Summary: All the former and current ranger women meet up for a yearly retreat. This is their break from their hectic life. This story explains what their life is like after or during the power. There is more to the female rangers than other people think.

A/N: Covers the female rangers from Mighty Morphin to Samurai.

Chapter One- Prologue

June 2011

It was time for the annual gathering for the former ranger women. Well, most were former rangers; the most current ranger women were able to get a break. This was tradition amongst the women, and it would continue for future years.

Kimberly Hart, Trini Kwan, and Aisha Campbell arrived at the Palms Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. Trini ended up driving. She got there in two hours flat. They went to check in. All the women pitched in and rented the suite the "Real World: Las Vegas" cast lived in. It cost a pretty penny, but with almost 30 women coming, they all split the cost evenly. All the women had thriving careers.

Kim was on the phone. "Yeah, we got here safely." Pause. "I will, I'll call every night." Pause. "Give them my love." Pause. "I love you more. Ba-bye."

Trini was talking to the receptionist. She gave her a list of names of the women that were coming. "Yes, they will all need a key." Trini handed over her credit card, and she signed it off.

Aisha's cell rang. "Hello." Pause. "I'll be gone all week." Pause. "Send it to my email." She continued walking to the elevators. "If I lose signal, I'll call you back." Pause. "Yes. Bye."

The 'original' pink and yellow looked at the yellow Ninjetti. She already looked flustered. During this type of gathering, they always made sure to have their work done before taking the week off. For Aisha, being a veterinarian and owner of her own vetinararian hospital, she got no such luck. Kim was the owner of her own gymnastics gym and academy. She made sure to leave the work to her co-owner, and she had her laptop handy just in case. Trini was a district attorney. She didn't want any cases bothering her during this vacation.

After they got off the elevator, they headed to their suite. This was a much needed vacation for all the former ranger women. Once the suite was opened, the women dropped off their things in the living room. The fridge was already stocked with beverages, while the second fridge was stocked with groceries. Kim took some Coronas and handed one to Trini and Aisha.

"How much longer until they all get here?" Kim asked as she went to sit down. Trini and Aisha shrugged. "I bet you, Alyssa and Rose are going to be the last ones."

Aisha shook her head. "The newbies are always the last ones."

"No, I don't think so. I think the Samurai women will be on time. I mean Samurai, don't they live a disciplined lifestyle and such?" Trini noted. She looked at her best friends. "It's not Summer's or Gemma's fault. They couldn't get out the damn dome!" She reminded them of last year's reunion.

"Dome." Aisha giggled. "Don't you think that's a funny word?" Kim and Trini rolled their eyes. "Guess not."

The machine on the door sounded. Kim, Trini, and Aisha's ears perked up. The door revealed the Rocca sisters. They were the Pink and Blue Mystic rangers. Vida hosted her own radio talk show at night it was called, "V at Night". Also, she was a pro at the turn tables, sometimes she would dj at clubs. Tonight, she was set to dj at the dance club, "Rain", under the alias Mystic Sprite. Madison, or Maddie, was a music video director. The most recent video she did was for Kira Ford. The two ladies put their things down.

"Is it just us, so far?" V looked at the girls. She went to sit at the counter.

They nodded.

"Who do you think will show up last?" Maddie walked to get a beer. "I think it's going to be Katie, Syd, and Z. Those time ships always have kinks."

Aisha laughed. "Funny, I think it's going to be the newbies."

"Didn't they do a team up with R.P.M?" V questioned as she looked in the fridge for juice.

Kim thought about it. "No, I think only the Red rangers teamed up."

"See, they couldn't get out the dome!" Trini observed. In her mind, it was obvious the dome was dysfunctioinal.

"Don't blame it on the dome." Maddie said. She saw Aisha giggling. "What's so funny?"

"The word dome." Aisha replied.

The door opened again and four more girls came through. Tori Hanson, Blue Wind Ninja ranger, she was still a teacher at the Wind Ninja Academy. Kira Ford, Yellow Dino Thunder ranger, is a successful music artist. Maya, Yellow Lost Galaxy ranger, she was now living on planet Earth; she's a botanist. The last woman with them was Lily Chilman, Yellow Jungle Fury ranger, she was a dance teacher at the dance academy Katherine Hilliard owned.

"Jeez, it's already hot out there." Maya told the girls. She was sweating. "Mirinoi was never like that."

