WOW: Punish. Some more pained, suffering Dean for smalld1171's birthday.

Dean's having some very uncomfortable problems in 'THAT' part of the world ... they say it's more painful than childbirth, you know!

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Stumbling into the bathroom, Dean guessed this was his seven hundred and fifteenth visit today.

Was he being punished?

It was the only rational explanation for why someone was rearranging his innards through his belly-button with a white-hot bayonet, and that, according to some idiot doctor, he was going to pass Mount Rushmore when he took a leak soon.

His face crumpled into a pained grimace at the thought of seven hundred and fourteen unsuccessful attempts so far.


Sam glanced up hopefully as Dean shuffled back into the room; flushed, sweating and miserable. Shaking his head.

He sighed; "maybe next time, huh?"