For a while, I've wanted to write a verses story and then this popped into my head. I haven't seen or read a Gaoranger Vs Timeranger story before, I don't even know if any exist, but I thought I'd have a go at writing one.

There will be some - although limited - similiarites to the Time Force and Wild Force team up, but these will be few, if any.

Disclaimer: I don't own Timeranger or Gaoranger. They belong to Toei.

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger Vs Mirai Sentai Timeranger: The Roar of Time

Quest 1

The corridors of the Time Protection Bureau were silent and dark, the only light was from the dim red neon security lights that lined the corridors. Light foots steps softly echoed as a cloaked figure stealthily slid down the corridor, their shadow briefly appearing as they crept along the wall. The figure reached into its cloak, taking out a small metallic ball. Still moving, the figure lightly rolled it down the corridor, towards the door at the end and the two guards that stood either side of it. The figure then paused.

The ball rolled silently, stopping directly in between the two guards. There was a hiss of air, as smoke started to stream out of the small holes that adorned the ball, startling the guards. Before they had time to react, they began coughing, clasping at their throats before they fell to their knees. They collapsed to the floor, their eyes closed as their coughing stopped.

The figure started moving again and their footsteps ended as they came to a stop outside the grey closed door that had been guarded. The figure moved its head to look at the sign next to the door, which was above a code pad.

Freeze Containment Room

The figure let out a small hiss of satisfaction before it reached back into its cloak, taking out a small round and flat object. The figure placed the object against the wall, directly above the code pad, pressing a button on the rim of the object. Three sharp legs shot out of the object, bending and diving silently into the wall, holding the object in place. The figure then pressed the button at the centre of the device and took a small step back.

The code pad lit up, the numbered keys flashing green as the device searched for the correct code in which to access the room.

The figure silently cursed and withdrew into the shadows as the code pad emitted small beeps as the individual code numbers were locked in place, constantly checked around, making sure that the sounds hadn't alerted any of the guards patrolling the corridors. But there was no sound of running footsteps or of any alarms being activated and the figure let out a sigh of relief.

There was another beeping sound, different from the previous sounds, signalling that the correct code had been entered and the door slid open with a hiss of air.

The figure didn't move. Instead, they reached into their cloak again and took out another metallic ball and threw it into the room, knowing that guards inside wouldn't know what had happened to the ones outside, the door and walls were sound proof so that the cries and shouts of those being frozen couldn't be heard. The figure then waited as the toxin was realised though the holes in the ball and the strangled gasps of the guards could be heard as they struggled to breath. Moments later, there were two dull thuds and the gasping stopped. Smiling, the figure entered the room, stepping over the bodies of the guards and, ignoring the freeze containment machine, approached one of the freezer cabinets, scanning the names of those who had been frozen.

There were rows upon rows of the small capsules holding the criminals and law breakers which had been moved into the Time Protection Bureau following the disappearance of half of the Londarz Penitentiary the previous year. The figure began to get increasingly frustrated as it tried to find the right one. The figure was also beginning to feel a sense of panic, knowing that a routine patrol was due soon. The figure then smirked as its gloved hand grabbed one of the capsules, placing it inside the cloak and taking out another identical capsule, placing it where the original had been. It then closed the cabinet doors and slid out of the room, removing the metallic ball as it did so.

Just as it was about to exit the room, the sound of footsteps could be heard and the figure cursed and groaned again, knowing that they had taken too long in finding the correct capsule. Quickly closing the door, the figure picked up the second metallic ball before ducking into the shadows and disappearing into the night.


"How could this have happened?" Captain Ibuki Tomasu, head of the Intercity Police, said, examining the device that had allowed an unknown assailant access to the freeze containment room.

The four guards had all been knocked unconscious and upon their discovery, the alarm had been raised and the guards taken to the infirmary. Upon inspection, nothing was found to be missing, raising questions about the nature of the break in and a search was currently underway to try and locate the perpetrator.

Ibuki turned to the four people next to him, all of them dressed in the white attire, signalling their role in the police. "What do you make of all of this," he asked.

The only woman in the group stepped forward and looked at the device, still stuck in the wall. Her fingers ran over it, examining it. She then stood back. "Londarz Family," she said and the five males gasped.

