Boss!Kado, Namie, Kururi, Mairu and Kida break into Izaya`s appartment, tie him up and then give him to Shizuo as his birthday present. Shizuo finds him too tempting and has lots of kinky fun with him

Bonus for toys and lots. of. bondage

Super bonus if Shizuo eats strawberry cake off Izaya`s body

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Kida wouldn't say he hated the informant. It was more of a mild distaste. The man was like a flavor of pop that was just a little too bitter, leaving a bad aftertaste that never seemed to disappear. Orihara was just so aggravating, acting as though he knew everything! As though he thought he was a god above them all…

Well, this would be his revenge. It was finally complete. It was perfect! He was going to enjoy every single minute. The look that would come upon the man's face as he was witness to Kida's revenge would be like nothing else.

Kida looked at the dead fish in his bag and grinned. Antagonize informant, go pick up chicks, then hang out with Mikado for a while; all in all, the perfect day. His happy thoughts ran rampant through his head as he ascended the stairs towards the informant's apartment. He clambered through the hallway, grinning brightly as he knocked on the informant's door.

He knew Izaya wasn't there, but it never hurt to double check. After all, the informant could always finish being chased across god's green earth by Heiwajima Shizuo.

To his immense surprise, the door did open. Kida nearly died on the spot, but relaxed. A woman stood in the doorframe, looking down at him. "What."

"Why hello, my good woman." The woman had a body like a boss! "I'm here to drop off some paperwork for Orihara."

"No, you're not."

"Yes, I am."

The woman grabbed the bag from him and snorted as she looked inside. "A dead fish?" She gave him a glance before shutting the bag and handing it back to him. "Clever, but Izaya would have me scrubbing his desk into next year with that sitting on it."

"I was going to put it in his bed." Every woman loved honesty.

Sure enough, the woman almost grinned, "again, he would have me doing more crap if I let you do that."


"…secretary lady…"


Both of them looked down the hall a moment before the newcomers ran headlong into Kida, the collision sending all three of them onto the floor. Namie shook her head at the sight, "what do you both want?"

Mairu sat up, "Where's Iza-nii? We need him!"


"Yeah, we need his help so we can get Yuuhei."

Kida shook a bit from happiness. Boobs, two pairs of soft, loving boobs, pressed against his face and bouncing. Oh, the boobs! Sweet, boobilious festival of love! He didn't dare do anything more than enjoy the sweet feel of these as he lay upon the floor.

"You are not going to be doing anything…" Namie shook her head, turning around. "Kids always coming… wanting to make me have to do more shit… stupid Orihara…"


"…Seiji… time…"

That of all things, made the woman pause. "Time off… Orihara would fire me…"

"We'll make sure he never knows," Mairu coaxed, rubbing against Masaomi more as she twisted to look at the woman more.

"What are you going to do to him?"

"Wrap…give Shizuo… get Yuuhei."

"Kururi~" Mairu whined before filling in, "we found out that Heiwajima-san loves Iza-nii, so we're going to wrap him up tighter than sushi and stick him in Shizu-san's house, along with a few… other things… and then he will be so grateful, he'll hand us Yuuhei."

"Yuuhei… love…"

"This is a worse idea than when you two apparently rolled dice for personality traits." Namie groaned as looked at them. "You plan is flawed. How did you both come to the conclusion that Heiwajima even wants your brother?"

"Well…" Mairu went quiet, leaning back against Masaomi just as the blond thought he could resist the mighty power of the bobbing boobs.

"Saw him… kept crying out… nii-san…"

"We were kinda stalking him and then he started masturbating after getting in a fight with nii-san. It was kinda hot…" Mairu grinned.


Mairu looked at her sister in shock, pressing Kida's face to her chest as she gasped, "Kururi! He's Yuuhei's brother! As long as I don't think he's hotter than Yuuhei-san it's okay."

"…Yuuhei… better…"

"I know, but I mean, for a not brilliant, intelligent actor who could burn down buildings with his stare, he's alright."


"I agree. I agree. I'm just… nevermind. Forget it. It wasn't hot at all."

"…Think Yuuhei…"

"You're right. I think I'm just suffering Yuuhei withdrawal symptoms."


"Yep, that is exactly what it is." Mairu nodded, releasing the poor Riara student from her chest.

"Fine," Namie rolled her eyes and leaned against the doorframe, "so what will you both do? Izaya won't be so easy-"

"We're going to poison his tea."

"…drug… not poison…"

"Did I say poison," Mairu smiled darkly, "I meant drug. Only drug. We love nii-san, we would never kill him…"

"…kill Yuuhei-san… we kill…"

"Oh, yeah, if he killed Yuuhei-san, then we would kill him."

"…make sad Yuu-san."

"Or that. Other than that, we would never dream of killing nii-san."

The secretary shook her head, "It won't work. I've tried poisoning his tea before. He has test strips in his desk."



The twins started to get up and Kida went to work, "Hold on!" He gripped them both and the three looked down, suddenly remembering he existed. "You are thinking of drugging the wrong thing here."