"It's Vegas. We're by the dessert." Tori said. She hugged all the women. "I wished there was a beach here."

"Honey, the closest thing to a beach here, is the swimming pool." Aisha broke it to her.

Kira went to the fridge. "Is this enough alcohol for all of us?" She took out a drink.

"No, especially since Dana and Rose are going to be here. Those women are lushes." Lily thought about the last reunion. Kira handed her a drink. "Thanks."

"You would think they'd never be like that. I felt bad for the Chippendale's Dancers. They were so red after the lap dances Dana and Rose gave them." Kim reminisced.

"Right? I mean, they're the ones that stick their dick in your face and shake their money maker, yet Dana and Rose were still able to turn them red." Maddie shook her head thinking about it.

Once again the doors opened. Cassie Chan, Pink Space/Turbo ranger, Kelsey Winslow, Yellow Lightspeed Rescue ranger, and Ronny Robinson, Yellow Overdrive ranger walked in. They gave all their friends a hug.

Ronny went to the fridge. "This isn't enough alcohol." She said right off the bat. All the girls nodded in recognition. "I'll call Rose, she's coming in with Kendrix." Ronny was still a racecar driver. She had taken time off to come to the reunion.

"Are you sure that's a great idea?" Kelsey questioned. She thought about the Chippendale's incident as she went to sit down. The former yellow was now an owner of an indoor rock climbing place. The business venture was great.

V looked at her. "Like that's going to stop Dana and Rose from drinking."

Katherine Hilliard, Pink Zeo/Turbo ranger, walked in. "Hey girls!" She gave them all hugs. "You have no clue, how thankful I am for this vacation!" She smiled at them. "Lily, did you take care of the new window order?" Ms. Hilliard owned a very prestigious dance academy in L.A.

"Yup, did that before I left." Lily answered as she took a drink of her margarita. Kira was definitely a great bartender.

"Girl, you ain't the only one." Cassie said. The former pink was now a registered nurse. She handed a drink to Kat. "I get away from the men that hit on me." She shuddered at the thought of them.

"Where's Tanya?" Trini asked. She was on her second drink.

Kat looked at the time. "She should be here soon. I left after she did."

Again, the door opened. In walked, Ashley Hammond, Yellow Turbo/Space, Dana Mitchell, Pink Lightspeed Rescue ranger, and Karone, Second Pink Lost Galaxy ranger.

"Party is here!" Dana yelled. She really let her hair down when it came to these reunions. She looked in the fridge. "This is definitely not a lot of alcohol." The pediatrics doctor had two different sides. Her wild and crazy side was only shown during vacation times.

"I need a drink!" Karone exasperatedly said. The ambassadors to the planets woke up on the wrong side of the cot.

Everyone looked at her.

"Let me guess, Zhane?" Kim wondered.

Ashley nodded. "He shrunk her bikini." She informed. Ashley was now a cheerleading coach. She, also spent her time between Earth and KO-35.

"How did he do that?" Lily didn't know how else a bikini could get smaller.

Karone grabbed the margarita from Kira. "It's cause he's a fucking idiot." She hissed.

"Don't you think DECA knows how to take care of things?" Cassie said. She remembered her time on the ship. Her clothes never shrank during laundry time. "Then again, I only did wear one outfit 95% of the time."

"He washed it at Ashley's condo." Karone murmured. "That bikini cost $75"

"And why would you buy one that expensive?" Ronny looked at her.

"It was the perfect mix of pink and silver!" Karone defended her actions. Those were her and Zhane's colors.

Summer, Yellow RPM, Gemma, Silver RPM, and the newbies, Mia, Pink Samurai, and Emily, Yellow Samurai walked in. Summer and Gemma smiled at them, while Mia and Emily were staring in awe. They were in front of the legends. Not just any legends, but the female rangers. They were the ones that paved the way for them.

"Ha!" Trini exclaimed at sight of the RPM and Samurai ladies. "They weren't the last ones."

All the former rangers introduced themselves to Mia and Emily.

"My name is Mia." She shook their hand. "It's a pleasure to meet all of you." Mia had that warm smile on her face.


"I'm Emily." She couldn't believe she was in front of them. "It's an honor to be here with you all."

"Think nothing of it. We love meeting the new ranger women." Ashley waved her words away.

"Are your teammates going to be able to handle it while you're gone?" V asked them.

"Yeah, I gave my morpher to my sister." Emily informed them. Kelsey handed her a water bottle. She knew the newbies were underage. "Oh, thank you. All our teammates say hi by the way."

