E/O Challenge Wow : Punish Word count : 100 per drabble
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A.N. Especially for smalld1171. A pressie of 4 separate drabbles.


"You're such a bad boy Dean."

"Yeah? Blame my upbringing."

There was no humour in the daemon's laugh.
"Indeed….the sins of the father."

"Any chance of skipping the Family Therapy?"

"Certainly! Enough talking and on with your punishment."

"Hey…I'm fine with the talking!"

Chuckling, the daemon cracked his whip.

Dean remained barely conscious throughout Sam's desperate drive to the ER.
His pulse thready, too quick; breathing too shallow, too fast.
Deep, raw, bloody slashes covered his front and back.
Rapidly heading into severe shock, Dean was whisked from Sam, straight into the resuscitation suite.

Fearfully, Sam began the long wait.



Sighing, Sam answered the bedding cocoon containing Dean


"Water's at the side of you."



"M' stuck. M'a cattiplerlerpliller."


Arms untangled from blankets, Dean flapped them around delightedly.

"What're you doing?"

"Bein' a flut….blut…..thingy."


Dean smiled happily,

Without co-ordination Dean missed his mouth, pouring water over his ear.
Confused, he tried turning his head to see his own ear.
Sam Grabbed a towel and dry pillow, glaring at Dean's tablet box,
"Just two days left of this punishment, then I'm never letting them prescribe those again…ever!"

Dean gazed at Sam miserably,
"M'sorreee S'mee."


The training schedule John devised was punishing and he rarely let his sons miss a day,
working them till they puked; then insisting they carry on.
Always trying to please John, Dean pushed harder than Sam.
Kept pushing, even when he shouldn't. Dean always hid illness, hide pain, pretended he was "fine."

John always chose to believe him.
Until the time when illness slowed Dean's reactions and John landed a solid punch over Dean's heart.
John didn't notice Dean stagger, kept hitting as Dean collapsed.

That was the first time Sam watched Dean "die."
Sadly, it wouldn't be the last.


Sam walked into the motel room,
He heard a croaked "In here" from the bathroom.
"You ok?"
There was silence, then,
A moan of pain followed. Sam didn't hesitate.

Dean sat on the floor, both arms encircling his stomach.
Crying out in pain he bowed his head, clasping himself harder.
Sam laid a damp cloth across Dean's neck. Dean leaned against Sam,
pressing his forehead into Sam's shoulder, responding to further waves of torment.

"Move your arms."
Sam began a circular massage on Dean's stomach.
"You idiot, scoff three whole pies, this is the punishment you get!"


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