WOW: Punish. For Smalld1171's birthday, possibly one of the most depressing things I've ever written; sorry! Happy birthday anyway, my friend...

SPOILERS: Big scary spoilers for 07.10 and 07.11.

Dean reflects on a painful loss. Rated T for one naughty word.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, and that just proves that life isn't fair.


Dean had often heard grieving people say they felt numb.

Right now, he would give anything to feel numb;

Anything to stop this pain; the all-consuming pain that only the death of a loved one could bring;

Anything to ease the burning knot of molten despair that wrung his heart until it was broken;

Anything to stop the tears that painted tracks of aching misery down his face;

Anything to fill the emptiness that consumed his soul;

Anything to comfort Sam, staring wet-eyed into space;

Anything to punish the bastard that brought them to this.


Anything to have Bobby back.