"It is awesome."

"So I guess we all need to hang out as much as possible since Kat is leaving."

"Guys you don't need to fuss over me."

"We have to Kat after all you are a pink ranger and we pinks are the best."

"Kim I can only be second best to you."

"Well when you are right you are right," Kim jokes.

The gang laughs at that and wishes that they had more time to hang out.

"So Tommy are you going to continue being a race car driver?"

"Justin just because you have watched the movie Talladega Nights does not mean you are a pro at knowing race car drivers."

"Whatever you say Ricky Bobby."

"I will be giving up race car driving when we enter college; I want to do well and not have to worry about racing."

"Or being famous."

"Adam the only famous person in the group is Kim."

"I am not famous."

"Then why do you have such a large fan base?"

"So how will we decorate the apartment Tommy?"