"Londarz Family? Yuuri-san, are you sure?" The youngest of the group, who currently had pale green hair, asked.

"Yeah, they haven't been active in over a year, not since Don Dolnero was killed and we came back," the man next to him said, running a hand through his short dark hair, messing it up even more.

Yuuri looked at them. "I'm positive. I've seen this type of device before. This is one of theirs."

The fifth member of the group crossed his arms. "It doesn't make sense. Why now?"

Ibuki shook his head. "That's what I want the four of you to find out. You have had more experience than the rest of us in dealing with the Londarz Family." He turned to Yuuri. "I'm putting you in charge."

Yuuri nodded once in response. "First we need to find out what was stolen," she said, now taking control.

"But we've already done a preliminary check and determined that nothing's missing," the youngest of the group replied.

Yuuri nodded again. "The Londarz Family have been inactive for over a year and for them to strike now and not succeed, it's not like them. Whatever they did, they succeeded and seeing as they targeted this room out of all of the others, I assume that they took one of the containers." She turned to the two older men. "Ayase, Domon, I want you to check all of the containers against the register, make sure none of them are missing and that none of them look different or appear to have been tampered with. There's a chance the thief could have replaced the one that they took."

Ayase, who still had his arms folded, and Domon exchanged looks, already knowing that their search would be futile, but didn't say anything. They both knew that once Yuuri was on a mission, there was no stopping her. Instead they both nodded and entered the freeze containment room.

The youngest turned to Yuuri. "What shall I do, Yuuri-san?"

"Sion, I want you to look at all of the camera footage from tonight. See if you can find out who broke in and how they did it."

Sion nodded and left, leaving Ibuki and Yuuri.

Ibuki turned to Yuuri. "What about you?"

Yuuri smiled. "I think I'm going to pay someone a little visit." She made to turn but Ibuki gasped hold of her shoulder.

"Make sure you take a couple of officers with you," he told her.

She saluted to him. "Yes, Sir."


Domon leaned back against a cabinet and groaned. He and Ayase had spent the last four hours going through half of the cabinets of capsules, checking and double checking them. "How much longer? We've been at it all night."

Ayase looked over at him from his position, crouched in front of one of the cabinets, and sighed. "We're halfway there," he said. "But we'd be a lot quicker if you helped." He threw the register at Domon, hitting him in the chest.

"Oi, Ayase!" Domon sat up and looked at the register. "Fine," he said. "Who's next?"

"Prisoner #3476," Ayase replied. "Oberlectrix."

Domon looked at the register. "Good thing we didn't face him," he said. "Say's that he creates powerful electrical currents which instantly paralyse. Killed twenty one civilians before he was apprehended." He turned the register around, allowing Ayase to look at the profile picture. Ayase pursed his lips and nodded in agreement.

Checking the remaining capsules in this manner sped up the time and after an hour, they were onto the final cabinet.

"Prisoner #5823, Serperant," Ayase muttered, rubbing his eyes from tiredness.

Domon let out a groan as he stretched. "Says here that he has some weird mind control power. Used it to kill ten police officers and over fifty civilians, manipulating their movements by placing thoughts in their heads. He can also move things with his mind and that this all due to the horn on his head. It also says that he's a skilled assassin and has acute hearing. Apparently he was also one of Don Dolnero's right hand men. I wonder why we never encountered him in the past…" he muttered the last bit. He then shook his head. "If this guy ever got out..." He once more turned the register to Ayase, allowing him to see the criminal's picture. "Well?"

Ayase glanced at the register. "Nope." He then looked back at the capsule. "Hang on..."

"What is it?"

Ayase looked between the figure in the capsule and at the register. "They're not the same," he muttered.

"What?" Domon took a step closer and copied Ayase in looking at the capsule and the picture on the register. "They look the same to me."

Ayase shook his head. "They're not. If you look closer you'll see that the face and hands are slightly different. In the picture the eyes are closed, but here," he pointed at the capsule, "the eyes are open."

"So? He might have been mid way through blinking or he intentionally closed his eyes."

"No, according to his profile, he had his eyes sewn closed and uses his horn and tongue to see, but it's not just that. Look at his hands. The figure in this container only has four fingers; the real Serperant only has three."

