"Yes! Today is the day I get my first pokemon!"

"Will you stop shouting."

"Don't tell me you're not excited about getting a pokemon."

"I am but I don't get why you need to shout."

"Ok then."

It was early Monday morning, Zack and his friend Tom were excited about getting their first pokemon although Zack was showing it more than Tom. Both were young and had only just reached the age where they could get a pokemon license, allowing they to travel the world with a pokemon by their side.

"Now which one shall I pick." Said Zack.

"You mean you haven't thought about it."

"Of course I've thought about it but it's so hard to decide, they are all so cool."

"Well you're not having Mudkip."


"You can have Torchic or Treeko."

"Fine I'm going to have Torchic."

"Good luck beating me then."

"I won't need luck I will be a pokemon champion."

"Sure you will." Said Tom sarcastically.

"I will."

"Anyway we should get to the lab."


Zack and Tom set off for the pokemon lab in littleroot town so they could get there first pokemon. When they arrived at the lab they found professor Birch working on his pc at the end of the lab to the right of him was a table with three pokeballs sitting on it.

"um, professor Birch?" Zack said quietly

Professor Birch turned round to see who it was.

"Zack, Tom, you two must be here for your pokemon"

"Definitely." Zack said.

"Yes." Tom said.

"Well, then take your pick they are great pokemon." Prof Birch said as he turned back round to his computer.

Zack and Tom walked quickly up to the table excited about getting there pokemon. They both stood looking at the three pokeballs wondering which one they should pick.

"Ok, Mudkip I choose you." As Tom said this he threw the pokeball and Mudkip appeared out of it.

"Wow." Zack said Stunned.

"An excellent choice." Said prof Birch

"Ok now it's my turn to choose."

"Torchic I choose you."

Zack threw the pokeball and out of it Torchic appeared. Zack looked at the Torchic amazed that he finally had his first and could start his adventure.

"Another good choice, now you will need these to help you with you're adventure." Prof Birch said as he handed over 5 pokeballs and a pokedex to both Zack and Tom.

"Thanks." Said Zack and Tom

They both walked out of the pokemon lab glad they have a pokemon and excited about starting their journey. Together they headed to Oldale town the first stop on their journey.

"Yes! I can't believe we are starting our adventure, it's going to be so great!." Zack yelled

"How about we make this trip a bit more interesting?"

"How so?" Zack said confused

"Zack, I challenge you to a pokemon battle."