It was about twenty minutes later, being able to breathe and preparing for making a run for it that Izaya felt the blond begin to stir around him again. He started to sit up when the blond smiled over at him, the smile anything but kind.

"Shizu-AH!" He felt himself pressed against the mattress more as Shizuo climbed to his former place.

But there wasn't a single piece to any full cake, not at all. There were multiple slices, there was decorative frosting as well as the initial icing and Shizuo was more than happy to fully experience his full cake on the happiest day of his life. Twiddling the switchblade in his hand, grin upon his features; he was more than happy to take advantage of his breathing plate. He set the cake down as one would place the cards at the top of a card pyramid, with careful precision and focus, then he ran the side of the blade over the expanse of pale skin, watching the dark frosting smear across the informant's skin.

The informant writhed, eyes wider than usual, feeling the tip of the blade touch his skin. His chest holding in more air than he probably realized. That look in his crimson eyes, knowing something so deadly was pressing against his skin, at one point bending skin as it pressed a bit closer. If he was any kind of god that he seemed to believe at times, that was debatable judging by the way he looked in that moment. Shizuo dipped his head down, pressing a warm tongue to the informant's chest and making his way across the path of whipped icing. He took that knife that had cut him thousands of times and traced along the informant's legs and thighs, listening with malicious pleasure as the other gasped to hold in more air, curses knowingly just on the tip of that manipulative tongue.

Even as he got to that slice of cake, Shizuo couldn't let it be so simple with just mere threats to cut him more or mere pleasure of having him lick things off his chest. He bit into his cake slice before moving upwards, capturing the other's mouth with his own and forcing the informant to eat the entire bite from his mouth.

The brunet spluttered, glaring up at him, opening his mouth to spit the confection out. Shizuo didn't accept that though, covering the other's mouth with a hand. "Don't do that now, Iza-ya-kun~." He moved a bit closer, tracing the knife across the other's balls, "I would hate to have to show you how much I've learned from a certain informant about how to make someone feel very regretful they ever crossed paths with me."

The informant swallowed, making the ex-bartender smile. "Now that wasn't so hard was it?"

"sick… manipulative…"

"I don't think you need any more cake."

"Of course I d-" The man screeched as he found a ball gag being shoved into his mouth, Shizuo smiling as he found these toys were much easier to use than he had first expected. They actually worked quite wondrously. Seeing the informant at his mercy was the ultimate of highs, making him feel like if he had the chance to do this more often…

He stopped at that thought and left it to be rethought later, taking a hand and smearing that entire slice of cake down the informant's mouth, eyes flickering over to the book nearby and flipping it open to a random page, grinning more as he saw the warning written in bold black ink. They probably should've written that a bit smaller. His mocha colored eyes met the informant's a moment before turning towards the object of his current desire to use.

He grabbed that device and its remote, flipping that thing on to high and watching the informant flail under him. "Now Izaya," he began,"This is a dangerous device and there seems to be one hole here that has yet to be closed. We can't have you talking out of your ass."

The man screeched, writhing upon the sheets. His eyes promised the most swift and violent of revenges, one that Shizuo should be praying to his ignorant gods to never let him suffer. The ex-bartender wasn't going to fear someone who had absolutely no control, with food plastered upon his chest in a disgusting collage of chocolate and icing. He winked instead, yanking those pants down and shoving the vibrator right up his ass, watching as the informant screamed around the ball gag, vibrator going to where only he had gone before. Shizuo's mouth latched back onto Izaya's chest, continuing to celebrate his birthday with his classic cake.

One hand never left that vibrator's end, the other hand going to hold onto Izaya's hip as he pulled the rapidly vibrating device in and out, the man before him moving wildly, like a person possessed. He couldn't seem to stop, Eyes dripping water for a few minutes before those tears dried, the crimson color of his eyes turning darker, dark lashes hovering to a close.

"I would ask you if you're enjoying this," Shizuo asked, licking some cake from his lips; "but it seems a bit obvious that you are."

The dear informant couldn't even muster the energy to give any kind of response, whining loudly as he bucked his hips as much as he could against the vibrator.

"This shitty piece of plastic isn't even as big as me," Shizuo murmured into the other's ear. "I won't be as gentle as it was either…"

The shiver that overcame the informant could have been pleasure or pain, he wasn't sure and Shizuo really didn't care one way or another. He tossed the device aside and shoved himself in there and began to pound, his strength overwhelming the man. It was intoxicating. Izaya's eyes went wild as he say what was inside him now. Shizuo's smile could only grow, if that was even possible.

"You're leaking," he observed in a sultry voice. "Is that what my gift is supposed to be from you?"

If it was, Shizuo felt his chest get the brunt of it as Izaya came in a frenzy. The cut across his chest more noticeable as the informant banged his head against the headboard as he came again.

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