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Chapter 5: Pomfrey & Snape

|||Pomfrey POV:|||

I really couldn't believe what the Potters did to one of their sons no less, even going as far as encouraging the other to treat Harry like dirt under their shoes. Now I was running to Dumbledore to report the abuse even though I knew Severus would have already said it to the old goat. As I knocked on his door and entered, I saw McGonagall and Dumbledore having a shouting match, which I interrupted as I was going closer to Dumbledore, and slapped him hard on both cheeks and shout:

"How could you let that happen?" McGonagall looked at me bewildered, but I do not blame her, as I have never lost control like that least of all before Dumbledore. "You do know I will report that to the department of Child welfare." Now a dark look crossed Dumbledore as he heard my declaration and had even the nerve to be against that.

"Nonsense, Poppy, the Potters aren't abusive and Harry needs to be toughen up a little, while Luke is already pretty tough. You will report nothing!" he said in a superior voice, but I can see all the olds Headmasters casting him disapproving glances and even Fawkes was angry at him as he suddenly let loose a haunting music, but haunting in the bad way, before he flew of and out the window. I could not believe Dumbledore, a student was abused and he waved it off as nothing only because it would drag the rest of the Potters through the dirt. After that, I just shook my head and left without giving Dumbledore any indication that I promise something like that.

Now that I entered my hospital wing, I wonder at what I saw. The serpent shaped scar on young Harry wasn't without reason and I read during my studium that animal shaped scars have special symbolism and often mean the wearer has a sort of special bond with the one who caused the scar to appear. I sigh as I sit down on the office chair and wonder what to do, as I don't really have a choice when suddenly I felt someone before me.

"Hello Poppy." An innocent whisper greeted me. I froze at that cold voice. Then slowly I turned my eyes to the spot where I heard the voice coming from.

In front of me stood or was it floated a dark shadow. "I do intend to take Harry in when we finally have evidence against his family." My eyes almost popped out. This shadow wants to take Harry in? The shadow chuckled "Worry not. For I have no ill intention towards Harry. „Then what will you do once you have Harry? " "Once I have him? He already knows me. After all the only one who bothered to raise him was me." "You were the one who raised him? But then why didn't you do anything?" The shadow sighed and just pointed to the file in her hand. "Would you be willing to contribute in a trial against the headmaster and the Potters?" Poppy looked at the file and seemed to gather herself. With that, Poppy Pomfrey stood up and got her wand out. "I swear upon my magic and life that I will help Hadrian Kalyan Potter in any situation that he requires. So mote it be!" She said with a determined air around her. She could have sworn the shadow smiled at her before he vanished into nothingness.

|||Snape's POV:|||

While I sat in my private room in Hogwarts, I contemplated what to do. Harry shouldn't even been subjected to abuse in the first place it just isn't right. How could Lily do that? Petunia I could understand but sweet, innocent Lily. I got up and towards my cabinet, where I have a stash of Fire whisky. I really need that now. After downing the third glass, an unnatural darkness comes before my fireplace. Suddenly a shadowy figure stood where the darkness was. "Greetings, Severus." The figure whispered. "Greetings, Who or what are you?" I said and I was aware that I was slightly intoxicated. The figure chuckled and snatched the Fire whiskey bottle out of my hand. "I would like to talk with you when you are at least still coherent enough." I nodded my head dazed. "What would you like to talk about?" I desperately tried to exterminate the fuzzy feeling in my mind. "Harry Potter. I intend to gain custody of him but I need your help with that." Suddenly I was awake and alert. "And what would you do with Mr. Potter?" I asked suspicious. "I intend to give him a home. All I ask is that you help me when the Potters and Dumbledore have to appear in a trial that you will help Harry. By the way, his full name is Hadrian Kalyan Potter. I believe the name will be changed if the trial will be in my favor." I stared at the figure wide-eyed and then nodded slowly my head. I took out my wand and said, „I swear upon my magic and life that I will help Hadrian Kalyan Potter in any situation that he requires. So mote it be!" A flash of dark blue light later and I have completed my magical oath. The shadowy figure inclined its head slightly. "My name is Caligo." With that, the figure dissolved into shadows.

|||Harry's POV:|||

I jolted awake as Caligo shook me gently and relayed to me that Madam Pomfrey and Professor Snape were on our side. I should also know that later in the week I would get mail to appear in front of the Wizengamot to the trials of the Potter's and Dumbledore's. It took me really by surprise how slippery my friend is. He told me with luck the Potter's custody of me is to be revoked. Therefore, with a peaceful smile I snuggled more into my bed and wished Caligo goodnight.

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