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Chapter 1 – The First Meeting


It was my mother's friend's wedding and I was being forced to go. I hated weddings, I always have, there are hardly any kids my age and I really don't want, or need, to talk to them. The wedding was boring, as most are, unless of course they're held somewhere ridiculous like on the moon. Oops my mind is running away again, it always is, I'm an aspiring writer you see, it always happens. My mum really believes in me but my dad doesn't though he doesn't really believe in anything anymore. Anyway the wedding dragged on and on and by the end I was starving, that's another thing about me I always eat and I stay thin. I'm getting off track here, anyways when we were on our way to the reception the satnav got us lost, again. Dad started shouting and swearing at it like there was no tomorrow, this side of dad scared me and it seemed to be getting worse, usually this would only show after a few pints but he hadn't had anything to drink today.

When we eventually made it to the reception I was starving so after I said hello to the happy couple I went straight to the snack table. I grabbed one of the small paper plates and put some crisps, sausage rolls and salad on it. I didn't have much as this wasn't the proper meal just nibbles. I took my plate and went and sat in a corner. As I sat down I accidently hit my left wrist on a corner of the wall that was sticking out, it hit the bruise I had hidden with my cardigan and I winced with pain, almost dropping my plate in the process. I managed to keep hold of the plate and I began eating.

When I had finished I put the paper plate in the bin and went and sat back in the corner. I started to dream about the plot for my next story when a little girl with messy blond curls came over and sat next to me. She seemed quite quiet and shy, until she started to talk to me!

"Why are you sitting over here when everyone else is over there" she asked, pointing to where everyone was congregated.
"Well, I don't really like being a part of a big crowd." I replied.
"Why?" she asked me. This was sensitive subject so I only told her the gist of it.
"When I was your age, maybe a bit younger, my family went out shopping after Christmas when everywhere is packed and because of the big crowds I got separated from my family and I couldn't find them, it scarred me for life."
"Where's the scar then?" She asked.
"The what?" I asked her, confused.
"Well you said it scarred you for life so where's the scar?"
"It's an expression...umm...what's your name?" I asked her, trying to change the subject.
"Karen." She replied as if it were obvious.

Jake's POV

Mum and Dad were searching for Karen and Ben as they had gone wandering off, again, and as always I was asked to help. I looked over to one of the corners of the hall where the reception was being held and saw Karen harassing, sorry talking to a girl who looked about my age with shoulder length brown hair. When the spotlight flashed over her hair you could see that it was gently tinted red. She seemed to be trying to deal with Karen, more successfully than most people out of my family can. I guessed I should go get Karen. I walked over to apologise and drag Karen away.

"I'm so sorry about my sister she is just really annoying!" I said as I reached her.
"Its fine really, she was just telling me about her two brothers and some embarrassing stories about them." She said shyly, I blushed bright red thinking of the material Karen could use to embarrass me.
"Yeah Jake, why do you have to ruin everything?" Karen half-shouted at me.
"Karen I do not ruin everything, that's Ben!"The girl giggled at what I said, I looked over at her and she blushed, I went back to talking to Karen "Karen, mum and dad are looking for you. They're looking for Ben too, so let's go find him then we will find Mum and Dad." I wandered off to go find Ben since if he was left alone for too long then he might harm someone, physically or mentally.


Jake and Karen wandered off to go find Ben and I was by myself, after about 10 minutes I got up to try and find my family and our table. There was 8 to a table and when I found the table with my name on I saw that Jake, Karen and who I assumed was Ben were already sitting there. Due to the seating plan I was sitting next to Jake.
"Did you manage to find Ben then?" I asked him.
"Yeah" He said, then under his breath almost inaudible, "Unfortunately!"
I laughed quietly and realisation dawned on him. "Oh, did you hear that?" He asked.
"Yeah, I did." I replied.
"Anyway, do you have any brothers or sisters?" I shook my head and he continued "Be thankful!"
"Oh, I don't know if it'd be so bad. Karen is quite sweet, granted she is talkative but I guess that's because I don't live with her."
"Karen isn't usually sweet to people out of the family though to be honest she isn't really sweet to us either." He smiled. He was funny and though he made it not seem so I could tell he really cared for his siblings, call it a writer's intuition! Soon our parents joined us and then there were introductions, Jake told me his parents were called Pete and Sue Brockman; I told him my Dad was called Harry and my Mum was called Anna.
"I know your parents names but I still don't know what yours is, what is your name?" He asked.
"Georgia Martin" I told him. Once the formalities were over with our parents started chatting, Dad seemed in a good mood which was great because these were rare.