Domon looked between the two. "You're right. We'd better call this in and let Yuuri know."

Ayase nodded and the two of them ran out of the room into the corridor towards the bridge where Sion was, Ayase speaking urgently into the communicator strapped to his wrist as he ran.


Yuuri was flanked by four officers as she entered the dimly lit room on the outskirts of the city, the sun was beginning to rise, illuminating a majority of the room, the sounds of morning traffic could be heard in the sky above them. She knew that if anyone had any information on the activities of the Londarz Family, then this alien would be the one to tell her.

"Howl," she called into the room as if beckoning for a dog. "Howl, I know you're here." She turned to the officer next to her. "Wave the bag a bit."

The officer looked at her as if she was crazy, but without question, he extended an arm and waved a paper bag.

There was a snarling, hissing sound coming from the corner of the room where it was darkest. The four officers stopped walking at the sound, but Yuuri continued taking steps forward. The snarling intensified.

"Quick, throw the bag."

Without hesitation, the officer threw the bag into the corner and it disappeared in the darkness. The snarling sound was replaced by the sound of the bag being ripped apart and its contents being eaten.

"Good Howl," Yuuri said, stopping. "There's more where that came from if you come out and answer a couple of my questions."

There was a rustling sound and the four officers took a step back. From the dark corner, a figure emerged, stepping into the light, they could see that it was hunched over with large clawed feet and hands. It was covered in dark, thick, shaggy fur with a long snout and short pointed ears. Its eyes flashed red.

"Yuuri-san," the creature hissed. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"I want information on the Londarz Family."

The creature laughed. "The Londarz Family don't exist anymore. You wasted a journey."

"Don't mess with me, Howl!" Yuuri almost shouted. "They broke into the Time Protection Bureau last night and stole something. I want to know what and what they are planning."

Howl snarled, bearing his teeth. "You know my price."

"And I said you'll get it. Tell me what I want to know. The break in was strategic and planned. They knew exactly what they were doing and what they wanted. Now tell me what."

"Fine, since you asked so nicely." Howl took a step forward. "The Londarz Family have been biding their time."


"I don't know. I only hear bits and pieces. It's your job to put them together."

Yuuri frowned at this.

"I heard they were planning to break out a specific prisoner."

"Which one?"

"I don't know. Like I said; bits and pieces. I also heard a while ago that they were planning to break into your little headquarters and that they had hacked into the security."

"You knew ages ago and you're only telling us this now?" One of the officers shouted, unable to contain himself.

Howl let out a snarl, his eyes narrowing before snapping his teeth. "Only Yuuri-san asks the questions."

"Keep quiet," Yuuri said, turning to the four officers. She was becoming increasingly frustrated with the whole situation. She then turned back to Howl. "Answer the question."

Howl looked at the officers for a moment before looking back at Yuuri. "You never asked." His eyes then relaxed slightly.

Yuuri let out a sigh. "You're not being very helpful Howl. I don't know if you deserve this delicious, succulent, pure meat that I brought." She made to turn and leave.

"No wait!" Howl cried. "I heard something else, their hideout, I know where it is."

Yuuri turned back to him, a small smile on her lips. "Tell me."


The old warehouse had been abandoned as Yuuri and the four officers entered, their guns drawn and ready.

"Looks like no one's here," one of the officers said.

Yuuri nodded. "Whoever was here has gone now." She approached the closet table and examined the drink that adorned it. It was lukewarm. "They haven't long left, though." She turned to the four officers. "Spread out. We need to find out what they were doing here."

"Yes, Ma'am.' The officers nodded and separated, searching the warehouse.

Yuuri searched though the papers that had been discarded. There were random dates and numbers on them, some appeared to be old newspaper articles, while others appeared to be schematics. She picked up one of the diagrams up and gasped upon seeing that it was a design for a freeze containment machine. She put it down and picked up one of the newspaper articles, seeing that it was dated from shortly after she had arrived back from the future. One of the articles on the front page was about the death of Don Dolnero, the date circled. "Oh no," she gasped.

There was a shout from across the warehouse and she put the paper down before running over to see the four officers standing before a completed freeze containment machine, identical to the one at the Time Protection Bureau. She stared at it as she walked forward.

