The next morning she woke early, feeling very well rested, though it took her a minute to remember where she was. She smiled slightly, and whilst dressing took a moment to put protective enchantments over the door and windows of her bedroom, she would do the same to the entrance to the common room later. Now, she took the time to unpack properly, as last night it was late, so she had only summoned her pyjamas and toothbrush out of her drastically enlarged trunk, and then settled down to sleep.

In the seventh year at Hogwarts it is required, to achieve an O, in NEWTs that students submit an independent project for each class, showcasing their skill in the subject.

It was no secret that Desiree was brilliant, she didn't care much for socializing, but was undoubtedly brilliant, as such, she had already begun planning her projects as soon as she had got her OWL results, though most seventh years hadn't even thought about it still. Being from a very wealthy and affluent muggle family it was crucial that she carried out this in secret whilst with them in the summer.

Her mother once walked into her room unannounced and was in for a big shock, as she saw her daughter wrestling with a fully grown Venomous Tentacula. She had fainted cold on the floor, and it was twenty minutes before Desiree was in a position to help her. Of course she had not left any dangerous plants or anything at her parent's house, they had all been shrunk down and frozen using magic. She had practised this method, and although they would be ill for a few days, it would definitely be necessary for their safe transportation to Hogwarts.

She removed the products of her experimentations from her trunk. A variety of dangerous plants were removed along with a vast array of potions ingredients, piles and piles of books and some small glass tanks. She contemplated how she was going to set up her projects here. She was very grateful for the fact that she had these quarters, as she would never have been able to do this in the Ravenclaw dorms.

She decided that she wanted the plants,-particularly the Tentacula as far away from where she slept as possible, and as she wished to have many potions brewing for in some cases a period of weeks, she didn't want to be breathing in the fumes as she slept. She discovered that she could convert one of the cupboards in her study for this purpose.

She went downstairs and contemplated how exactly she would transform it until it was fit for its purpose. First she charmed it in the same way she charmed her trunk, so it was a lot bigger on the inside. She then transfigured it so, instead of resting on short wooden legs, it was bottomless and rested on the floor of her study. Then she transfigured it again, so instead of being a few feet in depth, it was only two inches thick, then she enlarged the door so it covered the whole front of the cupboard's face. Now the wardrobe looked as though it was an ornate wooden door, leading to another room. Pleased with her handy work she stepped inside, where it still looked like a stretched cupboard. She placed the hangers which hung on a rod above her head in different places in the huge cupboard and transfigured them into large wooden desks, like there was in the potions classrooms. Then she charmed the walls of the cupboard, they turned into the pale stone walls of the study outside, she then did an extremely advanced piece of magic, she had read about in a book about the ministry, and a large window appeared on one of the walls, outside of which, it appeared was an apple orchard bathed in sun. Desiree smiled, she knew she had excelled herself, and was very pleased by her handy work.

Before she could equip the room adequately she needed to find a storage cupboard. Of course she had an idea. She quickly went to the seventh floor, one of the perks of being Head Girl, was of course being able to go anywhere in the castle, at any time without retribution. However while she was up there, she decided to get an important job done. She went up to the Fat Lady.

"You're not in Gryffindor!" exclaimed the Fat Lady.

"I know, I'm Head Girl, I was wondering if you see if there are any prefects in your common room and ask them to see me a second," she asked hopefully.

"Head Girl you say," the woman said, leaning forward in the frame. "Pretty one you are... what house are you in?" she asked.

"Ravenclaw," she replied.

"Ah, if it couldn't be Gryffindor, there is no better house, Hufflepuffs are duffers and Slytherins, well that speaks for it's self. But Ravenclaw... very close to Gryffindors in attributes, no I don't mind that at all," the Fat Lady said musingly. "One second, I'll shout for one."

"Thanks." The fat lady waved a chubby hand and turned in her frame and yelled. Desiree bit back a smirk, it was well known that the fat lady was irritable in her old age, and annoyed the Gryffindors senseless.

"Oi, prefect. Head Girl wants you!" Then she turned back to Desiree with a suddenly gracious. "One's just coming." The fat lady opened to let the prefect come out, and through the portrait hole came the Gryffindor came a dark haired head.

