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Chapter 10: Departure..

Sasuke watched the television. he watched Ororo, Beast and professor Xavier plead the case of mutant kind to the senate in Washington, suffice to say he could care less, the others had left when they had heard juggernaut was terrorizing a dam, threathening to flood an area of houses, he had let the others handle it, he watched as they subdued juggernaut and Xavier smirk on the television at the heroics of his X-men, Sasuke decided to go out since he was frustrated by being confined in this place, he turned to leave when Emma approached him.

"Where are you going?" asked Emma.

Sasuke didn't respond, he just brushed past Emma to the exit, Emma sighed "Sasuke you can't go out, not after the little fireworks you displayed taking down the sentinels, it would cause too much commotion"

Sasuke didn't look back as he waited for the elevator of the hideaway, he had packed his bag, he wanted to go out and tread this world on his own and hopefully find someway back to his own world, Emma came up behind him with crossed arms over her chest..

"And what pray tell should I tell them when they return to find you gone?" asked Emma.

Sasuke got into the elevator, his gaze then shifted to Emma and looked on bored, the elevator then closed as Sasuke closed his eyes, he waited as the elevator reached it's destination. As the elevator door opened he was greeted to the sight of Logan coming in with groceries, Sasuke raised an amusing eyebrow at this, it was unlikely seeing the older man devolve into such meaningles chores, Logan got into the elevator as Sasuke exited it, Logan caught a glimpse of Sasuke and his backpack.

"Where you going? runt?" asked Logan..

Sasuke didn't answer, he brushed past the older man and continued along his path, Logan sighed.

"Runt, don't go wandering around, after that little fire work display, people will be looking for us, and not the friendly picnic sitting kind" said Logan.

"Hn" was the only reply Logan heard as he watched the avenger leave the safety of the hideaway, he decided to catch a train and to go to the place called New York, he had heard many things about the place, of how there were high rise buildings and scientists of all calibur's, Xavier had told him about the famous Reed Richard, of how he was the one who had opened up a portal to a new world, Sasuke had asked Kitty to look this up and get him the address since he did not know how these technological devices known as the computer worked, Sasuke went on his way to the train station, he still had Xavier's unused cash with him, it would serve his purpose for the journey to New York. Sasuke took the bike parked out of the hideaway and made his way to the train station, since he was wearing a helmet and some sunglasses not many people would be able to recognise him and insult him since he was branded in this world as a "mutant" as the people called it.

He arrived at the station and parked the vechile and locked it, he didn't care what happened to it anyway, it was Logan's. As Sasuke approached the trainstation, he was alerted to a scream coming from the alleyway, he decided to investigate it.

"Let go of me!" came a shout..

"Sure I will! just give me your cash lady!" came the smug reply.

Sasuke viewed the sight with indifference, he approached the back of the thug and knocked him out with a clean chop to the neck, the lady just looked at him with eyes wide as dinner plates, Sasuke watched the man slump to the ground, and then turned his gaze on the woman. The woman had blonde hair freely falling, she was wearing an inner black shirt with a green overcoat and a black skirt with black high heel boots presumebly twenty years of age.. Sasuke then turned to leave, the woman snapped out of her stupour as she grabbed his shoulder.


Sasuke turned towards her, annoyance etched in his face, "Thank you for saving me.." said the woman

Sasuke nodded his head and continued back to the train station. "Wait, atleast tell me your name!"

Sasue pondered over it for a moment and then decided to give his name, what harm could come of it? he was a nodbody in this world anyway..

"Sasuke.." came the cold reply.

"Sasuke.." said the woman "is there anyway I can repay you? I mean come on there has to be something!"

Sasuke stopped, maybe this woman would serve his purpose of helping him get to New York, he turned towards her.."Can you tell me how to get to..."New York?" " came the question.

The woman blinked "New York?"

Sasuke nodded his head in reply. He watched as a smile plastered itself on the woman's face "I'm going there myself, you could come with me" came the happy reply.

Sasuke blinked in surprise, he nodded his head in agreement, "great" came the reply "We better get going though! the train will leave any moment now.." said the woman..

Sasuke followed her to the station, upon arriving at the train station, he watched majority of the people with briefcases, mostly running to their jobs. He silently follwed the woman as she approached the ticket counter, Sasuke saw the woman giving the attendent behind the glass some cash, he quickly learned that he should do the same, before he could do just that, the woman caught his arm and dragged him to the entrance of the entrance to the train.