"I gave my disc to the guys as well. They don't need us there to pilot the zord." Mia said from her spot on the couch. "This is a really nice place."

Gemma took a drink. "I think Gem talked about using Mia's morpher." They looked at her. "Hey my brother has nothing else to do. Plus, he has a girly body type." Gemma and Summer were preschool teachers now. They loved working with kids.

"What I would give to see Gem in pink!" Summer nodded. Kira gave her a drink.

Emily and Mia got acquainted with the other women. They even told them about their quarters, and about Jayden, Mike, Kevin, Antonio, and Master Ji. They even talked about their villains, and the young ladies disclosed about their crushes.

"Who are we missing?" Kim asked. She looked at the list Trini had. "We are still missing the women from the future, Alyssa, Rose, Kendrix, Jen, and Tanya. O and Taylor."

Rose, Pink Operation Overdrive ranger, Jen, Pink Time Force ranger, and Tanya Yellow Zeo/Turbo ranger strolled in. Kendrix, First Lost Galaxy ranger, followed right behind them. All of the women had alcohol.

"Who's ready to party?" Rose exclaimed. The former pink was now a university anthropology professor. She walked to the kitchen and relieved Kira of her bartending duties.

Kira shook her head. "And it has begun!" She put her hands up and went to sit down. This was very typical of Rose and Dana.

"How much did you spend this time?" Taylor asked them. She knew it was a pretty penny. Taylor was an airplane pilot, and sometimes she would step in as a stewardess.

Dana smiled. "I dropped about $200." She walked over to the kitchen.

"I spent about $150." Rose informed. She started pouring shots.

Tanya hugged everyone. She was delighted to meet the new ranger women. "Welcome to the wild and wacky world of women rangers." Tanya pointed to Rose and Dana taking shots as if it was water. The former yellow Zeo and Turbo ranger was now a music producer to the stars. She's worked with everyone in the industry including Kira.

Mia and Emily looked. They gasped.

"Is this how it always is?" Mia wasn't used to this. Her life had been dedicated to training in the ways of the samurai.

Kelsey shook her head. "They're usually tame. This is them letting loose."

"Oh okay." Emily nervously said. "I'm a country girl. I've never been in a big city like this before."

Maya and Karone smiled. "We're from different planets." They said in unison. Emily furrowed her brows.

Jen went to her friends. "These reunions are great. I get a break from Wes." All the women laughed at her. Jen and Wes had been married for four years now. She decided to stay in the past, so they could build their future together. If that made any sense, and she had her memory erased of the future. Her 9-5 job was working with Mr. Collins.

"You get a break? I get a break from Eric's bitching and moaning." Taylor was relieved. She took a shot from Dana.

Aisha smiled at them. "So, we're still waiting on Z, Alyssa, Syd, and Katie?"

"They should be here." V said.

"Where do they drop off the time ship?" Mia questioned them. She's heard about the rangers from the future.

Jen got Mia's attention. Mia looked at her. "First, Trip needs to coordinate the ship to land in the year 2031." Jen saw Mia's face. "Katie's from the year 3011." Mia nodded and Jen smiled at her. "The ship lands at Silver Hills Beach. Then, they need Mr. Collins to pick them up, he will rent them a car, and they'll drive here."

"Do any of them have a valid driver's license?" Emily thoughtfully asked. She didn't want them to get in trouble.

All of the women thought about it. They were completely stumped.


"We'll get back to you on that." Dana slurred. She was already getting to the point of no return.

"Don't forget, maybe Alyssa made a stop in Silver Hills, she's not here yet." Taylor looked around.

That brought up a question from Karone. She looked at Summer and Gemma. "Who drove?" She wondered.

"I did." Mia answered. All the women looked at her. "I've had my license since I was 16. I'm used to driving since my mom is a paraplegic. Summer and Gemma didn't mind." They wanted to know more about Mia's mom. She told them.

Lunch time was almost there, and it was time for the women to start cooking. A couple of the former rangers looked inside the cabinets and the second refrigerator. There was chicken, tortillas, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce; basically all the condiments to make tacos. Thankfully, Trini, Kim, and Aisha called ahead of time, so their villa could be fully stocked.

"We should start cooking." Tori got their attention. "I'm volunteering." She walked to the kitchen and advised Rose and Dana to go to the other living room to continue drinking.

