He chained him to the bed.

Out of all the things he had at his disposal, that was the only one to which he was absolutely sure the usage of it had not changed. Many of the objects had instructions with them; a detail to which he was quite grateful.

Those blood colored eyes were darkened, watching him silently now. Ivory poked out of his mouth, biting down to keep himself from giving Shizuo the satisfaction of knowing his actions were turning the man on.

He could feel it though.

The shivers that wracked his frame made Shizuo only that much more assured at what he was going to do. The look in his eyes, the bulge to which rested against Shizuo's hip; it all pointed towards the big picture.

Izaya wanted this…

Shizuo just had to… court him?


Yes, he had to seduce him.

Trailing his whip down the informant's person, he started slowly. His tongue trailed after the whip, swirling around the man's nipples, delving into the belly button that was apparently sensitive to the informant. Taking his time, he moved the whip and his hand around the erection, his mouth doubling back up the informant's person.

He could feel Izaya press upwards. No doubt he figured that he was going to be able to tease him right back, but Shizuo moved his hand away, throwing the whip aside to trail his hands up the informant's body.


"Out of all the hell you've given me… you don't get to have control."

If anything the man started to writhe more. He wanted nothing more than to get the satisfaction that he so desperately craved.

"Do you like the aphrodisiac Izaya," Shizuo asked in low voice, breathing into Izaya's ear now. "Do you want more?"

The brunet glared up at him, the look having no effect due to the half-wanton look on his features. All traces of his once so prominent trolling smirk were wiped away. It was like looking behind the curtain of a show. The real emotions, unedited, unhindered by the covers that people set up to block from the world; Shizuo could see the real Izaya.

The quite pissed Izaya, but the real Izaya no less.

His hands worked across the man's body now. He had all the time in the world. Kasuka was being kidnapped by the Orihara twins, under normal circumstance a terrible thing, but for now he would leave it.

He had Izaya captured!

His mind was just revolving from the fact that the flea was in his bed and begging for his attentions. As his hands touched along the inner part of Izaya's thighs he saw movement; A shiver that coursed through his body. It made Shizuo freeze. He stroked again with the same result.

"Does that please you," he murmured, stroking along there now.

"Go to hell." The informant responding, gasping a little as Shizuo moved a bit higher.

"I would, but by the looks of it, you would want to come with me."

He watched Izaya's gaze flicker away and followed it, the gaze leading to the cart. He reached over to grab an object.

The informant seemed to recognize it, "rape's illegal Shizu-chan."

"Little late for playing the rape card when you appeared in my bed without my doing, flea," he pulled the tags from the object and grinned, "great news, they made an object that gets rid of you ability to form words."

Izaya went to speak but Shizuo pushed the ball of the gag into his mouth, fastening it quickly before he grinned, "now then. Shall we see what our book has in store for us this evening?"

The gleaming letters of the 101 sex positions book shone in the dimming light of the day, almost as teasing a golden color as the color of Shizuo's eyes as they shone down on the informant.


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