Here is my second LenxLui fic with a hint of GakupoxKaito and RinxRing inside. Everything in this story will be based on the song Karakuri Burst sung by Kagamine Len and Rin. I really loved the song and how both of the twins looked. And of course, I could never resist putting in LenxLui as the main couple. However, this story be based on LenxLui while I'm planning for sagas ahead.


The sky was bleached in orange as it predicted the oncoming night. It didn't reflect the same atmosphere as it was on land but close. Herein lies the tragic land that was protected by the sky flowing with dead corpses and splashes of red. Screams and moans were the source of music everyday while fighting for their lives were what people does daily. Most of them did not survive their routine while those who did were waiting for their impending death.

The one who triggered this was Dr. Hatsune, an ex-scientist who was fired due to her dangerous experiments. Even after she was dismissed, the experiments did not stop and this was the result of her anger towards rejection. She had several subjects under her control and was terrifyingly stronger than normal civilians. However, they were merely puppets who hardly had a will of their own. Everything they acted was according to 's desires. And what desires, was excitement.

A team of polices were soon formed to deal with the criminals produced. They were meant to destroy anything evil that resides in this world and 'evil' to them, was pointing towards and her puppets. They were of merciless group of polices who would do anything to take down. A look in their eyes shows no hesitation and fiercely determined to act accordingly. None of them held any sign of pity, remorse and kindness even as they were looking down at the dead corpses of innocent civilians.

In the midst of the tragedy, a lone orphaned boy at the age of merely sixteen was running away from his fate.


The shot had nearly come through the boy's skin as he managed to dive towards the side in time. However, it only prolonged his 'death' by an inch of time. The shooter, who was clad in a long white coat and bloody red dress, walked calmly over to the shivering boy with a maniac look on her face.

So fragile.

So easy to break.

I want to break.

I want to shatter.


The boy tried to back further against the wall when the female stood right in front of him, with her gun raised and pointing at his forehead. The little boy could've shouted for help but what surrounded them were merely a group of corpses who couldn't even manage to save their own lives. The boy was trapped.

"Say goodbye." The female sung in a sugar-coated voice.

In response, his eyes were widened and looking directly into the woman's eyes as if begging her to spare his life.


The woman's eyes were narrowed as she tried to pull the trigger. The arm holding the gun was shaking as the look on the boy's face shot deeply through her mind like a bullet. What was it? She felt as though she had seen that face before. It was that pleading look which forced her to take her monstrosity away. She just couldn't bring herself to shoot. Why couldn't she just end the boy's life and let herself get drugged by the rush of excitement?

"Who… are you?" The woman asked slowly.

"Eh…?" The little boy responded in confusion.

"I think the criminal went this way!" A foreign voice interrupted their moment.

The girl let out a 'tch' and took off her long white coat which symbolizes her identity and threw it down over the boy with the intention of running off and having the boy act as a decoy. Even though she couldn't shake off the feeling that she should bring the boy along, her life was more important and there was no room for anything else in her job. With that, she speeded off around the corner and away from everyone's sight.

"There! I see the familiar white coat!" The same foreign voice called and soon, the boy found himself surrounded by people in black.


"We finally found you." The man with blue hair seethed in disgust while looking down at their suspected criminal. "It was nice of you to wait here for us but I don't think we're going to give you presents for that." He said in pure sarcasm and griped onto the boy's arm.

The boy looked confused and mortified at the same time. "N-No! You got it wrong! I'm not-"

"Save it." A cold voice spoke from a small distance away. "You can direct all your excuses at the station. No one will listen though."

The boy found himself transfixed on the other person before him. He had blonde hair which had the length till his shoulders. His left eye was doubly covered with a black eye patch and a mess of hair, which lies right on the eye patch. His right eye were of cold aqua blue color which shows nothing but brutality in contrast to his body which looked away too skinny to be an officer. However, he does have the potential to be every girl's dream boyfriend. The boy had to shake himself out of his daze.

"Re-really! My name is Lui Hibiki and I-"

"Kaito! Have you managed to catch the criminal?" This time, it was a male with long flowing purple hair, which was held up in a ponytail that addressed them.

Kaito gave a short glare at Lui before flicking his head to turn to the man. "Gakupo. Yeah, I've managed to get a hold of him. Typical like the other criminals who started to spout nonsense like how they were not involved in it. made them well."

"Don't praise her for this." The blonde haired boy spoke.

"You never take jokes anymore, Len." Gakupo chuckled.

"I don't find anything humorous about this."

Kaito merely shook his head at the boy's coldness before giving the arm he was holding a tug. "Let's get back before the night comes. It'll become more dangerous here. We still have to bring this boy back to the station too." He announced.

"Right." Gakupo nodded and went to gather the rest of the forces.

What had Lui gotten himself into?

It was already nighttime when the officers brought the 'offender' to the police station. It was decided for Lui to be kept behind bars while they decide on his fate. There was no negotiation or investigation which Lui hope to explain himself in. He was wronged but the officers would hear nothing of it. They just assumed him to be similar to the other criminals they had captured. Predictable. Who would admit and turn themselves in when they were going to face consequences for their murder count?