Both women took wine coolers, a bottle of vodka, and shot glasses. Karone, Ashley, Taylor, and the Rocca sisters decided to watch over them. They had no clue what Rose or Dana were going to do while intoxicated. A couple of years back, the women decided to flash innocent bystanders. Dana and Rose had no limits.

"I'll help." Trini walked over there.

Cassie got up. "I want to help too. I can cook the chicken on the outside grill."

"And, I'll help as well. We all probably have big appetites." Gemma said. Ronny went to the kitchen.

"Do you need any more help?" Mia questioned from her spot on the couch.

Emily heard. "NO!" The yellow Samurai yelled. She knew Mia was a horrible cook, and she was just looking out of for the other women. Mia gave her an inquisitive look, as well as the other women. Emily smiled small. "Uh, um…. There's already a lot of people helping. Maybe next time Mia."

Mia looked. There were two people grilling. She's seen one person handle a grill for over a hundred people before, so one person for 30 should be okay. The kitchen had five women in there, and they could handle cutting tomatoes, heating up tortillas, and making guacamole. "Yeah, Emily is right." The pink Samurai was completely oblivious to her not so great cooking skills.

"I think we should settle the situation with the rooms." Aisha recommended. There were 6 bedrooms in this villa. The owner of the casino traded the Queen sized beds for full ones. Most of the women were petite anyway; this trade could fit more beds into one room. "To make things easier, we should put members of the same team in one bedroom."

"How many beds are in one room?" Emily questioned. In the Shiba house, each of them had their own room. Well for Emily, sometimes she would share her bed with Mike. A faraway look could be seen on her face by Mia. Mia understood why. It would be different sleeping without Jayden.

"I'll go-" Lily couldn't finish her sentence.

The last four women showed up: Alyssa, White Wild Force ranger, Z, Yellow SPD ranger, Syd, SPD ranger, and Katie, Yellow Time Force ranger.

The women screamed, "It's about damn time!"

Mia and Emily looked around and shrugged their shoulders. They went to introduce themselves to Z, Alyssa, Syd, and Katie. In return, the former rangers introduced themselves to the newbies. Mia and Emily didn't mind being called newbies.

"I'm going to go help grill. Is there any flank steak?" Elizabeth 'Z' Delgado asked. She retired from being on Space Patrol Delta, she was now a teacher at the base. Tori gave it to her. "Gracias!"

"I thought?" Mia looked at Emily.

Emily waved her words away. "She has the carne asada." She always tried to dissuade Mia from cooking. Every day she would remind Jayden to get Mia cooking lessons, but did he listen? No. She really needed to talk to their leader.

"What were you all doing before we came here?" Syd inquired. The pink SPD ranger went to get something to drink. She wanted to make a cranberry-vodka. "Who took the vodka!" The fridge didn't have it. The fridge always had it. They former ranger also retired from SP. She was now a wedding planner to elite couples.

"Ask Rose and Dana." Kelsey signaled the other living room.

"Are they already starting?" Katie groaned. This can't be happening again, she thought. The women nodded. "Hopefully, they're aren't as bad." In the future, Katie works at the Time Force Headquarters. She trains cadets into becoming rangers.

Alyssa got some things out of her big bag. "Look what I brought!" She opened her bag and revealed the six bottles of Moscato. Mrs. Evans she's married to Cole, was a teacher now. On the side she was a sensei.

"How did you get all of them up here without breaking?" Kat asked. She loved this wine.

"Oh, Z made multiples of herself, and she was able to bring them all in here." Syd responded.

They all nodded. Most of the former rangers had their powers. Trini could heal herself and others. Kim and Aisha still had their Ninjetti powers. Kat could walk through walls, while Tanya could camouflage. Cassie had super strength, and Ashley had x-ray vision. Maya when needed could act like a human flashlight, by lighting her whole body up. Karone was already telekinetic, and she could read people's minds. Kendrix is able to connect with nature, so she could manipulate elements when needed. Dana has the power of empathy, she could read people's emotions really well. Kelsey's power was levitation. Katie had enhanced hearing and super strength. Jen had force field manipulation like her son. Alyssa had super human reflexes. Taylor could manipulate winds with her mouth. She hardly used it though. Tori's power was manipulation of water. Kira still had her ptera scream. Z could duplicate herself. Syd can alter molecular structure of any item. The Rocca sisters could respectively use wind and water to their advantage. Rose had the power of invisibility, while Ronny had super speed. Lily could still wield her cheetah and penguin powers. Gemma could blow things up with her finger. It was her favorite activity. Summer has the power of energy blasts. Mia has the power of air, similar to Vida. Finally, Emily has the power of Earth like Kendrix and Dustin.

