk about cruise only come from her right ear and gone in her left's. When a girl stay silent, there's so many things go in her mind. She can have Amu for herself from today, not having such a mocking tone from that purple freak, don't have to feel insecure if he stole Amu away from her…

It's not like he's gone forever.

He will just gone, back after years, and they can be like always, fighting.

If he come back.

"Rima?" Rima held her chin up, meeting her mothe's eyes. "you look pale, are you sick Dear?" she shake her head. "is something bothering you? The meal?" she shake her head again, continuing her breakfast.

"I'm fine, Mom."

"By the way… Nagihiko's plane going at 10 this morning. You want to skip school today?" His father asked while stirring his coffee. Rima staring blankly at her plate, then rolling her eyes.



Tadase usually meet emptiness when he arrived at school, for he's the first one to come in his class. But today, he meet a round ball in the middle of the class. Noticing the golden curly hair in the ball, he didn't have to feel surprise who it was.

"Good morning, Mashiro-san."

"…stop calling me that formal, Tadase." The ball reply dryly. Tadase smile at her and putting his bags on his chair.

"It's not a usual sight to find you here so early."


"You come to Nagihiko's farewell?"

"Why you guys making it like he's gonna go forever?"

"Err… not really, I'm just asking."

"I still don't understand until now what those fangirl see from you."


"…I'm not arguing with you." Tadase is Tadase, never look someone bad, never take bad words as offensive one. He's not the type of guy Rima would like to making enemy with. Unlike Nagihiko…

He hasn't gone but she already miss him.

"Guardians are coming." Tadase said again, opening his course book to start studying.

"I don't care." Rima straigtened her legs, a sudden flashback about everything happen in this class, when she saw he fall asleep, when she accidentally saw him erase the whiteboard after school alone, when he was staring blankly at the window when it's raining…

"I hate him." Rima whispered to herself. They never be a friend to begin with, and suddenly he gave her this kind of feeling, he make her cry. He make her weak. He make her hard to laugh these days. She can picturing they become friend, talking like Amu and Tadase, doing things together… but aren't they have been doing things together this 2 weeks? Hasn't he have become a good companion, all friend can ask?

Rima don't like complicated things such as growing up or mixed feeling.

But what should she do now? She know if she run after him something will change, something she may regret, something that will change their frenemy relationship.

And she didn't want to lose her rival.

Rima maybe loving him as her rival.

Can't he just stay here, beside with her, as enemy like before?

"Rima…" Tadase just read a message in his cellphone and turn his head to her, but she's on a deep thinking.

Something has to be done. I have to do something before I regret not doing anything.

"Nagihiko…" Tadase wake from his chair, because she didn't turn herself to him, he think maybe it's best for him just to approach her.

I have to stop him, before he's gone.


"Huh?" Rima just realized Tadase's presence in front of her. "what, King?"

"It's fastened… Nagi's plane will go in one hour." If this is one of the moment in her usual comic gags, she will surely laugh out loud.

But Rima didn't laugh at all.


Nagihiko leaning on the wall, waiting for his parents to check his visa and passport once again. He's been check it like thousands times before but they never really believe him before they do it themselves. So here he is, waiting while watching them in queue. His plane is fastened and he will be going in… he check his watch, like 30 minutes from now. He supposed to be already on the plane but his parents insist to check those things first. Seriously, they can make him late for the flight!

He sighed, taking the nearest seat and sit there, along with his bags. He know this sudden news make Guardians that already promise him to come can't come because they already sent message to school to permit them coming to see him take off at 10 am. But this is still 8.30 am in the morning, he can picture them in the middle of the lesson. Will they looking at his chair right beside Tadase and thinking of him? He smile at his melancholiness, he supposed not to feel blue at a time like this. He supposed to be happy, having friends like them that support him a lot these years.

It's been wonderful years with them.

Nagihiko keep remind himself this is not goodbye, he has making his mind to come back… after 3 years.

