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"I love how we always somehow end up in this exact same spot," James observed has he stretched back in his seat as much as he could. He and Mindy were in their usual parking spot eating Chinese. Mindy was straddling his lap, his cock still buried in her from them having a quickie before eating. "If I didn't know better I'd say we were predictable."

Mindy held up a chopstick full of orange chicken and fed it to him. "When we tried to move we got busted by a coppa, remember?"

He snorted. He did indeed remember. The one time they tired to park in a different spot for their usual dates a cop had come banging on the window, thinking they were a couple of horny teenagers. "We were lucky he didn't see the open booze in the car."

"Well he kind of gotted distracted by you getting out of the car all naked and growley." James, somewhat drunk during that incident, had gotten out of the car and had simply growled at the cop to go away. That almost didn't go too well but Mindy sweet talked their way out of trouble.

"I always thought that was a good rule of thumb," James said as he fed Mindy some food out of his carton. "I mean, who wants to deal with an angry naked man?"

"I like you angry and naked," Mindy stated and James just smirked and kissed her.

"Well you might but most people don't. I ran through a police station naked and screaming like a madman once and NOBODY came near my ass. I should have been like tasered and thrown under the jail."

"Maybe they were just distracted by how big it is."

James' eyebrows went up. "I don't have a big butt."

"Do TOO!" Mindy insisted. "Do too do too do too! You have a bubble butt Jamie.""

"A bubble butt you say?" He smirked and tapped her nose lightly. "So is that why I suddenly went to 'Dat Ass' in your phone?"


"If we're gonna be complimenting our assets via phone I should change you to 'Dose Tits' in my contacts."

"You better appreciate them. They cost a ton."

"I think I've shown my appreciation already..." He pulled down her dress a bit and kissed one of the many hickeys he had given her all over her chest. He kissed her throat next and then her lips, the two of them making out for a bit before going back to feeding each other. They had to at least try to eat before everything went cold. "I think I could live on this stuff," James said with a nod.

"You could live on anything," Mindy countered.

"Except brussel sprouts. Those and coffee."

"You drink it all the time. For someone that hates it you seem to like it an awful lot."

"Yeah well energy drinks are god the whole rumor that they were made with something that came from a bull's balls just turned me off from them."

Mindy's eyes bugged. "WHAT?"

"Well since the drinks have taurine in them, people started saying that it came from bull testicles since they have that acid in can be found in other animals though and the kind in energy drinks is like synthetic. Still though, I play it safe. No bull balls for me."

Mindy wrinkled her nose. "I HOPE not. You were gay once already you do not need to be gay and into animals now."

James snorted. "You want to know what is true though?"


"Remember when we went to Starbucks and I wouldn't let you get a Strawberry Frappuccino?"


"They use bugs to dye it pink."

Mindy's eyes got even bigger. "No WAY."

"Way. I wouldn't make this stuff up."

Mindy made a disgusted face and put a hand over her mouth. "Ewwwwwwwwwwww James!"

"What? I didn't put the bugs in it!" He kissed her forehead. "The vegans found out about it and raised hell. They had to replace it with something more normal."

"Jamie why are the things you know so gross?"

"Someone here has to be the keeper of all the grossness." He kissed her and snagged one of the fortune cookies they had. "Leeeet's see what the China Men say this time..."

"Mine first." Mindy batted his away and gave him hers instead.

"Bossy bossy." James barely kept up his tsking for a second before ripping open the package and breaking the cookie open so he could retrieve the fortune. "Leeeeet's see..."

"What's it say?" Mindy asked, trying to peer at the fortune even though she couldn't actually read it.

"I've fallen and I can't get up."

"It does NOT Jamie Paul!" Mindy whacked James on the chest as he laughed. "What does it REALLY say?"

"Help I'm being attacked by Oompa Loompas. Oh look Baby Doll, Snooki's people are attacking Chinamen."

"Jamie Paul my beautiful wonderful fortune does NOT say anything like that."

"You're right. It really says you will kiss a beautiful darling angel face that makes Mexican babies."

"THAT one is okay." Mindy kissed him and tugged on his hair gently. "Georgia says you are a butthead though."

"Am I now?" He put his hand over her stomach, smiling as he felt their unborn baby kick appropriately. He kissed Mindy again, his arms locked around her and one of his hands petting her hair. "You wanna stay in the car all night Baby Doll or you wanna get a hotel?"

