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Chapter 14

Phineas quickly got in front of his girlfriend, ready to protect her from the bullet that could possibly be coming her way.

"Phineas! Please! Don't!...I" Isabella began

"No Izzie, I'm not gonna let you get hurt!" Phineas shot back

"And I'm not going to lose you again!" She yelled.

"Oh how touching…"Thaddeus snickered "I could almost cry…except that would ruin the happiness that I would get from killing you both." He said with a crooked smile.

Thaddeus pointed the gun at Phineas. Isabella closed her eyes, not wanting to see the death of her newly found boyfriend. Thaddeus was about to pull the trigger when a sudden boom shook him.

"What the…?" Thaddeus asked in disbelief.

Phineas and Isabella were also confused. They heard someone on Thaddeus' radio call out,

"Boss! It's the cops! They're on to us!" The guard on the other end yelled.

"Well keep them occupied!" Thaddeus yelled angrily.

"Nuh-uh Boss!" The guard shot back, "I ain't goin back to jail again! You're on your own!"

"No you're not! I pay you too good for this!" Thaddeus yelled becoming angrier by the minute.

When static was the response to his orders, he threw down the radio. He pointed the gun at Phineas again.

"Well looks like your boys in blue have found you…"Thaddeus snickered, "But it's not gonna be alive! That's for sure!" He yelled.

He was about to pull the trigger a second time when two figures emerged out of the shadows. Isabella and Phineas immediately recognized them; Special Agents Cho and Nagata had come to their rescue…again.

"Drop it Thaddeus!" Cho yelled

"Aah Special Agents Ben Cho and Sabrina Nagata, how nice to see you again!"

"Wait What?" Phineas asked in confusion.

"This isn't the first time we've dealt with him" Nagata answered, "He was arrested three years ago for pulling the same stunt Mr. Flynn…"

"Phineas, Isabella, get behind us" Cho ordered sternly.

"Drop it Thaddeus! We're not going to ask you again." Nagata ordered, pointing her pistol at him.

"Hmm…how about…NO!" Thaddeus yelled breaking off in a dead sprint. Cho and Nagata ran after him.

"You'd better stop!" Cho yelled off in the distance.

Phineas and Isabella didn't know what to do. They didn't have to wait long, a team of officers ran into assist the two lone FBI agents. One of the officers had his companion take them outside.

When the couple emerged outside with their escort, they had found a massive line of Police officers, SWAT vehicles, Canine units, and helicopters surrounding the massive complex. Phineas and Isabella looked at amazement at how many police officers showed up to rescue them. The officer escorted them to an awaiting ambulance where EMS examined him on sight. While the paramedics were examining Phineas for major wounds, they heard three gunshots. The shots were immediately followed by a desperate cry on the radio,

"All officers! 10-53! 10-53! Man Down! Man Down!" a female voice called out to the radio.

Isabella and Phineas looked at each other, the sinking feeling in their stomachs made them wonder what happened to their friends and what was happening.

The officer who had escorted him ran into answer the call for help along with three paramedics carrying a gurney.

About ten minutes later the officers emerged with a very angry Thaddeus in cuffs and tied down to the gurney. He looked like he had gotten shot in the arm.

"Do you know who I am?" He asked indignantly "I'm Thaddeus Trunbad! How dare you treat me like this! I will have…" he began

"Yeah whatever" the officer responded rolling his eyes, shoving Thaddeus into the back of a waiting ambulance. He wiped his hands, signifying that he was done with that mess.

Isabella and Phineas looked at each other and laughed. They shared a passionate kiss until they heard indistinct shouting. They pulled out and looked over to see what it was all about.

It was their friends, emerging out of the police line, running to see Phineas. They all tackled him and Isabella and hugs were shared all around.

"Good to see you too Ferb" Phineas said almost in tears.

The brothers hugged once more as Vanessa, Baljeet, Ginger, Isabella, and Buford all went in for a group hugs.

"Guys…" Phineas gasped, "I know you love me and all…but…you're crushing me!"

The friends released their grip on him, sharing a laugh. Their happy moment was ruined when the paramedics were carrying a wounded body with Nagata by his side. The gurney pulled up next to them and they were able to see who it was.

It was Cho; he'd gotten shot in the leg.

"Oh my God!" Isabella gasped, "What happened to you Ben?"

"I got shot" Cho said sheepishly.
"Well obviously…" Buford said rolling his eyes.

Nagata shot Buford a dirty look, causing him to look down at the ground.

Phineas was beginning to tear up and started apologizing a lot.

"Hey man, it's not your fault!" Cho said reassuring him, "Trust me it wasn't, Thaddeus was just stupid enough to pull the trigger. He's lucky Sabrina didn't kill him."

Nagata explained what had happened. Apparently the three of them got into a stand-off on one of the cat walks. Thaddeus shot first, wounding Cho. However, Cho, before he went down, shot along with Nagata. Cho's shot missed, while Nagata's hit Thaddeus dead in the arm.

"Wow man…"Buford said in awe "that's intense."

Everyone murmured in agreement.

"Yep," Sabrina said standing over the wounded Cho.

Nagata then did something that no one was expecting, she leaned over and kissed Cho on the forehead.

"Awww…."The six friends said in unison.

"Ben and Sabrina sitting in a tree" Buford began,

"K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" the rest finished in unison.

Nagata started turning red along with Cho. The two FBI agents laughed along with the group.

"Look," Phineas said pointing at the sky.

Everyone looked up and saw the sky painted with different shades of orange, blue, and pink. The six friends stood there in awe. They linked arms and headed toward the horizon. It looked as if today was going to be a good day.


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