Mairu nodded, "yeah, what Kururi said, what do you mean?"

Kida sat up, nodding to himself, "your ladies's problem is that you are trying to drug something he can go without."

"…can't drug air…"

"Well, technically that isn't true. We just need to get Namie out of the way…"

"Thanks for the consideration." The woman rolled her eyes.

"No no, he could escape gas. I'm talking about his ootoro."


"…smart guy… help us…"

Mairu grinned, "yeah, since you seem to know all about this, you can help us."

Kida nodded, "I'm always up for helping damsels in dis…" He paused in midsentence before coughing, standing up. "I mean- It won't be simple, but I think with a little effort collectively, we can get this done." He pointed to Namie, "we need you to act as usual, we'll have to wait for a day when Izaya orders ootoro."

The women all snorted simultaneously, "that's every day."

"Good. Then the twins and I will get the needed materials for Heiwajima-san. You just need to get some rop-"

"I have rope behind a painting in Orihara's laundry room."

"He has a laundry room in there?" Kida looked behind her in shock.

"Because that's the question to ask when a woman says she's keeping rope in an apartment." Mairu grinned, "anything else, oh so wise and honorable leader?"

"Yeah, you both are coming with me."


"As long as Kururi wants to."

Namie shook her head, closing the door behind her and heading back to her desk. The trio would fail. Drugging food was slower than drink. Sushi drugging was low, something that wouldn't be completely worth the effort. Besides, Izaya would no doubt figure out the plan before it could even be set into action. There was no point really in trying to do such a thing.

"Namie-chan~" Speak of the devil, the man skipped into the apartment, beaming like the world was ablaze in flames and he had a fiddle. "You'll never guess what I just saw!"

"Another person drop to their death?"

"Namie-chan! How morbid!" Izaya chuckled at his wittiness, "no, I saw our good pal Masaomi with his arms around my twin sisters."


Orihara grinned, "if that brat wants my sisters, he can have them. This means I don't have to deal with the duo. Finally, someone is stealing those monsters. I suppose Kida had to grow a pair sooner or later…"

Namie didn't react outwards, merely grinning inside. If only the informant knew just what was going to happen to him. Maybe he would show a little respect.

It wasn't her place to speak though, she just was interested in seeing the informant get a nice doze of reality.

"Well, enough of that. Time to celebrate with some ootoro~" The informant dialed the number and glanced at the bag by the door, "Namie-chan? What's in that bag?"

Namie looked over and held back a snort as she realized what it was. "An old friend of yours left it for you."

"Oh how sweet!" Izaya quickly ordered before prancing over and opening the bag, letting out a very high-pitched, womanly screech. He took off for his desk and ducked behind it, "Namie! Make it leave! IT STARED AT ME!"

Dead fish eyes, Namie was growing a deep love for them.


"Let's get nii-san a maid dress!"

"Too common." Kida shook his head as Mairu displayed the dress on Kururi.

"It's a classic!"

"It's old. Besides, Izaya probably has bad leg hair."

"…nii-san… bald legs…"

"Whatever, just no. We need something else…"

Mairu pulled another thing off the rack, giving Kida a sultry look, "Two words for you. Buttless. Chaps."

"Nah, not the type." Kida shook his head again when he heard the door jingle.

"M-M-Masaomi? What are you doing here?"

Kida looked over and grinned, "Mikado!" He left the twins to their bickering and walked over to his friend, "Look at the fine babes I found! They were rubbing their boobs up against me and were like 'we need you' and I was like 'oh yeah? You and what army?' Look at them!" He forced Mikado to look just as Mairu looked their way and slapped her sister's butt.

Mikado frowned, "aren't those Orihara's sisters?"

"Hey!" Mairu returned and help up a fur trimmed corset, cuff links and belt with a fluffy black tail. "Kururi thinks this would work."

"Oh yes it would!" Kida looked at the ensemble and practically danced in joy, it's brilliant!"

"…Namie… ootoro… being delivered…"

"Crap! It's too quickly! We need more time!"

"Wait!" Kida gripped both women and looked at them seriously, "tell Namie that we need her to put enough drug into his ootoro to knock him out at least a day."

"A day?"

"…yuuhei-san… leave tomorrow…"

"Shizuo's birthday is tomorrow, isn't it?"

The duo stared at him, surprised and excited.

"Bring… best gift…"

"Yuuhei-san will be with him still since it's his birthday."

Mikado frowned, "you are all setting Izaya up?"

The blond winced, "yeah…"

Mikado grabbed a nearby object and held it up, the anal beads glinting in the light, "you're going after wimpy things then. If Heiwajima is going to be doing him, then we want him to get the most out of it."

Kida looked at him as if Mikado was spouting the revelations. "Oh Mikado!"

The boy shook his head, pushing his friend aside. "We're going to need a cock ring, vibrator, some of that cream that makes things extra sensitive. I want it so that Shizuo has more than enough to use on the man."

Mairu nodded, "I'm on it."


"Right! We need to get some bondage stuff!" Mikado nodded at the girl's idea. "Kida, we need you."