"You don't have to pay Sasuke, I did it for you, here this is your token.." said the smiling woman.

Sasuke received the token in his hand and looked up to the woman again, "It wasn't necessary.." said Sasuke.

"Don't worry about it Sasuke, now come on let's go already!" said the woman.

Sasuke followed after her and mimicked what she did when she placed the token into the counter and moved into the train, it was his first time going on a train, he decided to examine it and surprisingly enjoy it, he sat next to the blonde woman and waited for his destination to arrive.

It was a stroke of luck that nobody recognised him when he had fought those sentinels two weeks ago, it would be an unescessary nuisance for him to be identified when he needed to get home somehow. He turned to the woman and decided to ask her, her name, it was the least he could do since she paid for his ride to New York.

"Gwen Stacy" was the reply..

Sasuke looked thoughtful for a moment as he returned his gaze to the window. Gwen however decided to continue the conversation.

"So Sasuke why are you going to New York?" questioned Gwen.

Sasuke pondered over it for a moment, should he tell her the reason, the real reason..after careful consideration he decided to tell her.

"I'm looking for a man, his name is Reed Richards" came the reply.

Gwen smiled again "Dr. Reed Richards? wow Sasuke your in luck I know the leader of the fanftastic four."

"Fantastic four?" thought Sasuke..

"Listen, today's a sunday, I doubt he'll be there in his lab, how about you give me your cell number, I'll get him to meet you first thing tommorow if you would like too.." said Gwen.

Sasuke nodded in gratitude, things were finally looking up for the avenger, he gave her his number and she in turn gave her his. After this the journey was a quiet one, Sasuke pondered over how he had first arrived in this world. Such major things happening in the ninja wolrd was unheard off...


"Sasuke! Sakura is a member of team 7 just like you!" came the voice of Naruto

"I'm a former member of team 7" smiled a smug Sasuke.

"Do you realise now Naruto? Sasuke is not the same Sasuke that you grew up with.." said Kakashi..

Sasuke began to run towards them. chidori in hand "I WILL ERASE ALL OF YOUR EXISTENCE!"

Naruto was sad, heart broken, he charged his rasengan and made his way to Sasuke. Sasuke's mangekyou came to life as the attacks collided, on seeing the mangekyou, something happened to Naruto..a warp occured, Sasuke was being pulled in, the last thing he saw was a crow with a sharingan, another mangekyou sharingan and an explosion with Naruto crying out to him..


xxEnd .


Sasuke snapped out of his musings as he heard Gwen's voice. "We're here.."

Sasuke quickly got up and took his backpack "I'll give you a call tommorow alright?" smiled Gwen as both of them made their way out of the train station, Sasuke nodded his head in reply. Gwen giggled as she left the avenger.

Sasuke watched her retreating form, he then looked up at the place where he had arrived, he had finaly arrived in New York. He was brought out of his musings as he saw a red and blue figure swing by, he heard a joyous shout "WOOOHOOO!"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at the spectacle, he heard one of the civilians talk behind his back "And there goes spider-man yet again" said a bystander..

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at the retreating form of the red and blue figure "Spider-man? huh?"

He decided to walk for a bit and grab something to eat, he would have to find a place for the night as well, and yet again it would seem as fate wanted him to start saving people, he walked past an alleyway where an old woman was being mugged, he sighed to himself as he did the same thing that he had done when he saved Gwen, he appeared behind the thug and knocked him out. The woman looked at hiim with gratitude, Sasuke turned to leave but the same situation then ensued.

"Young man! wait!"

Sasuke sighed as he turned to meet the request of the old woman. "Thank you for saving me. your parents must be very proud of you" smiled the lady..

"They're dead" came Sasuke's bored reply, the woman gasped in reply, "I'm sorry" said the lady.

Sasuke nodded his head as he turned to leave. "Wait! where are you going?"

Sasuke didn't look back, "nowhere.." came the reply..

The woman pondered over a moment of what Sasuke said, she then concluded that this boy was homeless and had nowhere to go. She then questioned him again.

"Do you have anywhere to go? any place to stay?" came the voice of the concerned woman..

Sasuke stopped and shook his head in reply, he then continued to walk back to get something to eat, the older woman stopped him.

