I sat on the bench in the park just thinking, sketching, writing, playing my guitar. I took my sketch pad and charcoal from my duffel bag and started to draw the scenery around me. The starry skies above the trees and flowers swaying in the October wind in the park, the dew settling in the grass.

The empty park benches around me, setting shadows on the intricate pavement on the sidewalk. I sighed and saw my breath in the wind. I was done. I got a pen from my pencil case and named it at the top 'Park at Midnight'. It wasn't really midnight yet, it was only 11:00pm. I put my signature pretty at the bottom. The picture was indeed beautiful, an original. It was like no other, the shading was perfect, the night sky a replica of tonight. I sigh heavily as I regretfully put a price on the back $25.00. Oh, well it puts food in my stomach.

I look around, wanting new inspiration for a new pastel drawing. I see a group of people coming out of the Cat Scratch. I vaguely see them although I do see 7 people.

One has a camera filming the other six, walking backwards. I make a mental note of the sight as they go out of view as I continue drawing. The pastel yellows and blues and reds from the Cat Scratch sign shower them, like a light. I draw the darkened pavement around them save for the lighting of the sign.

The moon shows behind them, full and gleaming, with very few stars showing behind him. The guy with the camera; his scarf billowing in the wind. I draw a few items of trash in the street for effect. I was done. It was again a perfect picture. I regretfully put a price on it $20.00.

"Hey girlie, wanna chat?" I look up and see two huge guys standing over me.

"Um. No thanks. Goodbye." I quickly pick my stuff up and walk away, towards the desolate street.

"What's the rush baby? Don't cha' wanna play?" He squeezes my butt, and I jump back alarmed, and afraid.

"Leave me ALONE!" I yell as I kick the guy who squeezed my butt in the balls. He bends over in pain with a satisfactory groan.

"Hey you little-" the second man advances me and a poke him in the eyes when he grabs my arm. I start running, my duffel bag and acoustic guitar banging against my back.

I sprint ahead of them and gain some distance between them, but not much. I round the corner of Avenue A, accidentally running into that group I saw earlier. I fall on this rocker guy and push him to the ground, and I fall with him.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" The guy yelled at me.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" I say as I get up and run…

Roger's Perspective

"And that's why you couldn't work at the Cat Scratch Collins… you can't dance." Angel says as they hold hands.

"You could… but I wouldn't want you to." Collins says as I watch from behind.


"Because, Ang, I would be going to jail for beating up every guy that looked at you funny." Collins goes in for the kiss and Angel gladly accepts.

" Tuesday, October 12, 1993. 11:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Close up, Collins and Angel making out." Mark says from behind his camera. Mark looks out from behind his camera.

"Huh? Roger! Look out!" I hear Mark say as I'm hit from behind and topple to the ground. I see a girl our age on top of me looking panicked.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" I say as she got off of me and the neck of her acoustic guitar hits me on my face hard.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" she yells back as she continues running.

Mark ran and helped me up just as two burly guys pushed both me and Mark back down.

"Move outta our way! Go get that bitch! Ima make sure she wished she never turned us down!" We see them chase after the girl who had turned into an alley.

Collins helps us up as Angel and Mimi watch the boys go after the girl. "Roger, Collins, Mark, go after them." Angel says demanding. I look at her incredulously. "What for?"

"Roger," Collins says as he and Mark start jogging down to the alley. "I think that girl's in trouble."

I sigh as we ran into the alley, and found the two guys that were chasing her lying on the ground, unconscious and beaten with blood all over them, but the had no cuts or bleeding wounds, so where did the blood come from?

The girl was lying against the wall, looking away from us, clutching her bloody forearm. "Don't …hurt… me." She mumbled. Her shirt was ripped open and soaked with blood. A cut was on her forehead which was bleeding a lot and a deep cut on her upper arm that was bleeding profusely, soaking her shirt.

We approached her wondering how she beat up two guys the size of Collins and were we at the scene of a possible attempted rape?...

Mark's Perspective

I ran to the girl seeing that she was no danger to us… somewhat. I crouched in front of her.

"Are you alright? Can we help you?" I touch her arm and she flinches visibly.

"Sorry." I say softly as I retract my hand.

"Do you have AIDS? Are you sick?" She looks at me and shakes her head no.

"Okay. We are gonna take care of you. We are gonna take you to the hospital." Her eyes close as she says

"Thank you…" and she faints.

"Guys, she's hurt. And I think her arm is broken. I'm going to take her to the hospital."

I gather her in my arms, and her blood smears on my gray sweater. Her almond Asian eyes wince in pain as I shift her in my arms, my hand accidentally touching her broken arm.

The girls see us, especially me, with a girl in my arms and see that both of us are covered in blood. "Collins, call 911."

Collins nods in agreement as he rushes to the nearest payphone and asks for an ambulance.

"Mark, what are you doing? What's gotten into you?" Roger asks me as I set her down on the sidewalk.

"Ima save her, I'm not going to let her die here. Would you?" I say as I take off my coat and set it on top of her.

Mimi Angel, Joanne, and Maureen rush over to us, Angel sees me covered in blood. "Oh my God honey, are you hurt?" I shake my head.

"It's not my blood, it's hers." I wipe away a stray lock of medium length brown hair from her face. I take off my sweater off and use the hem of it to wipe away the blood on her face. I then fold it and put it under her head as a pillow.

I see Collins come back. "Mark, the ambulance is coming."

"Okay, does anybody know how to stop the bleeding?" I ask frantically as I point to her arm, which is leaking blood all over my jeans and the concrete.

"Apply pressure!" Joanne says, fear in her voice from the sight before her.

"And make a tight tourniquet!" Roger says. Yeah but with what? I think to myself. I grab my gray tee shirt, which I had on beneath my sweater and rip the hem off. I wrap it above the deep cut in her upper arm and make a tight tourniquet.

I shiver as my lower back is exposed to the October air. I use my hands and apply pressure to the wound in her broken arm. Her blood squishes out through my fingers and the deep crimson spills out.

I look at her.

She's so beautiful. Those chocolate almond eyes I wished to see once more. And that one second of seeing them made me want to save her even more. I wasn't trying to be a hero, just trying to do what's right. It's something about her, maybe how her Asian hair complements her fair face, which was paling even more with every minute that passed by.

Maybe that's why I'm trying to save her. I wish I could see those eyes, just so I know that she'll make it, to know that this won't be in vain.

"I'm trying to figure out how she knocked out two guys my size." Collins muttered.

"I- I don't know, but we'll find out when she wakes up. If she wakes up." Roger says.

In the distance we hear the ambulance wailing, fast approaching…

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