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Summery: Harry Potter and his twin Luke Potter were attacked by the Dark Lord. Lily and James are still alive. Abused Harry. Wrong BWL!

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Proloug: The-Boy-Who-Lived

Halloween 1981

|||Voldies POV:|||

Here I stood ready to face the one person predicted to be my ending. Wormtail was so free to betray his friends to me, so I would spar his insignificant life. I could taste Dumbledores magic all around the place and an underlying presence of anothers magic inside that hous. I believe it would be the one with the power to 'vanquish' me.

As I was already in front of their door they finally noticed the fallen wards. Through a window I could see a man and woman with two kids on the womans arms.

I opened the door causing the happy family to start. James Potter started to shout towards his wife.

"Lily! Take Luke and Harry! I will stop him!" at this I had to sneer. Potter stopping me! God, delusional much. But no matter I simply stunned him as I walked up the stairs towards the magical signature of Lily Potter, the mudblood and her two sons.

As I entered the boys Lily just placed them down in each krip trying to stand in front. I remembered that I promised Severus that I would save the filthy mudblood if I could. I hope I couldn't.

"Stand aside." came my icy voice.

"No! Not the boys...! Take me!" she shouted brokenly.

"Stand aside you silly girl!" it really angered me when she didn't. As she made to plead for the live of her sons again I simply stunned her too and made my way over to the now awake babys. Twins to be exact. Even through they don't look alike each other or react the same while the one with more brown hair started crying, bawling his brown eyes out. The blackhaired one with such beautiful Avada Kedavra coloured eyes stared at me. I could sense more magic from the green eyes child. So I raised my wand and said the two fateful words "Avada Kedavra" a jet of green lunged towards the green eyed child and than I saw a shield form with black wings. My killing curse reflecting towards me vaporing my body leaving me just a simple wandering spirit. I couldn't believe it. A child reflected the killing curse. The last I saw was a serpentshaped scar above the boys heart and a lighting bolt shaped on the others forhead.

|||Normal POV:|||

A few minutes after Voldemort ceased to exist bodily. Albus Dumbledore made his way towards the Potter house finding James unconcious he ennervated him and after a while Lily. Seeing the lighting bolt scar on the bigger twins forehead he declared that Luke Potter is the boy-who-lived.

James and Lily were overjoyed to hear their child would be the chosen one. They already forgot a small black haired child was their own. And thought what to do with Harry when he was declared a squib by Dumbledore.


Chapter One

Diagon Alley & The past

Harry looked on from a dirty window in the attic that became his prison towards his little brother. Everytime he saw the smiles on everyones face he got more furious. They abandoned him after Dumbledore declared he was a squib and even through the early shining through of magic didn't make the theory more grounded, he was even punished for it! What could he do when it came so easy.

Feeling his magic always lying around him protectiv. But he couldn't control it just yet. There were still the beatings that James bestowed upon him. Yes Harry couldn't see them as family anymore.

The house elfs weren't really helpful either. They would say nasty things about Harry and so on. Spit on his face when he practically begged for something to eat!

But that was okay. He had someone to support him, to teach him. The shadows would always shape and shifted so he learned how to care for himself early on. They brought him books on how he was supposed to act and even a companion, a little snake who teached Harry even more. He could understand snakes, he also heard that it was a dark ability to have because the Dark Lord and Salazar Slytherin were parselmouths as well. But Harry didn't care his companions explained who these persons were and Harry felt only respect for both wizards. He also knew that his Hogwarts letter was due and it would be without fail delivered to him.

Here it was clearly stating him as a new student at Hogwarts and there was even especially written by McGonagall that she and Dumbledore wish for Harry to attend. His parents hadn't any choice but they left him to his shopping after giving him enough for school supplies.

In the petshop he made immediatly for the snakes. Already feeling his familiar pulling him ad what he saw pleased him to no end. His familiar was an ink black cobra with long blood red syring like fangs. Eyes the most beautifuls blue he ever saw. A strom above the sea could be reflected in these captivating decided robes would be first on his list. So he walked towards Madam Malkin around the flock that builded around James, Lily and Luke.

He got immediatly set up and then with his new robes he did the rest of shopping he saw Luke and his parents stalking out of Ollivanders the last on his list proud shouting of his mouth that he got the brother wand of You-Know-Who. Harry didn't believe it.

When he was inside Ollivanders he could already hear the magic around him sing and his wand was waiting for him. There was also another costumer. A young man with a purple turban. Harry was slightly curious about it but didn't ask.

"Welcome" Ollivander greeted slightly unnerved by the young boys eyes as they shone with a curiosity not many had.

"Good afternoon, Ollivander." Harry said, slightly inclining his head towards the old wandmaker.

"Ah, yes I wondered when you would come. Young Harry Potter. Even through I must admit I thought you would be with your family?"

"I don't have family." was all Ollivander got from young Harry. The turban man through looked curious.

"Are you searching something?"

"My wand." Harry told him flatout and moved towards the stucked up stuctures of wands feeling the pull of his wand guiding him. Soon Harry came to the very back to a dark corner when he felt his wand.

And so with the boxed wand in hand Harry went back to the front. He handed the wand box towards Ollivander whose eyes widened comically as he saw which wand has chosen young Harry Potter. Just to make sure he was given the wand and told to swing it so Harry did and the wand threw a black fire in front of it.

"To have been chosen by this wand...it was thought to be impossible." Ollivander stared at wide questioning eyes and answered the unspoken one. "This wand was made by a hidden founder of the castle. In place of the wood it was made out of a basillisk fang, venoum removed, the core trough is more than curious as it is a combination of a shadow-phoenix feather, a heartstring of Thestral and the eye of an unicorn. I would say Mr. Potter that you have gotten the most powerful wands that I have. And the most contradicting one..." trailed Ollivander off.

Harry just nodded and asked what he had to pay, which was nothing at all. Thus Harry turned around after bidding goodbye to Ollivander and moved to the Leaky Cauldron to floo into Potter Manor.

|||Voldies POV:|||

I saw as my defeater just walked into the Ollivanders where I am. As he got his wand I couldn't believe it...Harry Potter got the only wand made by the one who build Hogwarts.

He doesn't seem to feel me or is just ignoring me. His comment about his family left me most intriguid.

As I was by Harry Potter, an enigma from my view. A person of proudness but cold as ice...

My eyes followed the lithe form of Potter as he left completly ignoring my existence. I left a few minutes afterwards towards Gringotts. The Philosophers stone is said to be there and I am willing to attempt to rob it.

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