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It had only been two or three days ever since the boy was mistakenly captured. Even so, Lui had hoped that they could at least give him a chance to prove himself. Although he didn't know how to go about it, he still would try everything he could to set himself free from this misunderstanding. He didn't want to sit around in his cell waiting for death to rain down on him. Besides, who would want to?

No matter how much he tried to catch his current guard's, Len, attention, his efforts were futile when Len didn't even move his head towards him. Lui lost his ability to speak so all he could do at the moment is to make some noises to try and get anyone's attention. To be more specific, Len's.

Because the guards who came in usually mocked him of his situation or curse him off for 'killing' their loved ones. Len was the only one who didn't do such things so far. But Lui didn't know that Len's only cherished one was stolen away from him long time ago. Ever since that day, Len had never gotten too close to anyone to feel more hate of having someone precious stolen from you by some monster. There were some female recruits who were interested in him but Len had never bothered to give them a second glance. At best, he'd greet them back when they did.

"Hey, why aren't you eating it, huh?" One of the guards taunted while holding a piece of bread.

Lui made an inaudible whimper from the back of his throat.

"Is it because it's not good enough for you? You shits must've eaten good food while going out there to kill. Oh wait, maybe human meat are what you filthy monsters consume! Isn't that rich?" The guard laughed as he threw the bread on the ground and stomped on it.

Lui watched as his eyes stung, threatening tears to flow out. Why were they still accusing him of the things that he didn't do? Why were they so… mean? He hadn't eaten for awhile now and was hungry. Just watching the guard waste his food made him feel terrible. His felt as though he was about to pass out. And why wasn't Len helping him? Why was the person Lui thought was good, just sitting there with his back facing him?

"I'm talking to you, asshole!" The guard shouted and delivered a slap that brought Lui back immediately.


"You're really insufferable," the guard hissed and grabbed the dirty bread on the floor and shoving it into Lui's mouth, ignoring the other's struggle while grinning in a maniac way that scared him senseless.

It was then Len had enough of it and quickly left the room, not willing to entertain any of them with his presence anymore. He didn't realize himself that deep inside, there was a tug that was urging him to save that little boy. The boy whom everyone pointed out as one of the monsters running amok. Evil. But yet, the innocence and behavior so far proved nothing of it. Could it be an act?

"Len!" A female voice called out.

Len turned to find himself staring at the long pink haired woman. She was one of those whom he'd actually hold a conversation with and close to being friends, at least that's what Len thought so. The woman, herself, had already labelled Len as one of her friends and tend to speak freely with him. Perhaps it was just sympathy she felt ever since the first day the screaming boy was brought by Kaito. The boy whom lost his twin sister.

"Why aren't you at your post?" Luka asked curiously since she knew that Len hardly leaves.

Len simply shrugged.

"Never mind. Anyway, how is things going? I heard that they are going to interrogate the new one for Dr. Hatsune's whereabouts," Luka revealed.

"Not my problem," Len remarked coldly.

"Hmm, but he seemed to be quite a cute kid. Kind of like you when you a few years back," Luka commented, ignoring the look Len was giving her. "Anyway, I think that he was a little stranger than the others we've brought in. He doesn't look like a killer for one."

Len raised an eyebrow at that assumption. "Might be an act."

Luka shrugged and twirled the end of her hair with her finger. "Maybe," she pondered aloud. "But it was just a feeling."

And Luka's assumptions hardly goes wrong.

"I really want to take a good look at him though. I hadn't seen him close up before so I can't really say," she continued before perking up. "Oh! Do you think you can let me see him? I'm kind of curious."

"I don't think anyone not on the list is allowed to."

"Come on!" Luka pleaded, "Just this once? It's not as though anyone would know."

Len sighed while feeling himself getting to the edge of agreeing to Luka's request. Although it was only a minor matter and they would get away with it without any harsh punishments. But rule is a rule. "Maybe next time."

"No next time," Luka declared with a huff. "You never keep your word when you say that."

Len wondered when she had come to know him this well. And how Len knew that Luka was persistent enough to not let it go for good hours. "Fine. Just leave right away when you're done," Len grumbled and turned to the direction he had just came from.

"Promise!" Luka chirped and followed him.

The door opened to the chamber and the two entered. What greeted them was certainly not what they expected. For once, Len couldn't feel himself breathing while Luka's eyes widened with her hands covered her mouth after uttering an almost inaudible gasp. Time seemed to stood for hours for what is actually seconds before they regained their senses back.

The tears that flowed out from the amber eyes seemed endless as he was continuously assaulted. The guard, at some point, had seemed to grown in a state of madness from anger as he repeatedly pounded into the boy. Yes, it was no normal assault. It was rape. He ignored the look of sheer pain the little boy was giving as he continued to treat him with roughness.

"Len!" Luka called out as she rushed towards the guard.

Len was quicker, though, as he roughly pulled the guard away, eliciting a voiceless cry from the smaller boy. He threw the guard into the wall and held him down as the guard shouted profanities. Luka ran to the crying, shaking boy and tried to calm him down. It was proven useless when Lui didn't manage to take in her words as his mind was clouded of what was going to be stolen from him. And the pain that was running throughout his body. Luka finally gave up after a few more minutes and walked towards Len and restrained the soon to be ex-guard on her own.

