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Listened to "Rain Come Down" by EastMountainSouth, "Faithfully Remain" by Ben Harper, and "Anything Could Happen" by Ellie Goulding on repeat while writing this. Takes place in the middle of episode 25 of season 2.

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Oh bear… Elisa thought, her eyes widening at lumbering and growling creature in her path.

The large bear began to wildly throw its head before starting to charge in her direction. Elisa spun around and ran as fast as she could in the opposite direction. By the volume of the roars behind her Elisa could feel the bear closing the distance between them.

Keep running, keep running! She told herself.

In a split second she felt her foot hit something, throwing off her momentum. She saw the ground come up beneath her. Elisa put her hands out to regain her balance but the effort didn't stop her from falling. Elisa tried to push herself up quickly but the roaring made her look back towards the charging bear. Seeing how close it was she inhaled deeply, preparing herself for the worst as she watched the bear take its last leap towards her.

Elisa was so fixated on the bear that she missed the blur of movement in the corner of her eye. It leapt towards the bear just as the bear's feet came off the ground, throwing it from its trajectory. The detective blinked several times to collect herself as she looked over towards where a blur of brown fur and cool blue skin tumbled. A whimpering from the bear was heard shortly before she watched it scamper away. Elisa forgot the bear quickly as she recognized her rescuer.

"Bronx!" she called out and the Gargoyle leapt towards her, licking her face, "Boy is it good to see you. Are Goliath and Angela OK?"

Sighing at her foolishness, Elisa continued speaking, "Right, like you're going to answer."

Elisa saw more movement out of the corner of her eyes and this time she looked up. Barely able to contain her relief and happiness she called out, "Goliath! Angela!"

She could see the relief wash over Goliath's face as called out, "Elisa!"

Finding the strength in her legs, Elisa got up and rushed towards Goliath's open arms. He wrapped his arms around her and held Elisa to him, her feet lifting off the ground. He inhaled deeply, as if gathering her scent to make sure she was real, before setting her down. Relief continued to radiate from Elisa's expression. Even though she had never lost hope, thoughts of finding their bodies washed up on shored had entered her mind. Elisa didn't know what she would do if she lost Goliath now.

Elisa stepped back from Goliath, but he held onto her hands as Angela asked, "Are you alright?"

"I'm a lot better now. Where've you guys been?" Elisa replied, looking up at Goliath.

He met her gaze steadily and Elisa, for the first time, didn't react with embarrassment for the open affection he showed her. With the rest of the Clan not being around Elisa felt there was no need to be worried about favouritism: Angela already held a special place in Goliath's heart, even if he didn't admit it. She even got the impression Angela would feel uncomfortable or protest at the affection.

After all, Elisa thought, she grew up with human affection.

Quickly, however, the conversation turned to business. Elisa didn't feel the disappointment she normally would have. If tonight had taught her anything, she would never –could never, forget the moment in Goliath's arms. There might never be another.