E/O challenge: Punish

Another Dizziedinadreams triabble, especially for smalld1171's birthday – Happy Birthday and thanks for the awesome Dean centric challenge. As usual we've added our own challenge word, which in this case is "crack," for reasons I couldn't possibly mention here! LOL

Any guesses as to who wrote which part?

Hell Bent

Alastair knew the instant he hit the mother-lode – that rich seam of self-loathing and insecurity would yield such untold treasures.

This shining soul would have no other option than to fracture in a thousand tiny pieces, now that he'd found the right tool to insert into every one of those hairline cracks previously held together with pure determination and unshakeable love.

And the beauty of it was, Alastair wouldn't have to do a thing once he'd initiated the meltdown.

It seemed Dean Winchester was only too ready to punish himself.

All Hell had to do was sit back and watch.


The blackness was total; around him, and within him. In his mind, in his heart. His soul utterly lost in a void, a complete absence of value and worth.

This was what he signed up for when he had made the deal to save Sammy; to be punished, to be obliterated, to be bludgeoned into submission.

Every slice of Alastair's razor, every crack of his whip; both dreaded and welcomed at the same time.

This was the only meaningful thing Dean Winchester had ever achieved; through his destruction, Sam would live a long, full life.

And Hell would be entertained.


The endless screams were music to her ears; the smell of burning flesh brought a smile to her face as she watched the master at work. It was what she'd longed for; what she'd dreamt of – a Dean Winchester spit-roast.

"Fucking Winchesters," Alistair growled, rotating the spit. "He'll never crack ... like father, like son."

"Don't be so sure," Meg cooed, pulling away cooked-meat from bone. "Just tell him you'll bring little Sammy down here ... punish him the same way."

She knew it would work; Alistair just had to say the words.

And Hell would have a new recruit.