"Has it been activated?" she asked, not taking her eyes off of the machine, although she already knew the answer.

"Yes," one of the officers replied. "It's recently unfrozen someone."

Yuuri swallowed. "We'd better report this." She raised her wrist, about to talk into her communicator when Sion's voice came out of it.


"Yes, Sion, what is it?"

"You'd better get back here. We've found something and, well," he swallowed nervously, "it's not good."

Yuuri nodded. "I'm on my way."


Yuuri entered the bridge to see Sion, Ayase and Domon waiting for her. Captain Ibuki was standing next to them.

"What have you found?" she asked as soon as she entered the room.

"Well, you were right," Ayase said. "They did take something, or should I say someone."


"Prisoner #5823, Serperant," Domon replied. "But we still don't what they're planning. Sion couldn't find anything from the surveillance cameras."

"All of the cameras showed static," Sion explained. "All I can tell you is that they went off at exactly the same time. They were well planned. I'm sorry, Yuuri-san."

Yuuri shook her head. "It's alright. I did find out what they're planning." She folded her arms. "They unfroze Serperant and are planning on taking him back to the year 2001, the third of February 2001 to be precise."

"Why that date? What was so important that happened then?" Ibuki asked.

Yuuri looked at Ayase, Domon and Sion before replying. "That's the date Don Dolnero died."

Sion gasped.

"They must be planning on resurrecting Don Dolnero then," Ayase said. "But why?"

Before anyone had a chance to respond, the emergency sirens sounded.

"What is it?" Ibuki asked, looking at the consol.

"The cameras leading to the Time ships have been deactivated!" the woman sat at the control consol cried.

"They must be stealing a Time ship," Domon said.

"Quick, prevent any access to the holding room," Ibuki said.

"I can't. They've hacked into our systems and have bypassed all of our security codes. There isn't anything I can do," the woman replied, frantically typing into the consol. "Uh, uh," she stuttered, her fingers moving away from the panel, making everyone look at her as she pointed at her consol. "One of the time ships has powered up."

"Is there anything you can do to stop it?" Ibuki asked.

She shook her head. "They've bypassed everything. There's nothing I can do."

Yuuri approached the woman and leant over to look at the consol. "Can you tell how many are inside?"

"Uh..." she paused for a moment as she scanned the consol. "Yes, yes I can." She looked again, typing on her keyboard to bring up the relevant information. "According to this, there's only one life form."

"They're only sending Serperant back," Yuuri muttered.

"Providus is powering up," the woman informed them, moving her chair along the consol, "and the time gate has been activated."

"Are you sure there's nothing you can do to stop them?" Domon asked.

She shook her head. "I'm locked out. There's nothing I can do." She looked back at her consol. "It's gone. The time ship has entered the time gate. Both the time gate and Providus are powering down. They've gone."

"Can you give me the exact date?" Ibuki asked.

She nodded. "It'll take a couple of minutes. I have to work around the different programmes."

Ibuki nodded and looked up at Domon, Ayase, Sion and Yuuri. "How do you four feel about taking a trip back to the past?"

"What? Really?" Sion gasped. "We get to go back?"

Ibuki nodded. "I trust you four. You've already been to this era and have had more dealings with the Londarz family than anyone else. We'll help you with whatever information we find." He looked round at the four of them. "You will be acting as Timerangers again."

Domon and Ayase smiled at hearing this news, while Sion jumped up and down with excitement.

"We're going to be Timerangers again!" Sion said excitedly. "We're going to see Tatsyua-san again."

Ayase looked at Yuuri who was still staring at the consol, waiting for the woman to give them the date the Time ship had travelled to. "Yuuri?"

Yuuri lifted her head, a small smile on her lips. "We're going back," she said softly. We're coming back, Tatsyua.

I apologise for the bittiness of this chapter, as in all of the little scenes, but it was necessary to get this story going.

I also apologise for the name of this story, but I didn't want to just call it Gaoranger Vs Timeranger and I couldn't think of anything better.

I hope I got all of the names right (not the character names, but things like the Time Protection Bureau), but I'm going from like three different translations.

Regardless, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter and the Gaorangers will be appearing in the second chapter.