"We've done, dear! Let's sent you to America!" his mother come in front of him, smiling.

"Your friends didn't come?" it's his father that help him take his bags. He look behind him, to the gate that will separate passenger and family from outsider. No sign someone he know or… someone he want will come out of the gate.

"…they didn't have to." He smile.

It's just another years to deal, right?

"Faster, cant you?" Rima yelled at her loyal driver that seem frightened to see her flushed face. Her usual stoic face held nothing but fierce at this time. And if she keep yelling at his right ear to be faster in this jam, he may become half-deaf. He just arrived at Mashiro's house after driving her mother to the office, then thid little devil call him and yelled him to come pick her up at school in 15 minutes. He was driving like crazy on the highway, and before he could ask why she didn't go to school like usual and come home at noon, she yelled him to get her to airport as soon as possible. Possible for her is impossible for him.

"There's traffic jam, miss. We can't…" Rima already open the door and burst out in the middle of the jam, abandoned the yelling of frustration from her driver.

15 minutes… will she make it?

Rima jump in shock as a mototcycle almost crush her. she didn't have time to angry at the driver for making her almost fall, she just has to meet him, before she lost him. Yes, she can go to America and talking to him to come back. But wasn't it just too much for both of them? It will make anything between them a lot worse. She just have this one chance, to ask him to stay, just like they were. Just like things before.

Airport still far away, even she herself know it's impossible to get there by foor. She stop, panting, she can't keep running. All her times, she always been running, from hurt, from pain, from reality, from those thing she didn't want to have in her life and despise it like it has nothing to do in her life. She want to be just like Amu, who already discover herself. She want to understand what feeling truly going on in her mind. She hate how Nagihiko often show his mature side and make her like a child. She hate how he always be this kind, especially to other… girls. But what she hate the most, is the way she feel whenever she's with him. Whenever they're having this fights, those mocking battle, those cold glare and so on…

"Miss, are you OK?" her driver already catch up with her, worry clealy in his face, looking at his little arrogan lady that now seems like she's going to cry. In his life since she's still a kid as a driver to her family, he never see her cry. She never cry, at least not in front of other.

So whatever make her feel so vunerable like this, must be so special.

"Airport… I need to go there…" she hold back the tears, her throat dry. His driver watching her carefully, thinking. Then he disappeared, leaving her all alone. Rima try her hard to keep walking, eventhough she's tired, and all she want just to cry in her room, where no one know. Rima always hide her tears, she never let anyone know her feeling. She didn't like being so readable. Eventhough when she leave their class in sudden movement, she know from Tadase's smile that he actually know what's going on between her and a certain purple haired boy.

"Miss," Rima look up to find her driver on a bicycle. "sorry this is the only thing I could get… whatever it was, it was so important for you, then we cant lose it." Rima's lips twitch into a smile.

"You'd better get me in time." She jump to the bike.



"For passenger flight 302 to New York, America, please come in to your plane, once again, for passenger…" the voice heard through megaphone to entire hall in airport.

"Well, got to go." Nagihiko take his bags and smile at his parents.

"Take care, Nagi." His father tap his shoulder while her mother hug him.

"We will come to see you every holiday."

"I'll be waiting. So… goodbye." He smile at them and wave, then walk away to the glass door that separated them from his plane. Nagihiko find his seat and looking through the window. The weather was nice, although it's too hot for his own like. It kind of remind him of the time at this kind of weather, right two weeks ago;

When the devil golden haired chibi step in front of his house, standing in the middle of the shunshine. Nagihiko actually watching her grunting before he pretend he just realized that she's been standing there the entire time, waiting him to open the door because she's too arrogant to call his name. He admit it that he has growing feeling for her, as a boy to a girl, but overthinking it, he found it quite strange. This kind of feeling, it different and slightly uncomfortable rather than when they just become… fight buddy. He loves to making her angry and insult her, just like she care to mock his appearance. They just fit on that kind of thing.

