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Rachel sat on her bed, crying. She knew she shouldn't do this, because really there wasn't anything to cry about but she couldn't stop. Her face was far from saveable, and her shaking hands rested on her lap not trying to wipe away her tears. She sat up state telling herself that she was being a stupid little idiot, but for once putting herself down wasn't working.

Finn had been over only an hour ago and left with the expression of a disappointed puppy. Rachel couldn't stand herself. It was today that she, with a lot of help from one of her closest friends, had decided that she was going to loose her virginity. However, it didn't go to plan and here she sat after rejecting Finn. She thought back to that afternoon when the decision had been made.

Rachel sat next to Quinn happily; they had become close friends over the past couple of weeks. They were almost best friends though neither of them would ever admit it. Finally Rachel asked the question that had been nagging in the corner of her mind since they had become close.

"Q... Can I ask you something personal?..." She said looking into her lap. Quinn looked at the nervous girl and smiled at the cute face Rachel was making.

"Anything honey." She smiled and Rachel blushed.

"It's about Finn," Rachel said and Quinn stiffened "it's also about sex." She said in a quieter tone, Quinn stiffened even more.

"Go for it." She said coldly, but then looked at the terrified girl in front of her and her expression softened "I want to help."

"I'm still a virgin." She blurted out; Quinn's eyebrows shot up but she didn't say anything. "And I think that 17 is an appropriate age to begin the prospect of intercourse."

Quinn looked at her quizzingly "And you want my help how?" she said suggestively, Rachel's eyes widened and they both giggled "seriously though."

Rachel looked at her and started to play with the hem of her skirt, not meeting Quinn's eye, she decided to get it over with "How do I go about it, what contraception do you recommend? Is it as good as they say it is? How do I show him I'm ready to take the next step? How-" Rachel was going to carry on but Quinn had made a muffled laughing sound making Rachel blush furiously.

"Slow down!" she smiled and put her hand on Rachel's knee rubbing it softly "Look, there is no reason to be so nervous, sex should be natural." She looked at the still not convinced Rachel and stifled a laugh "Contraception wise, go for a male condom, easiest."

Rachel nodded.

She paused and laughed "With Finn... it's over so quick you'll hardly get started." She joked and Rachel laughed lightly because Quinn dated Finn, so would be the first to know about his problems.

"And about showing him your ready, don't do that whole Rachel Berry strait to the point thing, keep it calm, just hint." She said. Rachel didn't look like this was helping and Quinn had a idea. "Look, pretend I'm you and your Finn."

"okay." Smiled Rachel, finally, they were going to get somewhere.

"Let's say you've been kissing for a while and he does what he thinks is like the hottest thing ever and moves his hands from your hair to your ass, in like three seconds." She laughed and Rachel laughed too, it was his signature move. Quinn leaned over Rachel, it was all very innocent until Rachel could see down her top because of the way she was sat. She gulped.

Rachel moved in closer pretending to be Finn "Okay, so play your part." Rachel moved her hands lightly onto Quinn's ass and felt a gush of arousal though Quinn didn't seem any different, or so Rachel though.

"O-Okay, then whisper in his ear." She said and moved her head to Rachel's ear. They were un-believably close, Rachel could feel Quinn's hot breath on her ear, and feel her lips brush the words "I'm ready." Then she moved again so Rachel and her were face to face. Quinn was so close she could easily kiss Rachel. She wanted to, so badly but continued she whispered "Take me." On to Rachel's lips.

Rachel wanted to kiss her, she couldn't deny it but before she had even a chance to say anything, Quinn had left the room. Running, her bag grabbed from a chair.

Rachel gave in and wiped her running nose. She had felt something that moment she hadn't felt before.


Strong amounts of it pooling between her legs, and it was more from that brief moment with Quinn where they weren't even kissing just close, that she had ever felt in her life. She had enjoyed her relationship with Finn and her briefer one with Puck but she had never felt like she had with Quinn breasts pressed up lightly against her shoulder and her lips brushing parts of her face. She had felt a fire burning up inside her and a tugging deep in her stomach.

She kidded herself that it was the idea of having sex making her feel that way, but it wasn't. She knew that after many encounters with Finn, he was clumsy, his lips were always chapped. He made her feel safe, sure. But he didn't excite her, and now that she thought closely about it, men never did.

And that was why she was crying.

She wasn't homophobic. She'd grown up with two openly gay dads so she didn't know much different. She could remember the day that they had explained to her the reason most people had a Mummy and a Daddy and she had 2 Daddy's. She could remember the strong blush that covered her face and the nervous laughs that escaped her lips, the way she twisted her hands in her lap and avoided all eye contact.

Part of her knew this day would come, she knew this was inevitably going to happen but the tears in her eyes and the choking lump in her throat was not because she was shocked or surprised it was because she couldn't avoid it any longer.

Rachel wondered idly if living with her two gay dads had any effect on what happened of if being a lesbian was just a part of her since the day she was born. Then she sighed, it was really neither here nor there. How it happened was only a distraction from the evident truth.

She heard a knock on her door and knew that it would be her Dad. Clear as day her farther walked in with the third cup of water. He put in on her desk and tried to clear up the mess of tissues and cups but after she shot him a dirty look he held his hands up as if he was under arrest.

"I'm just checking up." He said simply and looked at her sympathetically "Are you sure there is nothing I can do?"

Rachel was about to reply with a firm no, but she thought for a moment "Can you call Kurt for me?" her dad nodded frantically and left the room without another word.