"Hey Desiree, what's up?" asked a boy. It was Samson, a seventh boy in Desiree's Defence against the Dark Arts and Care of Magical Creatures class. He had bright blue eyes which contrasted strikingly with his dark hair.

"I was wondering whether you could give this timetable to the Gryffindor prefects," she said.

"You've got it done already?" he said incredulously. "It's ten o'clock in the morning! I only just got up." He added with a laugh.

Desiree smiled, "I like to get things done." She handed him the piece of paper. "Everyone has two shifts a week, if it needs changing for anything like extracurricular activities, I'll do my best to change it. I'll even do my best to make sure your Quidditch training isn't impeded on. Though that depends entirely how well you look like you're doing," she said with a smile. Samson laughed at thanked her.

"I'll let everyone know," he said. Then she thanked him and bid him farewell.

Now that first piece of formality was over with, she carried on across the seventh floor. Making sure the corridor was deserted she paced quickly.

I need the room of hidden things
I need the room of hidden things

I need the room of hidden things

The room of requirement opened itself up to her and she quickly crossed the threshold, making sure nobody was watching. She had discovered the room after a house elf in the kitchen, who she was particularly fond of, tipped her off in her third year. It had served her well over the years, it had been worth its weight in gold when she had used it as an escape from the hysteria that encircled her during the Triwizard tournament last year.

Inside was a cavernous room, which stretched as far as the eye could see. The room was full of stuff. Rows upon rows of stuff, piled on top of each other. Some of them broken, some of them containing dark magic, some of them just plain odd. There were however some old classroom equipment, dumped in here by teachers who couldn't be bothered to dispose of it 'properly' which required a surprising amount of paperwork. After walking about fifty yards into this Aladdin's cave of forgotten things, she saw something that would be suitable for her cause. A large but simple glass cabinet, Desiree cast a simple charm to detect any magic on this piece of furniture. None was detected, so she cleared the items from inside it and shrunk it, so she could put it in the pocket of her cardigan. She quickly consulted the map she had confiscated off a Gryffindor at the beginning of her fifth year. This map was the secret to her success as a prefect, she should have handed it in. But she didn't. It showed every corridor in the castle, and what every student was doing. The Marauder's Map. After checking the coast was clear she left, conveniently spotting a Hufflepuff and Slytherin prefect on the way, getting that job over with.

Back in her newly transformed potions room she made the cabinet full size and positioned it in the the corner of the room. She then filled it with the piles of ingredients that were previously in her trunk. Then she transfigured another hanger into a large shelf and put up her vials and bottles of previously made potions, and jars of fire. Finally she added the finishing touches to the room, by putting her large, silver cauldron in the middle of the room, and leaving her smaller pewter cauldrons on the desks, along with her other potions equipment. She filled three of the pewter cauldrons with vials of half made potions she had brought from her parents house, and put them onto a handful of bluebell flames each, so they started to bubble once again. She left the room, and enchanted the doorway, so that nobody would detect the huge amount of magic she had used on what used to be a wardrobe, and made it so it would open to nobody but herself. If anyone even tried to force open the door, she would be informed.

The next thing she had to was figure out a place to house her plants. She decided to give it some time to mull over, so sat down at her desk and wrote on a clean sheet of parchment.

Ravenclaw Quidditch Team Try-Outs

Thursday 6th September

Quidditch Pitch

First years are not permitted to join the house team

All those wishing to play for the house team must attend try-out and submit their name below.
Previous members of the house team will not have to retry for the house team, but students with higher ability may try out for the position successfully
The team will definitely require 1 chaser and 1 beater
All remaining members of fast year's team should be at try-outs so possible new members can be assessed on compatibility with the team.