"Deal with him," Luka motioned to Lui. "I'll take him to the superiors since I can't stay here longer."

When Luka stepped out of the room, Len diverted his attention to the trembling small figure before him. He was huddling himself so tightly that it was as though he had become a small ball. It was no surprise, really. The boy had almost practically gotten his most precious item stolen away from him. Not to mention that it was definitely hurting like hell. Although no one would've spared sympathy for the accused criminal, Len was one of those who didn't bore as much hatred as the others. He, at least, was only acting according to orders.

Now how to get the boy before him to stop sobbing?

So far what Len had accomplished was staring right at Lui for more than three minutes.

Slowly, he reached his hand out towards Lui but even before his hand could lay itself on the fragile shoulder, it was quickly shunned away. If anything, it only made Lui felt even more frightened at the possibility of Len hitting him. And after staying here whereby people always hurt him, how could he not assume to possibility?

Sighing in slight frustration, Len racked his mind for anything that could solve his current dilemma. He didn't even realize he was actually doing something in order to make someone feel better. There was slight pity in his actions but there was also something within his subconscious that was constantly nagging him to approach him ever since the first day Lui came into their custody. Right, it had been that long since Lui had eaten too.

Len got up to his feet and walked towards the table, he took his meal (much better than the crap Lui was given) and walked back into the cell. He squatted down beside him and took out a piece of drumstick, holding it near Lui. At the smell of food, Lui's sobbing gradually decreased and finally lifted up his face.

Not that it would work any other circumstances but Lui was really, really that hungry.

Hesitantly, Lui moved his head forward and nibbled slightly on the offered food. It continued on for a few more minutes and Len was already getting tired of his slow eating. Normally if someone was hungry, they would've eaten until Len's hand already. Perhaps it was because Lui was still feeling weak from the assault just now. But in any case, Len felt as though he was almost going to drop the food.

"Hurry up," he snapped impatiently.

Jumping up in surprise, Lui ate quicker after he recovered from the shock. Len shook his head slightly and allowed the other to finish the piece of drumstick. Why was he even feeding him anyway? He could've just left the drumstick there and let him eat on his own. Right, Lui was handcuffed to the wall but the other guards would love to watch the poor boy trying to eat food off from the floor. Luckily for him, Len wasn't that sadistic.

After Lui had finished the drumstick, Len just put it back into the box so that he could throw it away later. That's when he noticed that Lui wasn't wearing anything. What he wore had already been torn apart and thrown carelessly onto the floor. Being a guard is troublesome.

Len walked out of the cell with Lui's disappointed gaze following him before he walked back in but not before locking the cell and approached Lui with a new set of prisoner clothing. He unlocked the bonds around his wrists and ankles before forcing him up to a standing position. He then proceed to, not so gently by the way, dressed Lui. Lui kept his gaze on him the whole time, as if he was transfixed by Len's face although Len had to deny anything interesting about it.

"Aren't you going to run away?" Len's sudden rough voice snapped Lui out from his staring.


"The door is locked," he added.


"You're not very smart, are you?"


In response, Lui puffed out his cheeks and blushed in embarrassment. Len didn't know why but he felt the strange bubbling feeling inside his chest which threatened to make him chuckle. He didn't though because he was using all his willpower to push that feeling back down. He wasn't supposed to be having fun with a criminal although Lui was probably one of the easiest teasing targets. He has all the reactions down like a professional. He was certainly one of a kind out of those who were brought here.

He finally dismissed the scenario and took out the keys to the bonds on the ceiling.

Upon taking notice at the keys, Lui made out an inaudible whimper and depressing look. He didn't want to be held against the wall. The position was uncomfortable for anything. He held his hands together against his chest, hoping that Len would take this as a pleading not to attach him to the wall again.

Len looked at him and looked away, sighing. Lui seemed harmless enough in this state but he hadn't forgotten that he was a criminal. Besides, who would have the heart to chain him back onto the wall after what he had experienced? This was a very difficult choice indeed. And the look Lui was giving him wasn't helping one bit. Now Len already doubted in his mind of his identity. Lui looked and seemed nothing like a criminal. But there was also nothing he could do about it either way.

"Give me your hands," Len ordered as he held out his own, narrowing his eyes when Lui didn't comply, "Now."

Lui bit his bottom lips and placed his hands on top of Len's hesitantly. Len jerked the other's hands forward and bonded them together with his handcuffs in a quick motion. At least this would be better than being attached onto the wall.

After his job was done, he turned his back on Lui and walked out of the cell with Lui following slowly beside him. Before Len exited, he turned around with sharp eyes to make sure that Lui understood that he would not follow him out. Just because Len didn't attach him to the wall, doesn't mean he was allowed to roam around like he was one of them. Lui seemed to understood and stopped right in his place even though there was a chance to escape now, any bright person would know that they would be captured later. Plus, Len's skills were a lot more professional than Lui's.

After locking the cell door, Len plopped down to his original position on the floor between the table and the door of the cell. He never would've thought he would starve for one meal for a criminal. He was already starting to get soft and decided it was high time he stopped it.

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