Chapter 3

"Espio, look at who we found. The poor dear. We need to take care of her until she gets better," Espio's mother said to him as she carried in a young looking cat into the house. The cat was tan colored with long eyelashes. A three year old Espio ran up to his mother. "What's wrong with her," he asked.

"I found her with a big wound on her back, outside, but I cleaned it already. Now let her rest in your room."

His mother went to his room and she laid her down there. Espio watched her do it. But somehow, he had a feeling that this was not right. Something told him that this girl was not a young girl that needed help. But he let her stay, because she looked so peaceful with her eyes closed.

-That night-

"Espio, dear, time for bed." Espio's mother called.

Espio rushed to his bed. " But, where will I sleep, mom? That tan cat is using my room."

"You'll sleep in the small office room we have at the end of the hall for today. We'll take the tan cat back to her home tomorrow when she recovers."

"Okay." Espio kissed his mother goodnight and went to tell his father goodnight. He ran to his bedroom and turned off the lights. He went to bed and quickly fell asleep.

-Later that Night-

Espio woke up to the blood curling shriek of his mother, and the frightened shouts of his father.

"NO DON'T! DON'T! His father was saying. Espio quickly got out of his bed and he sprinted down the hall to his parents room. The door was locked. He tried to break the door, but being a three year old boy, he didn't have much strength. He heard another shriek from his mother, and then his fathers shouts. "NO! NO! JANE! (Jane is Espio's mother's name in my story. I really have no idea what her name was.) NO! YOU! WHY DID YOU DO—GAH!" Another shout of pain from his father, and then, silence. Then an evil laugh.

"My mission has been completed once again," A voice inside the room said. As the handle began to turn, Espio turned invisible. The tan cat looked once more around the room, before heading out of the home looking pleased with herself. Espio noticed that she did not looked like she had been wounded. She was carrying something that looked silver in the moonlight. Espio gasped. Once she left the house, he ran to his parents room and gave a cry of sadness at what he saw.

His parents were on the floor, face down, and not moving. Not breathing. Not living. Espio's father had several stabs to the back, and his mother also. Blood was everywhere.

"Mom! DAD!" Espio shouted and ran to them. He knew that there was no life left in them but he still went to hug them. His hands got bloodstained, but he didn't care. He pulled his mom close to him on one side, and his dad on the other and he hugged them with one arm each. He began to bawl. He knew that that girl had meant trouble, but yet, he didn't do anything.

"Mom, d-dad, I'm s-sorry. I-I love you guys! I should h-have said s-something. I should have, I-I s-s-should have..."

Espio cried his eyes out, hugging both his parents, and promising not to let go of them. Suddenly, he smelled smoke and he saw an orange light down the hallway. The house was burning!

Espio wiped away his tears, but he did not move from his position. He was sure that the tan cat left a match or something to burn the house. "We will all burn, together," Espio whispered to his lifeless parents. The window in his parent's room broke, and a torch was thrown in there. Then he heard that familiar laugh. It was the tan cat. But why did she do that to his parents and why was she burning down their house? Hatred filled Espio's small body. He wanted to go outside and rip apart that girl. But he promised to stay with his parents.

Smoke was filling the house quickly. Espio was having trouble breathing. As he felt himself getting unconscious, a tear slid down his cheek. He hugged his parents tighter. "I'm"

Then, Espio woke up. He was breathing hard and he was on the floor. His heart was pounding very fast that it seemed to want to jump out of his chest. Why did he have to dream that again? He had not dreamed that for five years, and now it came back to him. Probably because that girl was in the house.

"That girl...Charmy, Vector, I hope that they're okay!" Espio was about to go check, but Vector burst in Espio's room.

"Hurry Espio, we just got a call and we need to go to this case. Right now!"

Espio sighed in relief. He put his hand to his chest and tried to calm his heart down. Vector stared at him. "Are you okay?" Vector asked.

Espio just looked at him and said, "So what's the case?"

Vector grabbed Espio's arm and dragged him out of his room. "I'll explain along the way. Charmy'll stay watchin' the girl 'till she wakes up."

"Do you really think that's safe?" Espio asked, a bit worried.

Vector laughed. "We're still alive, aren't we? And you thought that she was a murderer."

"Maybe she's waiting for the right moment-"

"Espio, she's gonna go home as soon as she wakes up-"

"Which then she can come back one night-"

"Espio, just drop it. Nothing is gonna happen."

Espio just rolled his eyes. "I can walk, you know," He said when he realized that Vector was still dragging him.

"Right," Vector said and he let go of Espio's arm. When they went to the living room, Espio saw that the girl was still unconscious. She looked so harmless. But that is how that tan cat was.

"Here," Vector said as he put a bowl of cereal in Espio's arms. "Eat quickly while I tell Charmy that he'll stay and then we can go."

