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Xiou-Lin's Perspective

I lift my arm up as a nurse helps me dress. I wince in pain and discomfort as the soreness increase and obvious broken bones feel like they shift under my skin.

"Sorry honey." The kind nurse says.

I realize my shirt was washed. "My shirt's washed."

I look up to her and she shakes her head no.

"No, the young man who was here earlier took it to the washer's down the street," she points over to the Laundromat across the street thorough the window.


"Is he your boyfriend?" The nurse inquires.

"No! No! Actually I honestly don't even know him. He's like a complete stranger to me. All I really know about him is that his name is Mark, and that he saved my life." I look at her.

"Why do you say that?" I ask.

"Oh, sorry if I offended you. It's because, well, because he was so worried about you. Panicked. He just watched you the whole time, even when I came to issue your routine medication, and when we wheeled you off to the emergency OR, he was right there, until he was denied access. He waited outside your room when we changed your sheets and took out your catheter. I was just wondering darling, because he acted like all the other boyfriends who wait for their girlfriends, sometimes even better than the others.

'Wow he did all that for me?' The thought popped in my mind.

The nurse buttoned and zipped up my pants and buckled my studded belt ,for me, which I blushed to because I was simply embarrassed that I couldn't do it myself, the cast preventing my thumb and fingers to touch.

I saw that my belt still had remains of my dried blood speckled upon the studs. I quickly looked away, my brown bangs covering my face as she helped me put my casted arm through the arm of my leather coat.

"Thank you." I say and she smiles politely at me.

A male nurse opens the door.

"Ms. Kay Coffin? Are you ready to depart?"

I nod my head.

"Well you are free to go." I look at him confused.

"What about my bill, and my co-payment fee? Don't I have to pay that before I leave?" I ask him.

"Someone has paid that for you. In full, the surgery expenses and everything. Which was quite a bit."

I look at him confused. "Mark did that?"

Aw man, there was no way I could afford to pay him back, I thought.

He shakes his head. "If you mean the white male that was in your room earlier then no. A black male paid your fee, and also filled your prescription which is ready for you to pick up at the pharmacy on the first floor. Your prescription was also paid for as well."

He opened the door fully and rolled in a wheel chair. I stare at the awaiting empty wheelchair, then look back at him.

"I can walk you know, It's my arm that is broken, not my legs." I joked.

"I know, but it's hospital policy." He helped me into the wheelchair.

I set my duffel bag and guitar on my lap as we exit the room.

I see the plastic chair outside my room is empty. "Where's Mark?" I asked, concerned, hoping he hadn't just up'd and left me without me getting the chance to tell him thank you.

"I believe he's at the floor lobby, sitting on rather the more comfortable chairs out there." The male nurse chuckled.

As we rounded the corner I see Mark and several others… the people I sketched that night. I sigh a breath of relief as I see him slightly conversing with what appears his friends.

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