"Ah, such is the life of a bachelor-"

"We need to test the whips on you."

Kida froze, "wha- OUCH!" He rubbed his back, looking over his shoulder at Mairu, pulling a cart of goodies behind her.

"I think the cat tails one would be better."

Mikado shook his head, "try that one and the aphrodisiac loaded one on Kida, whichever hurts him more, we're going with."


"Yeah, wow… you boys are kinky." Mairu pulled her arm back, swinging the whip at Kida who let out a loud yelp.

"…too weak…"

"You're right, you try Kururi."

Mikado looked around a moment before something hit his own back. He fell over, falling against a wall of product to turn, looking at Kururi and Mairu.

"We don't like bosses."

"…video games… defeat bosses…"

"Yeah," Mairu grinned, "we're just going to do as asked and test…"

"Test… on both…"


"A day's worth…" Namie murmured to herself as the man languidly ate his ootoro in the corner of the room. Picking up slice after slice, sliding it into his mouth as if he were eating the finest piece of meat to have ever been created; the informant moaned sensually as he let the flavor be savored. His eyes shut, smiling genuinely as the flavor enveloped his taste buds.

"What a culinary delight, a taste like nothing else. It truly is the food of the sea. It's just… ooh… I could live off this and not be disheartened."

"You do live off that." Namie scoffed.

"True, true, but you know… what… I…" The informant yawned, his eyes drooping as his whole body began a descent to the table.

"Tired?" She smiled a bit as the informant nodded.

"Namie-chan…do… my paper…work…" His head hit the table with a thump a moment before Namie stood up, opening the front door only to find the trio waiting patiently.

"He's down."

"Good." Kida nodded and held up one of many bags. "We need to change him into this."

Namie shook her head, motioning to the informant. "Well… he's right there."

Kida paled, "you mean I have to change him."

The women nodded, amused.

Kida looked down the hallway, "Mikado! Can you do this?"

The boy stopped texting on his phone and shook his head, "hurry up, I'm hacking him out of his chatrooms. Just do whatever the women ask."

The women only smirked at him.


"Happy birthday, Nii-san." Kasuka looked over at his brother as the blond slammed the door shut and sighed.

"Yeah. Thanks Kasuka." Shizuo collapsed onto the couch, throwing his head back to look at the ceiling.


"I had such a fucking rotten day."

The actor sat quietly, knowing that his brother would continue when he was ready. His brother had such a hard time. He was always ending up with the short end of any situation. Never did things seem to work out in the man's favor. Never did he seem to be on the rise… and yet…

"What about Izaya?"

Kasuka had been shocked to hear his brother say that he and Izaya were in a close relationship. While Kasuka had been suspicious, Shizuo had continued claiming that the two of them were actually quite close, despite the fights throughout Ikebukuro.

It had made sense in a way, the two were jumping after one another, teasing and yelling as they went. That was one of the reasons that Kasuka was so confused about today.

Shouldn't the infamous informant be here as well?

Shizuo sighed, popping a cigarette into his mouth, "he uh… said he had to work on some things."

Kasuka looked towards the window of Shizuo's small apartment. Of course the informant was too busy. It seemed like he was always busy.


"It's alright. I told him I didn't want him pestering me on my birthday anyway."

It just didn't seem right though…

Kasuka kept his mouth shut though. "I brought cake."

"Hmm?" Shizuo followed his gaze and chuckled at the strawberry cake on the kitchen counter. "Tch, you always seem to make it here with one every year. Thanks."

Kasuka nodded.

"Anyway, I think I'm going to be taking a shower and getting some sleep. I had a long day."




A pounding at the door startled both men, Shizuo growling at who he knew would be behind that door. He stood up and went to the door, opening it to the mischievous grins of the duo.

"Hi, Shizu-nii."


"What are you two-"

The duo gasped, squeezing passed him to tackle the actor, "YUUHEI!"


"We loved all your movies! Will you sign them for us?"

"…at home…"

"Yeah, we need you to follow us ho-"

"Kasuka is going to be going to another shoot in a few minutes," Shizuo glared at the duo, "why are you two here?"

"You mean he didn't wake up yet?"

"…too much…"

Mairu nodded, "maybe we did use too much. Well, it was Namie's fault anyway, what kind of secretary is she if she can't even drug him right."


The twin nodded again at her sister, "true, if Kida thought he was such a boss he should have thought of this."

Sighing, Shizuo went to speak when Kasuka stood up, leading the twins out. "Have a good night, Nii-san."

"Night Nii-san~" Mairu sang, beaming at him.


Shizuo frowned, watching the trio leave in a mixture of shock and confusion. Wait… Kasuka was going to willingly go with them? Why?

His thoughts froze as he heard a moan from his bedroom. His mocha gaze turned, looking towards where his bedroom was. His brows furrowing as he slowly walked through the room. His footsteps echoed softly in the hallway up to his bedroom door. He stopped short, opening the door.

The sight before him…

Not a single moment of his virgin life could have prepared him for this…



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