"Then by all means dear, come with me, you can stay at my home until you can get back to your feet, it's the least I could do for saving me.." said the old woman.

Sasuke considered the lady's offer, he had to wait just one day to meet Reed Richards since Gwen had said that he would call him. Sasuke nodded his head in reply..

"Thank you" said Sasuke...

An hour and a half alter, Sasuke was inside the home of the old lady, it was quaint residential location as compared to that of the bustling streets of New York, a modest living for one such as herself, Sasuke didn't compare it to the way he lived at Xavier's hideaway. It was luxurious yes but he always loved being left alone, this home would serve it's purpose for a day until he met Reed Richards.

"Sasuke? here have this to eat.." said the smiling woman.

Sasuke politely refused but the woman would have none of it, he grudgingly sat down and ate the cake that was set before him even though he hated sweets, as he was eating his cake, someone came in through the door.

"Aunt May! I'm home!" came a voice.

Sasuke looked up to see the man who had entered the home of the woman, it was a man presumebly the age of Gwen who he had the pleasure of meeting in the morning. He had brown hair wearing a brown cargo pant and a shirt neatly tucked in, to a usual obsever, this man looked like nothing more than a normal college going student, but Sasuke wasn't a casual observer, he saw a red and blue inner shirt sticking out from the man's shirt and it seemed to Sasuke that he had been a fight of some sorts since his hair was tangled up all over the place. the red and blue streak seemed familiar to Sasuke somehow.

"Peter! come here and meet the young man who saved my life!" smiled the woman.

Peter gasped in horror "Aunt May, your life? what happened?" came Peter's concerned voice.

"Oh calm down Peter, it's nothing, a nasty man was trying to take the money in my purse, this young man over here" said aunt May pointing to Sasuke "saved me from him"

Peter's gaze then shifted to the avenger who was calmly eating his piece of cake, Peter felt a cold vibe from the avenger but he ignored it and was grateful to him, he approached Sasuke with a smile and gratitude etched into his face.

"Hey thank you for saving my aunt, she's always like that wandering around" smiled Peter

"Peter!" came aunt May's voice.

"You know it's true aunt May" smiled Peter.

Sasuke just nodded his head as he got up to place the plate back into the dish washer, Peter's aunt however took the plate from his hand.

"Not much of a talker is he?" chuckled Peter

Sasuke looked on as aunt May placed the dish back into the dish washing machine, she then turned to meet Peter's gaze.

"Peter, Sasuke is going to be staying here for a while, I invited him too until he gets back on his feet, would you be a dear and show him around the house." smiled aunt May.

Peter blinked "Uh..ya sure aunt May, come on Sasuke."

Sasuke gazed at Peter's retreating form and then followed him, Sasuke had no doubt in his mind that Peter was the masked vigilantee. The way he walked and the way his eyes shone with guilt when May told Peter that she was saved by Sasuke only solidified his proof.

"And this here, Sasuke! is my room!" said Peter.

Sasuke examined Peter's room, not much it was, filled with books and brimming with technological devices, Sasuke pondered over if Peter could help him when he went to talk to Reed Richards, at the time he had been with the X-men, Xavier had told him about how a selfless hero spider-man was and how he had helped them as well. Sasuke then made his decision. Peter turned to look at the avenger as Sasuke didn't respond to him.

"I require your assistance." said Sasuke.

Peter blinked "Assistance? for what Sasuke?"

"I know who you are, spider-man" said Sasuke.

Peter's eyes widened, his mind raced with questions."Spider-man? what are you talking about man? ahha me? spider-man?"

"Xavier speaks very highly of you" said Sasuke.

"Xavier? the professor? what did he have to do with this?" thought Peter.

The true fact of how Sasuke knew that Peter was spider-man was when Xavier read his thoughts to check if he was ok, sadly Xavier did not know that Sasuke had a larger control over his mind evident from when he defeated Orochimaru in his own world. Sasuke could travel back and forth as long as the connection stayed. He had done it once and learnt of secrets of many people he knew, especially of this man known as spider-man, of his selfless heroism and also of different people who may know about his predicament..

Peter closed his door as he looked at Sasuke, eyes now serious "Alright, what do you want?"

Sasuke's gaze lingered for a moment and then turned to look up at Peter "I need to reach back to my world"

Peter blinked in surprise "your world?"

Sasuke nodded his head, "Your not from this earth? your from another earth?" asked a disbelieveing Peter Parker.

