It was Valentine's Day, so I got my friends some cards. I gave one to Gibby in the hall before first period, and tried not to make fun of him or beat him up. I was in an unusually happy mood. He was kinda surprised. I didn't see Freddie and Carly yet. I decided to give Carly her card in class.

I had trouble figuring out when to give Freddie's to him. I decided to run over to his locker and shove it in there when he wasn't looking. I didn't want him talking to me about what I said in it, so I was going to avoid and ignore him at school the whole day. I had all day to figure out what to say to him when we'd see each other after school for iCarly.

Right before the bell for first period rang, I put Freddie's card in his locker. Carly came up behind me. "Hey, Sam, what'd you just put in Freddie's locker?"

I panicked. "Happy Valentine's Day!" I said, shoving her card into her hands.

"Thanks," she said. "Was that Freddie's card you put in his locker? Why don't you want to give it to him in person?"

"I don't want him asking me about what I wrote."


"It's stupid."

The bell rang and I ran to class. It was weird, since I basically never get to class on time.