Author's Note: Inspired by Adele's "Chasing Pavements" and takes place in the first season, before Puck's first appearance. I do not own "Gargoyles" and I'm not making any money off this.

"I will see you at the next night fall." Goliath said, his expression softening as his face split into a smile: He looks hopeful.

I nod with a smile of my own. He turns to face the rising sun, his expression instantly snapping into something more grotesque and savage. I hear the cracking and crunching of the gargoyles' skin turning to stone, immobilizing their bodies for the day. Their faces fierce and their poses ready to attack I muse that old habits must die hard. My face drops into something more sullen. I sigh as I look over all of the stone figures on the ledge of the clock tower. The quietness almost chokes me. My friends, Goliath, Hudson, Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington, and Bronix, forever turning to stone by day.

"Friends..." I murmur as I turn away from the sun.

I make my way home, to my own tidy apartment. I undress the minute after I lock my door and leave a trail of clothes to my bedroom, trying to prove that I actually exist in this space. I throw myself onto my queen sized bed and wrap myself in the blanket lying on top of the bed, my body screaming at me to finally get some rest. Despite my fatigue my mind races, turning over every encounter, every spoken word, and every thought of the night: Did I do the right thing? Did I say the right thing? Did I give it all I had?

I didn't say anything when Goliath said good night. I had a day off tonight, two nights off in a row, in fact, and I wasn't going to be there at all for the next two days. That felt like a lie. I didn't really lie, but I didn't mention that I wouldn't be coming around either. It shouldn't feel like a big deal, I had skipped a few days here and there before, though that was mostly because of work. Would Goliath be just as understanding of my absence for a few personal days?

But did I have any reason to avoid the clock tower on my days off? Not really. Except that Goliath was so intertwined with work, and when I was at home work was the last thing I wanted to think about. Not since Goliath saved me that first night have my work and my personal life become so interwoven and it was becoming exhausting. Going home and shutting myself in my apartment for a few days seemed like a good break from... everything.

The most frustrating part was that the less I saw of Goliath the more I thought of him. When I finally saw Goliath it was always such a relief that I just want to run up to him and throw my arms around his neck and tell him I've missed him. I always chastise myself, telling myself that's not professional to do or that's not the kind of friends we are... but would he care? He probably didn't think like that and we worked together on a totally different level. He always seemed as relieved to see as I am him except Goliath never made any more of a move to hug me than I him.

I feel the emptiness of my apartment, it feels heavy, like it's going to crush me like a tonne of rubble. It feels like this every time I'm apart from the Gargoyles, from Goliath. I've wanted to ask them if they would live on top of my apartment complex, be the stone guardians here. It would be easier to incorporate them into my private life and keep them away from work... but I can't and could never do that. I can't ask them to leave safety for my personal whims.

For my sanity.

I turn over and haphazardly crawl under the sheets of my bed, feeling torn and not any closer to sleep than I was an hour ago. Over and over my thoughts kept spinning around in my head and I always came to the same conclusion: I needed to talk to Goliath. But what would I say? What would I tell Goliath? It would be so awkward if I let on that I wanted him to be around all the time, to sleep close to each other so when we both awoke he would be the first thing I would see.

"Give it up Elisa." I say aloud, turning over again "You and Goliath would never work... He's still hung up on Demona. Never mind that he's a gargoyle. Get used to being alone and going insane."

It didn't take me long to fall asleep after my statement. The dreams I had that day were bizarre: I was flying! I had wings! And the clan was flying with me-no, I was part of the clan. But I knew it was a dream, even while I was dreaming. I would never be part of the clan, and I would certainly never fly. I would only ever chase pavements.