Sasuke once again nodded his head in reply.

"I don't believe you, if you really are not from this earth then prove it broody"

Sasuke blinked "Broody?"

Sasuke then conceeded, he decided that a small demonstration of his amaterasu would do the trick, Peter gasped as Sasuke's eye began to bleed, black flames shot forth from his eye onto a small paper piece, he then quickly extinguished it as he rubbed the blood from his eye.

Peter blinked "Wa...you..hoW? fine I believe you!" said Peter "but how could I help you? I don't know the first thing about interdimensional travel"

Peter then thought about to how doctor strange had taken him through time and how he saw his begining and his end, of all his fights and all his defeats, he quickly shrugged it off.

"I was told...you were well acquianted" said Sasuke looking on bored.

Peter then decided that he would have to talk to either Tony Stark or Reed Richards or maybe even doctor Strange.

"Why don't you chill out for a bit, I'll help you" said a smiling Peter.

Sasuke nodded his head in gratitude. Just then the voice of a woman rang out from the entrance of the Parker household, Peter smiled as he walked past Sasuke to the entrance of his home. Sasuke followed, there was no point in him just staying here. He followed Peter to the entranc of his house. But somethin surprised him. It would seem fate was smiling on Sasuke, helping him at each turn, but for how much longer would it last?..

"Gwen!" came Peter's joyous voice as he hugged the blonde woman.

"Why hello to you too, Peter" smiled Gwen as he hugged Peter.

"When'd you get back?" smiled Peter.

"Just a couple of hours ago" smiled Gwen in reply, aunt May looked at the sight with a joyous expression, she had missed Gwen, to her Gwen Stacy was like her own daughter.

Gwen then heard the footsteps of someone coming down from the stairs, she looked up to see who it was, she squeeled in delight at the surprise awaiting her..


Sasuke just nodded his head in response as he calmly came and stood beside Peter, Peter blinked.

"Gwen? you know him?" asked Peter.

"As a matter of fact I do Peter." smiled Gwen."Sasuke over here saved me from some idiot who was trying to mug me back at Bayville." smiled Gwen.

"You too dear?" gasped Aunt May "What is this world coming to?"

"Hmm? me too? what do you mean mrs. Parker?" questioned Gwen.

"If it wasn't for Sasuke over here, some hooligan would have made off with my purse!" said aunt May.

Gwen turned to Sasuke with a smile plastered on her face "Sasuke? really? you know I think your a hero in the making. spider-man's got nothing on you" chuckled Gwen eyeing Peter.

Peter chuckled nervously "Ehehheh, ya about that, Sasuke knows..."

"What?" gasped Gwen and aunt May in disbelief.

"I said he knows that I'm spider-man" said Peter.

Their eyes turned to Sasuke as Sasuke turned to Peter, silently motioning him to explain his predaciment to then without them hassling him, Peter nodded.

Peter spent the better of half an hour explaining to them how Sasuke wasn't off this world but of another earth, similar to his experiences to his past in counter-earth where he had to unceremoniasly save Jameson's son and bring harmony to humans and beastials, his job was done over there but before he could give any serious hugs and goodbyes, he was brought back to this earth by doctor Strange.

"So that's why you wanted to meet dr. Reed Richards?" questioned Gwen.

Sasuke nodded his head in reply, "Oh my goodness, Sasuke you've beeen through alot" said a concerned aunt May.

"I'll talk to doctor Strange and tell him to make his way to the fantastic four's headquarters tommorow, maybe they can come up with something to help you get back to your world Sasuke" said Peter.

"Till then your welcome to stay here Sasuke for as long as it takes for you to get home." smiled aunt May.

Sasuke nodded his head in reply, Sasuke didn't smile, a faint trace of it caught his lips, just then his phone began to ring. Everyone looked on as Sasuke took out his cell to answer the call, the instant he picked it up he regretted it..


Sasuke placed the phone away from his ear as he slowly brought it closer once more.


Peter chuckled, he knew that voice all too well, Gwen looked amused and aunt May smiled as she returned back to her work. After Sasuke made sure Kitty's rant was over he placed the phone to his ear and talked.

"New york" said Sasuke.


Sasuke grunted in annoyance "Tch...spider-man"

"You met spider-man? cool! tell him I said hi! and wait the professor told me to tell you to call him as soon as you can!"