"I want you to read YOUR fortune now," was Mindy's answer. She didn't really care whether they were in the car or a hotel room. The car was more intimate but in the hotel they could do a lot more stuff. Both worked just fine for her.

James opened his cookie and stuck a piece in his mouth as he looked over his forturne. "A blowjob is in your future."

Mindy smirked. "One is ALWAYS in your future." Her fingers ran down his throat, petting over the wire hanger cut that was still healing. "I remember your very first one."

"I would hope so since YOU gave it," James replied, his cheeks starting to get red. He really never had a blowjob before her. It wasn't something anyone would have believed but she did-mostly because he didn't last at ALL when she did it the first time. Just thinking about that made his entire face go red and even with the lack of lights in the entire area Mindy could see it. "I remember the first time I ate you out." He wanted to get the conversation off that embarrassing moment as fast as possible. "Sweetest thing I ever tasted." He kissed her once again, slowly thrusting his hips up to make her moan. What food they had left was being totally forgotten. They would have to get a hotel room in a bit because there were things they wanted to do to each other that required more room but another round or two of car sex sounded more than good right now.



"Hmm?" James and Mindy were in the bathtub, soaking in a bubble bath the next morning. They had gotten themselves a hotel room and fucked all night, finally passing out at about four in the morning and only waking up so James could give Mindy her medication. They had fallen back asleep for a bit after that and now were enjoying their bath. She was straddling his lap, riding him slowly as his hands explored her wet, sudsey body.

"Can we not go home?"

That question made James stop and frown slightly. She had asked the exact same thing back when they were in Aruba. "Not go home yet or not go home ever?"

The lack of clarification and the way her arms tightened around his neck answered the question for him. He immediately smoothed down her hair and pressed his forehead to hers, his eyes locked on hers. "We'll have another little vacation," he promised. "Just the two of us. We could get ourselves a nice little house in the country or something and it'll be just us. Okay Baby Doll?"

Sniffling she nodded and started to ride him once more though if she had her way, they weren't going to be coming back from that "vacation".


Cooper laid sprawled out on his bed, watching TV alone since he was pretty much avoiding the rest of the house ever since his little confrontation with Taylor. She was civil to him when need be but she didn't even go near him unless there was no other choice in the matter. Most of her time was going to the kids, though now Mindy had helped her start a band so that they could perform together at concerts. Natalya was continuing to go in and out of the house, though she was overseas at the moment so she wasn't there. She didn't really approach him even more anyway. She was tired of him too. The kids of course didn't have any use for him and James and Mindy...well they were being their usual selves. They were all over each other like crazy. It was so totally obnoxious. They were apparently planning some getaway together though James was having to take care of her since she was starting to really feel her usual pregnancy sickness. Cooper was guessing the trip would happen post baby and they would come back pregnant yet again. It was just the way they worked.

Getting bored, Cooper turned off his TV and put on a hoodie so he could go take a walk. As he was leaving his room, he about ran into Kelly, Taylor and Natalya, who were going towards the stairs so they could leave to hang out with Taylor's bandmates. Kelly and Taylor were linked arm in arm while Natalya trailed slightly behind them. Kelly and Natalya both shot him the stink eye while Taylor barely gave him a second glance. Admittedly, she looked gorgeous tonight...her platinum blonde hair was straightened and she hadn't gone crazy with her eye makeup, which was good. He couldn't say it out loud because Mindy would kill him but he thought she looked like a raccoon when she did it.

Shaking his head, he pulled his hood over his head and waited for them to go before venturing downstairs himself. He about went into the kitchen but of course found James and Mindy in there already. They weren't having sex for once (though that probably wouldn't last for too long). They were at the table, Mindy cuddled on James's lap as they flipped through a magazine. They were talking lowly, Mindy giggling and James kissing her neck and nuzzling his face against her. Cooper opened his mouth to say something to try to break the mood when he realized that they were flipping through Cosmo...yeah, that wasn't shit he wanted part of. They were probably taking some quiz and being gross. Without being seen, he turned on his heels and walked away. As much as he loved Mindy, he wouldn't actually mind if she and James went away again...maybe it would snap them out of this ever obsessive funk they were in.


