B/N – Well, I've gotten inspired to try my hand at some Random Word-Prompt Drabbles, so here goes! MANY thanks to GypsyGirl098 for directing me to a great Random Word Generator. I took the first 12 words it gave me, and will be writing a short vignette for each one. I'm sure most of these will involve Ferb, or Vanessa, or Ferb AND Vanessa, but any P&F characters could turn up. (Sorry, no requests.) There will be romance, but other things, too, and you can bet there's gonna be a lot of Fluff.

Nothing in this sequence of vignettes will exceed a rating of K+.

You already know who and what belongs to Dan Povenmire & Jeff "Swampy" Marsh.


Vanessa stood next to the purple and white mini-bus parked outside the Freshman Dorms, watching her Dad rummage in the back seat.

"Just a minute, Sweetie, I thought I heard something fall out back here earlier," he was rambling. "It might be something important, and I wouldn't want to drive all the way back to the Tri-State Area and then find out that you were missing something important…"

"Dad," she sighed, "we've been through the van three times."

"Maybe it rolled under the seat."

"There's nothing under the seat," she groaned. "Look, you came up here to help me get settled, I'm settled. I have everything I need." When he ignored this, Vanessa tugged at the sleeve of his lab coat. "Dad – go home."

He let out a resigned breath and gave up the imaginary search, turning to face her. His eyes were moist as he said, "All right, Baby Girl. Just remember, if you need anything, I'm only three hours away. Less, if I use the Accelerate-inator!"

With a twist of her lips and a roll of her eyes, Vanessa regarded her father, her annoying, embarrassing, never-stopped-blathering, oblivious, over-protective father – Then suddenly she threw herself on him, pulling him into a tight hug. He hugged her back and said, in a voice cracking with emotion, "Vanessa, I am so proud of you."

The new college student felt her own anxieties subside as she spent one last moment in the shelter of her Daddy's arms.

A/N: When my first word was "Student," I knew this would be something about Vanessa at College. We know Doof loves his Baby Girl, and I think that, as she matures, she realizes that deep down she loves him, too.