Sasuke needed no more of this ranting as he quickly closed his cell phone and placed the off switch, he hung up on Kitty.

Peter chuckled "hung up on Kitty did you? she's not gonna let you live that down Sasuke"


Gwen chuckled "Sasuke I'll leave you in Peter's care then, I'll meet you boys tommorow in front of the Baxter building alright?"

"Sure Gwen" smiled Peter.

Peter then returned his gaze to Sasuke "Come on Sasuke, I'll show you to your room" smiled Peter.

Sasuke followed on, he was eager to return back to his home, the prospect of gaining his vengence once more was exciting to the avenger.

"Just wait...nii-san, Konoha will burn"

Next day, in the Baxter building...

"And that's his story doc" said Peter..

"Interesting, many of these things have happened before especially with some of the skrulls, I think I can return Sasuke back but not to his home, he would have to search for it as a quest due to the many different multiverses Peter,but I'd see it wise if we wait and ask dcotor Strange about what he believes in all of this." said Reed

Sasuke looked on at the disscussion brewing between the budding scientists, Sasuke wasn't one for technology, everything seemed strange and confusing to him.

"Speak of the devil" smiled Peter.

Sasuke looked on as a bright flash of light enveloped the area and a man with a red cape appeared before them.

"Took ya long enough doc Strange" smiled Peter.

"Ya I'll say! what were you doing? sipping ice tea" came the voice of Johnny Storm.

"As much as I find your humour idiotic and pointless, I came here on request of your decision Peter, but it would seem this was the anomility I was looking for" said doctor Strange as he landed on the ground.

"Anomility?" asked Peter.

Strange's gaze then shifted to Sasuke, Sasuke looked back "Yes anomility, for three to four months there was a disturbance in the web of the multiverse, that disturbance would be you young one" said Strange as he poined to Sasuke."I searched for it but each time it moved, but when I saw the exposure of mutants on my television not long ago, I saw him heroicly defended his friends" stated Strange..

Sasuke looked . "So chucking all that, can you get him back doc? asked an annoyed Peter.

Strange glared at Peter "Yes I do believe I can, the spell which I embeded you with when you were lost in your battles should work, if he arrives in his world the spell will immedeatly dissapitate on sensing the cosmical energy of the boy's signature, but if he arrives in a different world, it will take atleast a week for the spell to reset and send him on his way again, with the dimensional gate Reed has built can easily jumpstart the process, we must hurry though, with each passing moment that this boy is here, damage is being done to our world's connection to the multiverse."

(Play Epic Score - Creator Of Worlds soundtrack, found on youtube :P)

Sasuke cocked an eyebrow when he was refered to as boy, seeing so much in his own world, he was never a boy after his brother massacred the clan. Doctor Strange then approached Sasuke."I pray your journey will be a safe one" smiled Strange

Sasuke looked on. Peter looked on as well "Sasuke! good luck! alright! be careful!"

Sasuke nodded, he owed a man a debt but since his time in this world was up, he couldn't repay it.

"Good luck Sasuke! have a safe journey" smiled Gwen, Sasuke nodded his head in response.

"Reed jump start the gateway, I will perform the spell of becoming on him" said Strange as he turned his gaze to Sasuke once more.

"As soon as I perform it, I need you to jump into the portal, do you understand me?" questioned Strange..Sasuke nodded his head in reply.

"Do not panic if you do not end up in your world, I have made some adjustments to the spell, it should reset in four days if you do not arrive in your own world and in your universe, the same pocess will occur until you reach back to your universe, survive till then.."

Sasuke looked on as an embodiment of light formed in front of him and hit him hard, a cry of pain ran out from his mouth as he regained his senses and grabbed his katanna and ran towards the portal.

"GO! NOW!"

A flash engulfed the building as everyone was blinded by the light, once the light faded, Sasuke was gone.

"I think it was unwise for us to let him go.." mused doctor Strange.

"Huh? why's that? doc?" asked Peter.

Strrange narrowed his eyes on Peter, "I sensed a crazed lust for vengence in him, an evil embodiment..I fear that lust will soon consume him if he does not overcome it.."

Peter looked on...

Author's note :And that is the final chapter of Revenge to Redemption chapter 1, I decided to make Revenge to Redemption cross different areas, tv shows, comics and game world and even movies, totally I think there'll be five continuities with Sasuke as the main chracter of course...