It was what the officers only had in mind.

They were trained not to be tricked or fooled by anyone. There lies a lot of possibilities for the real criminal to make himself or herself seemed as the victim and it was always better to be safe than sorry. Of course, it was exceedingly rare that they would wind up catching the civilians rather than the criminals as the criminals were skilled in taking down anyone just within their sights. It was pure luck that Lui had managed to escape a death. And now he found himself in another trouble.

"Please listen to me!" Lui pleaded as the officers proceed to chain him to the wall so that he wouldn't escape. "I really didn't kill anyone!"

"You're awfully noisy. Just like your companions." One of the unknown officer hissed.

Lui shook his head and looked up at them pleadingly. "They are not my companions! I have no relations with them. I was about to get killed by a woman just now!" He explained.

A tight screeching sound of a slap was heard throughout the room. Lui's face was snapped to the side at the attack. His amber eyes were of shock and hurt at the lack of understanding the officers were showing. Why couldn't they believe him? Why was it so difficult to? Lui didn't even do anything wrong.

"I said shut up or we'll be forced to silence you." The officer hissed and quickly stepped out of the cell with the others before Lui could say anything else. "Len, you're on duty for this week."

"I know." The emotionless voice spoke.

"Try not to kill anyone, eh? Although I'm tempted myself, the higher ups probably wouldn't be happy if we acted without their permission."

"Hn. Since when did I try to do that?"

A snicker was heard along with the rest of the officer's last words for the day. "I know. You're famous for controlling your emotions and actions well. It's no wonder since you're the adopted son of Kaito Shion and Gakupo Kamui."

"If you've said enough. Leave." The cold emotion was back in his voice and the officers were heard quickly scuffling off to their rooms. "Idiots."


Len ignored the pained moan behind the bars and made himself comfortable by sitting against the stoned wall beside it. He hated being on duty. He had to listen to the pleads of the criminals and couldn't do anything to shut them up. Of course, the ones who came in before Lui were shown guilty for their crimes. Most of them weren't subjects experimented on by Dr. Hatsune but rather just people who were hired to do lower jobs than the puppets. Nevertheless, death was still stuck in their hands.


There it comes again.

"I really didn't kill."

This is going to be a long night.


A long set of hours passed and no matter how much Lui had pleaded, Len refused to even acknowledge him. Although the blonde felt tempted to tear the mouth off, he had no choice but to remain where he was. Darn his job. If only he wasn't adopted to do such work, he wouldn't have the ideal of killing evil implanted in his head and would be outside looking for his sister. Day by day the intention to search were slowly fading away. All he had left now was to destroy evil. Nothing else.

"The boy is still babbling away? Tch, he is even more determined than the ones behind him." The officer spoke as he entered the room.

"We've been given orders to silence him if he goes on. Really, the higher ups are afraid that it would affect the lower ranks in the team." The other officer announce with a small shake of his head. "Anyway, we're grabbing the boy for now."

Len made a shrug with his shoulders as if saying 'go ahead'. The officers opened the door to the boy's cell and grabbed each of his arms after undoing the chains that bounded him to the place. They dragged the boy across the floor as Lui was overcome in fear after listening to what they were going to do to him. Why was this happening to him again? He was innocent. Why was he punished for something that he didn't do? He screamed and kicked, trying to wriggle himself free.

"NO! PLEASE! LET ME GO!" Lui pleaded before his eyes were locked onto Len's unmoving ones. "PLEASE MAKE THEM STOP! I DON'T WANT THIS! HELP ME!" He cried out as tears flowed freely down his cheeks.

"Stop making this difficult." The officer growled as they started to pull harder and faster out of the room.

"I REALLY DID NOT DO IT!" Was what was last heard from Lui for the day.

Len sighed while in relief that he was finally free from the boy's pleadings. It was really starting to hurt his ears. Hopefully from now on, the boy would remain silent so he could have peace in the room for once. Or rather, start to have the other recruits coming in to take the job instead without any worries. He held no pity for Lui as he had never felt anything for the criminals. If anything, it would be disgust in the lives they had taken away with their bare hands.

But for some reason, he couldn't shake off the feeling he just had when he had finally managed to get a good look at Lui. He seemed to look alike to Len when the blonde was young. When he was with his beloved sister who was taken away by the scientist. The look of innocence and appearance save for the colors of Lui's hair and eyes were strikingly resembles Len's a few years back. However, he barely had any time for recollections as he earned his long waited sleep.

"We've brought the boy back." The officer announced as a silent Lui was brought back from his 'punishment'.

He was once again bound to the wall by chains before the door of the cell was locked in front of him. This time, Lui didn't utter anything. Or rather, he couldn't. No matter how much he opened his mouth and tried to speak, no voice came out. It only disheartened the younger boy that he was permanently mute. He was robbed of his voice for nothing and his will was also starting to deteriorate. He couldn't find himself developing the will to fight for himself. To fight for his freedom.

His fate was sealed.

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