And here he is, ready to leave it. And maybe when he come back, everything wont be the same. What to expect anyway? She didn't want him to stay, tough.

…what about himself?

Didn't he himself want to stay that he dare to come to her house that afternoon, and make such a confession to her, in hope she will ask him to stay? What drive him to do such an action? Because… just because. He want to stay. He want to be with his friends. He want to be with her. he just asking for reason to stay, which she didn't give. Nagihiko know she may never give it; the reason nor asking him to stay, but…

Being here with them, is what he actually chase. Chance to study abroad maybe one in his whistlist, but… sacrifice the time he can have with them before they turn to adult and grow apart is what he really want but never put in his whislist. Maybe because he often think nothing gonna change. Nagihiko just realized, the chance to study abroad can be replace in some other year, he is a bright student anyway; but the chance to grow up with his fellows, with his beloved ones, with Guardians…

Is never can be replaced.

Nagihiko's fist tightened, something flash in his hazel eyes.

Rima run along the hallway, to the gate to American flight. Tadase told her his number of flight, looking at her watch it's just about to off. She just have merely 5 minutes. What 5 minutes can do? If there's no miracle, his plane maybe already taken off some minutes ago. But it worth the try, right?

"Rima?" Rima stop after hearing familiar voice behind her and turn around, finding Mr. & Mrs. Fujisaki behind her. "what are you…"

"Is Nagi already gone?"

"Well, his plane…"

"Tell me where's his plane is!" she tug Mr. Fujisaki's shirt. "please!"

"I know something is wrong when he said it's nothing about nobody come here to see he off." Mr. Fujisaki sighed. "but it's too late, Rima, I'm sorry, even if the plane hasn't take off now, one minutes can't get him back here." She let go of his shirt and start to run again. In her mind was only one thing; before he really gone for good, at least she has to try and tell him what the truth is.

"For passengers flight…" the woman that's going to announce the news is having such a heart attack when someone knock the door so fiercely. She stop a moment and saw a beautiful girl with long curly golden hair trying to crush the glass door. She quickly opened it. Before she could ask what a young girl like her doing here, Rima already take her abandoned microphone and strat to yelled. Her voice without yelled is already big in megaphone, can you figure how loud it is when she yelled in megaphone?

"FUJISAKI NAGIHIKO!" his parents that already on the car, stop their attempt to swith on the car after hearing someone yelled their son's name. "YOU'D BETTER HASN'T GONE OR I WILL BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOU WHEN YOU COME BACK HERE…" the lady that stoned for a moment trying to take the miscrophone out of her, but she resist to hold it on her little hand. "…and just so you know, I come here with much efforts, that means you have to listen to what I said carefully!" she dodge the woman's hands from taking the microphone. "I don't know what to say actually… and I'm having so much thoughts because of you!" the woman slipped by the wire and fall. Rima saw she didn't have wounds but it enough to knoch her down. Rima take a deep breath before continuing.

"All I want to say is…I WANT YOU TO STAY HERE!" another woman is come out the room and trying to take the microphone. "STAY, JUST STAY LIKE THINGS WERE! BECAUSE I LIKE YOU, AND I DON'T WANT YOU TO GO!" and by the last sentence, the woman finally take the microphone.

"You're so naughty little lady!" she seem angry. "Sorry for all the inconvenient, we have arrested the thief…"

"You call me thief?"

"…and now we are going to announce, the flight 302 to New York, America, is taking off. Please all the passenger to the next flight 303 get ready," Rima don't have any voice left. Something cold rolling down her cheek, today she didn't know herself. Running from class, biking to airport, talking stupid thing in microphone…

But that's no big deal. What Rima Mashiro will be without her lovely rival Fujisaki Nagihiko? She didn't know herself anymore.


A steady breath was heard from Mashiro's living room. A petite girl laying down in the couch, with a thin blanket around her body, her eyes close.

She didn't sleep.