Espio stared at the bowl as Vector left. After that dream, he didn't feel like eating, and for some reason, the cereal looked disgusting, even though it was just fine. He went to go dump it in the sink and he waited back in the living room. Vector came back. "Alright, let's go," The two of them left.

Charmy went to the living room and watched the girl sleep. She's so pretty Charmy thought. After a while of watching her, he got bored, so he turned on the television. There was nothing on, so he went to go back and look at his parents picture.

"Vector told me yesterday that today he would tell me about you guys. Hopefully we can go today! Oh, I hope so! If we do, I'll tell you guys everything! Vector doesn't want to tell me why I was left here, but I'm sure I'll understand. I'll see you soon." Charmy put back the picture and he returned to the living room. He watched the girl closely again. He noticed that her eyes fluttered a little, like she wanted to wake up. Charmy watched her face closely. Then, her eyes snapped open. Her blue eyes stared back at his. She screamed.

"Hey, hey! It's okay!" Charmy said.

"Ojskjdh yu hdkfoa pwelkf yusoaj hufkdo djskd!" She said.

Charmy stared at her, confused. "Um, what?"

She looked at him. "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought I was...where am I?"

Charmy smiled. Her voice was so soft. "You're at the Chaotix Detective Agency!

"Agency? Who are you?"

"I'm Charmy Bee! I work here with two other teammates of mine, but they are on a case. What's your name?"

"Mine?" She began to stand up, but the wound on her head hurt. So she sat back down. "I'm Aurora."

"So what happened? How did you hurt your head?"

"My head...I fell, I think. Yes I fell from a cliff."

"I found you and I called Vector to come and see, and he bandaged your head up, and he put you on the couch."

"Who is Vector?" Aurora asked.

"He's one of my teammates. He's a crocodile but he's not as scary as he seems, only if you make him mad. The other one is Espio. He's a chameleon and he is a ninja, but he is so boring and serious. He meditates most of the time."

"What...planet is this?"

"What do you mean? Are you not from around here?"

Aurora shook her head.

"Then where do you live?"

"I live...I lived...I have to go!"

"NO WAIT!" Charmy said as she got up from the couch. But as soon as Aurora stood up, she fell. Charmy helped her up. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yes, but I must go."

"No, you stay here until the night. Then we'll take you home. Vector told me to tell you that if you woke up."

She looked at his eyes. Her blue eyes had fear in them. "Why are you afraid?" Charmy asked.

"Because...forget it please."

Charmy grabbed her hand. "Let me give you a tour around the office/home, he said. "This is the living room. It's also the main office where people come if they need help with something."

He pulled her to the kitchen. "This is the kitchen. There are drinks and food here if you want some."

He led her to his room. "This is my room. It's a little messy but that's the way I like it." He took her to Vector's room. "This is Vector's room. It's messier than mine. And over here is Espio's room, but we can't go inside because somehow, if we touch anything, he knows who did it." He took her back to the living room. "And that's everything. Well, besides the restroom that's over there."

"It's beautiful," Aurora said.

Charmy laughed. "You think it's beautiful? Espio says that it's ugly. But I think that it's nice too. So, who are your parents?"

Aurora's eyes widened. "My parents?" Her ears drooped. "Um-"

The door burst open. Vector was carrying Espio, whom had his eyes closed. He didn't look hurt, but Vector had a worried expression. "Move outta the way, Charmy," Vector said and Charmy obeyed. Vector carried Espio to Espio's room and he laid him down on the bed. Charmy rushed in. "What's wrong, Vector? Did you guys finish the case already? What happened to Espio?"

"We didn't finish the case. We kinda messed it up and they didn't want us to continue anymore," Vector said without looking at Charmy. "But it wasn't really our fault. Espio began to act all weird, and he didn't hear me sometimes. When we were dismissed, Espio began to breathe heavily, and his face was hot. He still is. And it's bad for reptiles to be too hot or too cold. Then he just fainted and his breathing slowed down a lot. So I brought him back. Quick. Gimme some wet, cold, paper towels!" Charmy ran to the restroom and dampened some towels they had. He took them back to Vector, and Vector placed them on Espio's forehead. Espio made no movement.

Vector looked at Charmy. "Has the girl woken up?"

Charmy smiled a little. "Yeah. And her name is Aurora. It's a pretty name, isn't it?"

"Yeah, yeah. I need to go talk to her."

As Vector began to walk out of Espio's room, Charmy asked. "Is Espio going to die?"

Vector stopped in his tracks. "Where'd you get that from?"

"Well the way you brought him in seemed like he was dying. And didn't you say that reptiles can die if they get too hot or too cold?"

Vector looked at the ground. "No Charmy. I think he just has a big fever, that's all. He'll get better later. C'mon Charmy. Let's go talk to Aurora."