Later on whilst we were having our meal I reached for my drink and my cardigan rode up my left arm and because Jake was sitting on my left he could see the hand shaped bruise on my left wrist. I quickly took my left arm back but he was quick and grabbed my arm.
"What's this?" He asked.
"Nothing" I replied, snatching my hand back and pulled my cardigan over the bruise.
"It looked like a hand." He said, Dad looked over at us, if looks could kill me and Jake would both be dead.
"Jake drop it, it's nothing." I muttered. He didn't seem satisfied but he didn't say anything more, Dad stopped staring at us and went back to talking to Pete and Sue. Nobody seemed to notice the moment that just went on so I breathed a silent sigh of relief.
During dessert Jake was telling me about the time that his family had taken a trip to Longleat Zoo and I was cracking up when he told me about how Ben just had to have a monkey. Once dessert was over the really drunk adults started to get up and dance including Pete and Sue. Eventually I got the courage to get up and dance but I stayed to the edge of the crowd, still scared of big crowds. A couple of songs in and Jake was the only person left sitting down so I grabbed him and forced him to dance. From the couple of hours I had spent in Jake's company I learnt that this was a very un-Jake thing for him to do but he did it anyway. After a few fast beat songs a slow song came on so Jake and I went and sat back down. We downed a few lemonades trying to get our breath back. I looked over to where Ben and Karen and both had been dancing a few moments ago to see that they had disappeared.
"Um, Jake." I said.
"Yeah" He said, panting and out of breath.
"Where are Ben and Karen?" I asked him.
"Oh crap! Where could they have gone?" He exclaimed. Then I felt something grab my leg. I screamed and Jake jumped, unsurprisingly since I had just screamed in his ear. I looked under the table and saw that Ben and Karen were laughing their heads off. Jake looked under the table and saw Ben and Karen; we looked at each other and agreed on our plan silently, though we could've been shouting it and they wouldn't have noticed. He silently mouthed 3 2 1 go and we grabbed them and pulled them out from under the table. Jake put Ben in a headlock and I tickled Karen relentlessly. Eventually we let them go and they ran back to the dance floor. I laughed and laughed, when I finally got my breath I said "God I haven't laughed like that in like forever!"
"Well I get this everyday in my house, my life is like a comedy programme!" He said. That comment made me laugh even more.
"With Ben and Karen as younger siblings I bet it is!" I said through my laughter.

Once we had calmed down everyone started to go back to they're tables. Only the happy couple were left, dancing in their own little world. Jake and I exchanged numbers and I found out that we only lived a miles away from each other. We left the reception the same time as the Brockman's so I said bye to Jake, Karen and Ben and their parents in the car park before walking to our car and getting in.
"Did you make friends?" my Mum asked me.
"Yeah, at least I think so." I replied from the back of the car.
"That's good!" Mum said enthusiastically. Dad got into the car, without the satnav this time, and we drove home. When I arrived home I went straight upstairs to get changed into my pyjamas and wash my teeth and my face and brush my hair. I put the dress I had been wearing on a hanger and put it at the back of my wardrobe, never to be worn again. I got into bed, turned off the light and went straight to sleep.

Jake's POV

Once I had said goodbye to Georgia in the car park my whole family clambered into our car and Ben started to tease me relentlessly about her.
"Are you thinking about Georgia?" He said over and over. Eventually I snapped "Just shut up Ben" I said angrily at him. I would've shouted but Karen was asleep and I didn't want to wake her. Ben was right though I was thinking about her and the hand shaped bruise on her left wrist, I decided I would talk to my Mum and Dad about it the next day. It was extremely late when we got home but luckily it was the summer holidays so everyone could sleep in the next day. Dad parked the car and carried Karen into the house and into her bedroom then came back down and asked Mum to put her to bed while he dealt with Ben, I just headed straight up to my room, I changed, brushed my teeth then went to go get a glass of water as for some reason I felt really thirsty. Just as I was about to open the kitchen door I heard my Mum and Dad talking about me, I opened the door and said "Hey, is everything okay?"
"Yeah, everything's fine Jakester. Did you make a new friend at the wedding today?" my Dad asked.
"Yeah, her names Georgia, the one we sat at the table with." I replied.
"Karen kept talking about her too; I think she likes her too!" Mum said.
"That's good." I said and I went back out the kitchen and up to my bedroom without another word. I was tired and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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