She just to tired to do anything but close her eyes and breath. Tomorrow is gonna be a new day. Today is never happen. Nothing will change tomorrow. Nothing will feel hurt…

She didn't want to cry. To feel being left. She just want to take things easy and take Nagihiko's depart as one of life's bitter part she has to take. It's only 3 years. He will come back. He will be back safe and sound at America, then sent Amu or Tadase or Kukai message, then if he has any chance to heard her stupid announcement, he will just asking them, is Rima Mashiro really lost her mind or someone is taking her voice and her temper today?

Rima trying to smile at the thought of Nagihiko wont take anything of she said seriously, if he had the chance to listen. He will always be like that, never that something so seriously that sometimes it make him look like a jerk when he broke a fangirl heart.

I miss you already, Nagihiko. Come back faster…

There's a soft knock in her door but she's too lazy to wake up. Her maid hasn't been arrived at her house at this time, and her driver already come home to his family. So practically she was alone. And nobody dare to disturb her privat time. The knock become louder and annoying, if Rima didn't so tired to wake up she may already open the door and knock out whoever it was for disturbing her.

She wake from her couch, her eyes still sore from crying, and she isn't in the mood to deal with anyone. Literally, anyone. She turn the knob, to find who's the idiotic visitor.

"…Hey." Rima's eyes widened. "Sorry to disturb you…" same warm smile, same lavender hair, same hazel eyes, same… "can I come in?" he smile when see her widened eyes. His figure was shinning because the sun behind him, like some good picture. Same figure she often saw in her mind even after she try her harder not to thinking about it. First thing in her mind was, was she falling asleep on the couch? She fisted her hand, to feel her nails sunk into her skin. No, it's not dream. Nagihiko smile warmly at the petite girl in front of him that her face was showing the sign like she just seeing a ghost. The next thing was surely unexpected for him.

Rima punch him hard on his chest.

He was taken aback, not expecting such a thing will happen. What he thing was she will cry, hugged him or something like on the romantic movie he ever watch when he was Nadeshiko with Amu. God, this devil chibi surely has no romantic bone in her petite body. She keep punching him, until he stop her hands from killing him.

"What's wrong with you?" he said between her punches.

"Me? It's you purple freak idiot! Don't you think I'm gonna go easily on you just because you choose to come back and say sorry for everything!"

"First, I haven't say sorry and second, I don't think I should say sorry for anything… auw! Stop punching, you chibi devil!"

"How could you?"

"What? You are a chibi and a devil, and yes, I listen to your… ehm, announcement…"


"Stop punching me, Rima! I got off the plane because I want to stay here…"

"You could at least…"

"Because I want to be with you! And with all Guardians," he added, his face blushing.

"…you still freaking idiotic guy! You listen to me but you didn't show up until the very end!"

"I try to catch you but you already left. And you know what? I'm here from much effort too, thanks to you, I get punishment from my parent for choosing to stay here, they're thinking it's because of you."

"Now you blame me? It's your risk to be taken! And you'd better be ready for another risk for staying here." He smirk at her pouting face.

"And I thought you are the one that wanting he to stay here."

"Cut that off, purple head."

"Chibi devil."

"And you such a freak crossdresser!" but after he stop her punches, they look at each other, and a laugh was broke. He let go of her hands, looking softly at her.

"Good to be back."

"…welcome back, Fujisaki." She reply his smile. Afterall, the only relationship that suit them together, that bring them back to each other every moment, was this kind of relationship. He may never be her friend or so otherwise, but they will always remain as best rival. Nobody can replace their place in each other's heart, for sure.


"Hey crossdesser…"


"I'm talking to you!"

"Well you have to learn how to call someone politely, Mashiro-san."

"What's the punishment?"

"Glad to know you care."

"I wont ask twice."

"Fine, fine. It's… they're not allowed me to come home."

"…Then where will you stay?"

"Actually, I got two punishments... First was that, and the second is… they grounded me to stay on your house for the next two weeks."

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