The red carpet premiere for Mindy's big movie was a whirlwind of activitiy. All her rockstar friends showed up along with hundreds of screaming fans and all the press that could fit in there. The stars of the entire thing though, were Mindy and James themselves. James stepped out of the limo first, wearing a dark blue Dolce & Gabbanna wool suit with a lighter blue tie and a white button up shirt underneath. His hair was slicked back out of the way and his face was clean shaven (it always was actually though he had done another quick shave before they left to get rid of any five o'clock shadow). He helped Mindy out of the car, absolutely beaming at how gorgeous she was. She had on a green, one shoulder Oscar de la Renta chifon gown that was floor length and split in the back. Her hair was styled very wavy since the mermaid look was in at the moment and dewy makeup that jus accentuated how much her face was already glowing. All her jewelry was gold as were her shoes and the clutch she was holding. All eyes were on her and she waved to the cameras before grabbing James' hand and pulling him down for a kiss. He was in a suit…him in a suit was a surefire way to make her horny. Add in him loving her how her tits were popping out of her dress and the people around them were going to be lucky if they didn't start going at it full force right there on the red carpet.

"Who to first Baby Doll?" James asked as they posed for photos. His arm was wrapped around her tightly and he would nuzzle and kiss her neck. He knew the cameras didn't give two shits about him…he was always treated like her accessory despite being her husband. So, to combat that, he was alllll over her even more tonight.

"Ummm..." Mindy up and down the line of press, where they were all just begging for an interview. Every magazine, every entertainment network...they all wanted a piece of the Mindy Stratus pie. "Ooooh there's Joan!" Mindy gave James a quick kiss and led him over to Joan Rivers, which actually surprised James mostly because he didn't think she did red carpets anymore. He always ended up seeing Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic at these kinds of things, though Joan did love Mindy…and him surprisingly. He glanced up ahead to see who else there would be to talk to. Ryan Seacrest would be next, then MTV though he wasn't horribly crazy about them…maybe they could skip Joey Fatone since nobody cared about him or the TV Guide channel.

"Oh my GOD look at you two!" Joan almost looked at a loss for words, which made James smirk. "You two look AMAZING!" She grabbed one of Mindy's hands and admired the dress. "Who are you wearing my dear?"

"Oscar de la Renta," Mindy answered happily.

"Oscar de la Renta…this looks absolutely amazing on you my dear. Your hair, your makeup your jewelry-who'd you get it from?"

"My Jamie," Mindy replied, hugging him and (unbeknownst to Joan) gave his ass a quick squeeze. He tried not to visibly react to that and chimed in with who he got it from.

"Tiffany's." He had to duck down kind of awkwardly to get to the microphone which prompted Joan to try to raise it up and nearly got him in the mouth with it. "And some Harry Winston too."

"You really know how to pick them don't you?"

"I know what she likes." James gave Mindy a quick kiss, his entire face just beaming as he looked at her.

"Now who are you wearing?" Joan asked, trying to interrupt the lovefest before it got too crazy.

"Dolce and Gabbanna."

"Dolce and Gabbanna…" Joan nodded her approval before looking to Mindy. "You HAVE to get him in a suit more often Mindy."

"Oh I know…" Mindy looked like she was more ready to get him OUT of the suit though that impulse had to be restrained. That interview lasted a tad bit longer before they moved on to other ones and then they went back to just posing together. The cameras were literally eating them up and James didn't even know where to look there were so many flashes coming their way. He did step aside so she could pose with her band and then rejoined her so they could finally go into the theater.

"I think they were on a secret mission to make me blind," James observed as he rubbed his eyes. Even away from the cameras he could still see the flashes going off. Usually it didn't bother him…though the photogs had gone a little more crazy than normal. One would have thought they had never seen the two of them on a red carpet before.

"Awwwww come here." Mindy pulled his head down and kissed his closed eyes before rubbing her nose against his. "Better?"

He nodded and kissed her, holding her as tightly against him as he could. They had ducked into an empty hallway so they had a moment to makeout before resting their foreheads against each other. One of his hands rested over her baby bump and he lightly nudged his nose against hers. "Baby Doll?"


"You know how we were talking about having our own private getaway in the country?"

Looking at him with doe eyes she nodded.

"Weeellll I figured we could use a little vacation BEFORE that." Smiling he kissed her again. "You and me officially have ourselves a two week stay at the Pink Sands Resort in the Bahamas."

"DO we now?" Mindy giggled and tugged on his tie so they could kiss again.

"Mhmmmm…you and me on the beach….in our own little cottage…"

"How long?"

"Three weeks. I figured we needed a little longer vacation."

"Mmmmm…" Mindy gave him a big kiss for that. "I love the way you think."