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Gabriel's Café and Bakeshop

Chapter 1: The First Meeting

Dean Winchester was a man who moved by routine, taking the same path everyday and only utilizing tried and true methods. He got up in the morning, grumbled a hello to Sam and Jessica and made himself some dark coffee. Then he was driving to the shop in his black Impala, leaving Sam and Jess and their eco friendly vehicle in the dust.

Of course this all changed the day their supposedly better car broke down and they had to wait a week for the right part to come in.

"Is the 'I told you so' even necessary," Dean smirked, leaning against his baby as his younger brother surveyed the stalled car.

Sam scowled, "Shut up Dean."

"You should've known that nothing runs better than the classics."

"Your car is practically a monster."

"Yeah, a monster that can take me to work," Dean sniped.

"And destroy the environment."

"Well you can enjoy the environment when you walk to the office."

Sam glared, "Jerk."


"Boys!" Jess interrupted, exasperated by their constant fighting albeit amused. "Quit your bickering or we're all going to be late for work and if that happens then you can cook for yourselves for the next week."

The two brother's exchanged frightened looks, each knowing exactly what the other was capable of in the kitchen. The last time they cooked together, Sam was rushed to the emergency room due to a very unfortunately placed fork.

"All right, everyone in the Impala," Dean called, his hands waving in an exaggerated motion. "Sammy be careful not to get lipstick on the seats when you're applying your makeup," he said grinning.


The blonde just laughed and climbed into the front seat, his brother beside him and his fiancée in the back seat. Dean switched on his cassette player and started tapping his fingers to the beat even as Sam groaned.

"Seriously dude," he said, rubbing his face. "Mettalica at eight in the morning? Is that really necessary?"

"There's no such thing as a time limit for good music Sammy boy," Dean retorted and reached over to turn up the volume.

Sam grumbled, "I need some coffee."

This actually surprised Dean because he hadn't seen his brother drink much caffeine since he moved into the couple's house two years ago. He had just assumed it was another health craze the guy was on. "You drink coffee?"

"Course," Sam said, a tired edge to his voice from lack of sleep or energy. "There's a café I like just around the corner, go there."

Dean snorted, "I should've known you would've insisted on some girly café instead of just going with something store bought and easy." Despite his insults, he still steered the Impala into the parking lot of Gabriel's Café and Bakeshop. The name just reeked of snobs.

Sam rolled his eyes and exited the Imapla, opening the door for Jess as well. She smiled flirtatiously at him and grabbed his arm, her other hand snaking behind him to pinch his butt.

He let out a little squeak that he could only thank God for that Dean didn't hear. He would have never lived it down otherwise. Instead he just flushed a bright red and glared down at his mischievous fiancée.

"Hey, are we getting coffee or not?" Dean called in an obnoxiously loud voice as he headed towards the shop.

Sam sighed, following after his older brother.

"You know," Jess whispered, a conspiratorial tone creeping into her voice, "I bet if we planned it right, we could probably get away with the murder scott free."

The giant laughed, his arm around her waist pulling the petite blond closer. "Not until we get last months rent."

"I don't know what you two are giggling about but I probably won't like it," Dean hollered at them.

With another laugh, the couple caught up and they entered the small café together. Almost immediately a cheery voice greeted them from the counter.

"Hey Sammy-boy and Jessie-girl, on a scale of one to ten, how loud was last night?"

Sam went a brilliant red, Jess grinned and held up eight fingers and Dean groaned.

"More like a ten," the elder brother grumbled, "The walls are thin. I had to take a night time cruise in the Impala just to escape it."

Gabriel, a short man with shrewd, playful eyes, glanced over the newcomer to his shop. "Whom may I ask is this chucklehead?"

Before Dean could open his mouth to retort, Sam jumped in and said, "Gabe, this is Dean. My brother, remember? Dean this is Gabriel Novak, he runs this shop all by himself."

"Ah so this is the infamous Dean-O, a pleasure to make your acquaintance," the baker grinned. "And while I'm usually happy to take all the credit- as I fully deserve- in this instance I have to say that my cousin Castiel does help out a bit with the books and all. That and the pies, he makes a mean pie."

Dean was practically salivating at this point. "You have pies here?"

Sam rolled his eyes. Trust pies to win Dean over where is own brother could not.

"Course!" Gabriel laughed. "I have a bit of a sweet tooth myself, hence the title 'Gabriel's Café and Bakeshop'. Now are you going to order something or should I call the police for loitering."

Dean laughed but judging by the tightening of Sam's features, Gabriel's words were not always to be taken lightly. "I'll have some coffee, one sugar, one cream and a slice of apple pie."

Sam and Jessica also ordered their coffee and after sharing a pointed look, they dashed over to a booth for two, laughing over Dean's surprised cries.

"Hey, no fair guys," the blonde said as he stood over the couple, his glower somewhat lessened by the whip cream topped pie he held in one hand. "Fine I can tell when I'm not wanted."

As he started to walk away, Sam finally caught his breath enough to call out, "Aw, we didn't mean it, come pull up a chair."