She put it in her pocket, checked the time, and decided to go to lunch before putting it on the noticeboard in the common room. As it was a Saturday today, they were to receive their timetables at lunch, instead of breakfast as the staff had pre-empted that many of the students would skip breakfast in favour of a lie in. Hers read:

Monday: Charms + Ancient Runes
Tuesday: Transfiguration + History of Magic

Wednesday: Defence Against the Dark Arts + Athrimancy

Thursday: Potions + Muggle Studies + Astronomy
Friday: Herbology + Care of Magical Creatures

The only subject she was not doing, was Divination. In previous years she had had to use a time turner to fit in all her classes, but as she was doing NEWTs, which were mostly private study, and less actual class time, in her sixth and seventh year it was easy for her to fit it all in. After eating her dinner of Shepherd's pie she hurried to Ravenclaw tower, and pinned up the Quidditch information on the notice board. Then she went to the prefects office, which to be fair was more like a mini common room. All the prefects were there already, despite it being before the designated time for their meeting. She quickly went through the time table and magically stuck a copy of it to the wall. She had bewitched the timetable to mimic her own master copy, in case she made changes. She did the start of term pep talk and overview of school rules and protocols, with exceptional vigour.

"Duties run from the nine o'clock curfew, to two o'clock. If you catch a student out of bed at this this time, you take them straight to their head of house's office. If you see anything strange on your duty you go and inform the seventh year prefect who is also on duty that evening, they have been briefed by the staff for that occurrence. Any misdemeanour's you apprehend outside of your duty time, goes through me or the head boy, unless it is to do with a confiscatable item, in which case you go to Filch, or if it is dangerous in anyway, it goes to their head of house, or the nearest teacher in extreme cases."

She had practised and perfected her speech a lot during the holidays and she thought she delivered it a lot better than last year's Ravenclaw seventh years had. The fifth years were even taking notes.

"If you have any problems with anything do not hesitate to come and find me, ask the badger, or eagle statue on the fourth floor to let you in. Okay?" Everyone nodded and soon the meeting was over. Desiree stayed to make small talk for a little bit for going to back to her study and thinking about her plants. After an hour of thinking she decided on the way to go about it.

She was going to do what she had done with the wardrobe again, she was going to duplicate the structure and put them one after the other. From inside the study it would look like a regular wardrobe, rather than the ornate door frame that was there now, as it would thicken with the addition of more rooms. But on the inside the rooms would all lead onto one another. She decided to make five in total, this would equate to the correct depth so it would look like a wardrobe from the outside. It made Desiree think of Narnia, being muggle born she had read all the C.S. Lewis books as a child, and it was no wonder she had channelled them in to her magic.

The first room stayed as her potions laboratory, the second was going to become a practice area for Defence Against the Dark Arts, she transfigured more hangers into dummies and targets and charmed the floor to be soft if you fell, and the ceiling to seem very high. Then she moved on to the third room which she had decided to become a library and room for practising charms and transfiguration, it was a simple, small room, which housed all the book collection she had which wouldn't fit in her study, which was rather a lot. She also charmed some hangers to become squashy chairs to put in here. The fourth room she decided would be her Care of Magical Creatures Room. One of the small glass tanks which were in her trunk, she enlarged so it covered one wall perfectly. Inside were many Wiggentrees, and a small population of Bowtruckles. She also enlarged a tank of non-magical stick insects, they didn't need as much space as the Bowtruckles, so it resembled more of a large fish tank. The last glass tank, was actually a fish tank, and contained tropical fish, bred from those at her parent's house. She then bewitched the floor to be grass, and another hanger into a tree growing into it, giving it the look of a walled garden.

The fifth and last room, she had decided would be where she put the plants. She bewitched the walls, to be windows, and outside to be looking over the Hogwarts lake on all sides but one, which was a stone wall where the door was. She transfigured more hangers into benches like the ones in the greenhouse, in the corner furthest she placed the potted Venomous Tentacula, on the benched she put potted Devils Snare Bushes, Fanged Geraniums, Puffapods, Mandrakes, Moonseed, Bubotubers, Abyssinian Shrivelfigs and many other magical plants. She then put her sacks of dragon dung in a stack in one corner; put her watering can, protective coat, dragon hide gloves and other equipment on hooks next to it. She put wards around the Tentacula so it couldn't stretch beyond them and eat any other of the plants. Then she lifted the freezing charm from the plants, the Tentacula coughed violently. She quickly administered the potion she had brewed, in the summer for his purpose, and the huge plant stopped spluttering and calmed, hanging it's 'head' and hiccuping every now and then. She checked over the rest of the plants administering potions and charms were necessary.