Kira and Lily came from the back.

"There are four beds in each room." Kira announced.

Kim and Aisha decided to separate the women into each room.

"Where's Trini?" Kat asked as she looked around. The first three women rangers were the ones that took care of everything. Now, Kat was wondering where she was.

Ashley came out the other living room. "She's on the phone." She slurred.

Gemma nodded. "After she was done in the kitchen, she went to use the phone. I'm guessing she's calling her husband." She walked to the patio with plates and knives.

"Ashley!" Karone yelled. "You better pace yourself!" She scolded. Andros' sister went to watch after Ashley.

"Looks like a third lush is on our hands." Katie mumbled. The women giggled.

Kim had the sheet. "Okay, so in one room, it will be me, Trini, Aisha, and Kat."

"In another, it will be Tanya, Ashley, Cassie, and Karone." Aisha read off.

Trini came out the phone area, and she grabbed the sheet. "Kendrix, Maya, Kelsey, and Dana" She said.

"Jen, Taylor, Katie, and Alyssa." Kim recited.

"Tori, Kira, Syd, and Z" Trini announced to the ladies.

All of the ranger women were listening. They began to put their things in their respective room.

"V, Maddie, Ronny, and Rose will be in the last room." Trini informed.

"So that leaves, Lily, Gemma, Summer, Mia, and Emily." Kat noted. She smiled at the girls.

Mia smiled. "I don't mind taking the couch." It was enough for her to be there.

"I agree with Mia." Emily confirmed with a grin.

All the ladies waved her words away. "Don't worry, we made sure to have rollaway beds for all of you guys. There will probably be one where they used to have the confessional room. If you guys move the couches in this living room, I'm sure two will fit here." Tanya said. She looked around, and saw they agreed. "Doesn't one of the couches have a pull out bed?"

"I believe so." Lily informed. These reunions were held at different places, so they weren't sure what this room came with.

"So, there's no hazing?" Emily was curious.

They all shook their head.

"That's the testosterone filled men." Summer answered. She thought about the reunion the guys had. Flynn, Scott, Dillon, and Ziggy had never been so scared in their lives.

Alyssa went to put her things away. "We have plenty of stories!" She yelled back to Emily and Mia.

"And lunch is ready." Ronny stated. There was a big spread on the counter. Cassie, Gemma, and Z came from the outside. They had already cut up the meats, so they could be placed into the tortillas.

Kira took up bartending duties again. She made drinks for everyone.

On the long counter, there was the chicken and steak, tortillas, onions, cilantro, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa, guacamole. Tori and Maddie were able to whip up the Spanish rice. Trini, with the help of Gemma and Ronny, made the beans. All the women got their plates and food.

As soon as that was done, they got their drinks. Mia and Emily did get a glass of Moscato, since it wasn't heavily concentrated with alcohol. The older ranger women made sure to watch after them just in case. They should have fun too. Kim, Aisha, and Trini each had a gin and tonic as their drink. Kat, Tanya, and Cassie had Moscato. Ashley, Dana, and Rose had wine coolers. Tori, Kira, and Syd had cranberry-vodka for drinks. Jen, Alyssa, and Taylor had Coronas. Gemma and Summer had Bud Light. Ronny, Z, and Katie were drinking rum and coke. Maya, Kendrix, and Karone were had lemon drops in their hands. Maddie and V were drinking Mike's Hard Lemonades. Lily and Kelsey had their Bailey's Irish Creams in hand.

Trini got up and decided to say the toast. "It's nice all of us get a break, you know?" All the women agreed. Trini smiled at her friends. "When we have these reunions, we usually end up reminiscing about our pasts, but we will also know by the end of the week, we're closer than ever. For Mia and Emily, we never old anything back, so we are very excited to learn more about you two." Mia and Emily smiled at her. "We are former or current ranger women, and there's more to us that meets the eye. For every two ranger men, there is one ranger woman busting her ass, and kicking ass." Trini rose her glass, and everyone else did the same. "To us ranger women, there's more to us than good looks."

They all toasted to each other.

A/N: This story will have one-shots or more of each female ranger. The first female: Mia.