Unfortunately the fiancées had underestimated the lengths to which Dean would go to out of stubbornness. Instead, he huffed and looked around the shop until he spotted a dark haired man engrossed in the novel he was reading. Deeming the stranger to be the best possible companion to snub his brother with, he headed over to his table.

The man looked to be about half way through a worn copy of Notes from Underground by some Russian sounding author that seemed vaguely familiar to Dean. Probably from one of Sammy's geekgasms. He stood there awkwardly for a moment, heat creeping up his neck at both Sam and Jess' attention and the man's lack thereof. Finally, Dean cleared his throat.

When the stranger's eyes flickered up to meet his own however, Dean completely forgot how to breathe. Was it even possible to have such wide, oceanic blue eyes? Surely that colour was only given to angels or something sappy like that

Dean's mouth was flapping open and closed rather unattractively as the man continued to look at him with that strangely intense, curious gaze. For a moment words escaped him completely as the only thoughts running through his head went along the lines of 'holy fuck, that's really frigging blue!'

The dark haired man parted and licked his dry lips. "Can I help you?" he asked in a surprisingly deep timber.

This seemed to snap Dean out of his spiralling thoughts and he cleared his throat again. "Uh, no. Well yes! Do you mind if I sit with you for a moment?"

Dean fidgeted, only barely suppressing the urge to face palm at his stuttering attempt at a sentence. Normally he was much more fluent with the English language. Bizarrely, he tried to blame his sudden illiteracy with his native language on the proximity of the Russian novel but that really made no sense.

The man was looking at him now, expectantly, and Dean realized he must have already given his answer and was waiting for him to respond. "Ah, pardon me, I didn't catch that."

"I said you can if you'd like," he repeated, his blue eyes twinkling with amusement but his expression remained otherwise neutral. "May I ask why you wish to dine with me though?"

Dean gratefully took a seat, feeling a little less like an idiot now. "My brother and his girlfriend are insisting on drinking their coffee alone so I thought I'd chat up one of the native patrons."

"I see," the man said, another glimmer of laughter shining through his eyes. He didn't pick up his novel again or try to continue the conversation as Dean had expected he might. Instead his new acquaintance seemed perfectly content to just study Dean.

After a moment of trying to eat his pie under the intensity of his gaze, Dean finally struck up a new topic. "So what're you reading?"

The man blinked, the only hint that the question had taken him off guard. "Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky. It's a fascinating novel."

"It looks well read," Dean observed. "Are you studying English or something?"

The very tips of the man's ears seemed to grow pink although that might have been Dean's overactive imagination. "No, I just greatly enjoy Russian literature."

The blond chuckled, "you'd probably get along great with my brother then, he's also a nerd."

"And you would probably get along quite well with my cousin," the still unnamed man replied with a small quirk in his lips. "He also believes me to be a nerd."

Dean grinned at the almost half smile, "Hey nerds are the coolest people out there, just don't let Sam hear me say that."

The man tilted his head in a way that made Deans stomach erupt into butterflies. "Why wouldn't you want your brother to know you think highly of him?"

"Well," the blonde said, slightly taken aback by the direct question. "I guess 'cause that's just what brothers do. They tease each other."

He nodded, "I believe I understand. My cousin often employs these tactics in order to embarrass me as well."

"Yeah, family can be bitch, eh?" Dean grinned.

Before the other man could respond however, a voice called from the counter "Castiel! Get your butt over here and man the counter!"

Blue-eyes grimaced and gave Dean an apologetic look, though he wasn't really registering it as he was still in shock of learning exactly whom he had been conversing with. Castiel… the name seemed to fit him.

"I have to go. As you said, family can be a… bitch."

With that sentiment, the newly decreed Castiel got to his feet and walked stiffly over to his cousin. Gabriel lifted a brow at Dean's flabbergasted face but said nothing.

Dean, for his part, was still reeling over the conundrum that was Castiel. From his short conversation with the man, the intelligent, socially awkward and stoic character already undeniably fascinated him.

Dimly, he heard Sam call his name so he quickly slapped down some cash- plus a large tip- and hurried after his brother.

Sam tried to attempt some jabs about his new boyfriend but was thus far unable to get more than a monosyllabic response from his elder brother. The confusion was written all over the giants face but Jessica felt her womanly intuition tingling and simply sat in the Impala's back seat with a knowing smile.

She had a feeling they would all be returning to Gabriel's Café and Bakeshop rather soon.

"So Cassie, why are you flirting up my customers all of the sudden?" Gabriel asked in that sly way of his. "Remember, if they give you money, you're selling muffins, not sausages."

Castiel frowned. "I don't understand the reference you are trying to make. This is a bakeshop, of course we don't sell sausages…"

"Never mind," his cousin said, rolling his eyes.

"Besides, I wasn't flirting with that man. We were merely conversing."

"Last time I checked, conversing didn't include continual eye fuckage."

"Really Gabriel," Castiel said in a rare show of true annoyance. "I must insist you stop making these lewd and false insinuations."

The shorter man laughed and threw his hands up in mock surrender, "All right, all right! I think you might have gotten me a new customer anyways so I might as well thank you for that."

Castiel turned away to wipe a table so his cousin wouldn't see the soft smile that tugged at his lips.

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