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Breakfast's one of the most important meals of the day, you know. Or at least one of my foster moms used to say that. I never believed her. Until now. Breakfast with Jasper was definitely important. Kind of re-charged my batteries, as if a weekend apart from him had left me drained somehow. But now, feeling his gaze stroke across my face, the backs of his fingers brush light as air against the backs of mine, hearing his laugh and his voice, I felt recharged. I think I ate some food, too. Can't really remember.

We were both early so we had time to sit and talk and enjoy each other's company. Since we were now 'at work', the subject of armchairs and Friday night was avoided, though the unguarded heat I saw in his eyes sometimes as he flicked his gaze to meet mine showed me that he was thinking about it. And oh God, so was I.

We sat next to each other, not touching—damn the no fraternizing rules in this house—just each basking in the presence of the other. I had to forcefully suppress the feeling of unreality when I remembered that Jasper wanted us to be together, too. And although 'be together' had yet to be defined, I was all for the 'see how it goes' plan.

Conversation was easy and we managed to cover sport, movies and how uncomfortable the patio furniture was before we were joined by some of the other guys. Jasper was happily relaxed until Dru turned towards me and casually said he had enjoyed working with me yesterday. I watched as tension gripped Jasper suddenly, and although he made an effort to relax again, he couldn't seem to stop watching Dru. Every time Dru looked at me or moved towards me in any way, Jasper's shoulders tightened up and his smile became just a bit tighter. What was that all about? I'd replied that Dru had looked good on camera, that's all. And I'd probably blushed a bit when I said it because, come on, when don't I blush? But there was no reason for Jasper to act weird around Dru. No reason at all.

I kept the conversation firmly away from work after that, but Jasper was just that bit more withdrawn again, dammit. No one else seemed to notice, but I was getting to know him better now and I could tell.

I absolutely did not want him retreating from me, not after what happened Friday night and the relaxed conversations we'd had since then. Fighting down the long ingrained urge to just 'let things be' and not cause any problems, I got a hold of my new resolve, gave Jasper a sharp nudge under the table with my foot and stood up. I was going to find out what was bugging him and fix it, dammit.

"Well, time to get ready to work," I said inanely to the table in general, hoping that Jasper would get the hint. I nudged his foot to make sure he did. "Come on, Jasper, come with me." He looked up at me tilting his head back, stretching his neck and his long body against the back of the chair. The corners of his eyes crinkling as he squinted against the bright morning light. I swallowed against the sudden dryness in my mouth. God, he looked good like that, lying there stretched out below me; indolently reclining against the chair, one leg stretched out under the table, the other bent at the knee pulling the soft denim of his jeans tight around his thigh. I'd been sat on that thigh, I reminded myself—felt its hardness, its strength, the way it flexed and tensed. There was a pause at the table, a really long pause, while I enjoyed the memory. The sound of an amused cough from one of the other guys brought me back to reality again. What had I been doing? Oh yeah, trying to talk to Jasper. Away from distractions. Panicking, I said the first thing that came to mind, "Jay… Jasper, you were going to show me that… um, thing?" Treading on his foot now with increasing urgency, I cringed as I heard myself speak. That 'um thing'? Poorly disguised snickers came from across the table and I knew if I looked there would be accompanying smirks. Shoot me now.

Jasper's lips twitched and he definitely had a faint self-satisfied smirk about him. He evidently decided to take pity on me though because he stood up, stretching his long body in evident relief after sitting in the not-so-comfortable patio chair. Dru said something, but I don't know what; I had awareness only for Jasper as I followed his movements greedily with my eyes; long arms stretching back behind him, hard chest flexing beneath fabric, the t-shirt riding a little higher on his waist as he flexed his spine back giving me a glimpse of taut abs and smooth pale gold skin above the faded denim of his jeans. I licked my lips and swallowed. Hard.

Jasper watching me, just grinned—his good mood apparently restored—and picked up a small backpack I hadn't noticed him carrying earlier. "See you guys later," he said to the table in general and nudged me to start walking, which was good because seriously I couldn't remember what I had been about to do. He fell into place beside me and we began the short walk across the patio towards the house.

"That 'um thing'?" he asked softly, not hiding the laughter in his voice.

I flushed. Of course, I did. "Shut up, I'm not good at making stuff up." I growled quietly back at him, not sure if I should be embarrassed or really worried that I'd messed things up. He nudged me with his shoulder as we walked, an 'I'm only joking' kind of gesture, and I felt relief flood through me that whatever his problem was with me talking about Dru seemed to be over.

Turning to me as we walked, he waggled his eyebrows, and asked with a grin, "So, are you actually going to show me your 'um thing'?" God, the things he could do to me with those eyebrows, that voice, that grin…

I tore my gaze from him before I did something stupid like grab him and kiss him. "Shut up," I replied again weakly, nudging him back and feeling the indescribable something in my chest squirm. I realized that a grin matching his own had spread across my face and was glad no one else was around to see it.

Knowing that we had no time for anything Friday-night-armchair related, I forced my addled brain to stop thinking in those directions and to work clearly for a minute. I was going to have to find that inner confident me again and show I wanted him. "I've got about twenty minutes before I have to be working," I began quickly. "So let's decide whether or not we are actually going to share the next meal together before we forget again. You know, make a plan, set a date…" realizing what I had said, I trailed off, leaving the 'date' word hanging uncomfortably. We were deep into the shadowy kitchen by now, heading towards the hallway. I suddenly felt my old insecurity fill me. It was just a word, but might that have been too…much? Our agreement was that we would 'see how it goes' not that we would officially date. And anyway, was that even something that two guys did? I watched as he tensed up at my use of the word and waited anxiously for his reply. Christ, I was so crap at this.

"Let's talk in your room, Edward," was his sighed reply, as he stepped past me and started up the stairs. Despite my feeling that I had just messed everything up again, I was hopelessly drawn to follow him. Actually behind him was a pretty good place to be—he had a beautiful ass. And long strong legs. I stumbled as I walked not taking my eyes off the stretch of the denim over what I knew was smooth firm skin and long strong muscles. I bit my lip to hold back a moan and resolutely followed him up the rest of the stairs. Please, don't let me have messed this up.

He didn't turn to speak to me or even look at me as I told him which room was mine. The teasing of moments ago was gone. He was confusing, he was frustrating, he was driving me fucking nuts.

Once in my room, I closed the door sharply behind me.

"We should leave that open," he said. "House rules."

"Why?" I asked, my confusion and anger fueling my bravery. "It doesn't look like we're going to do anything now." Both of us froze at the word 'now', knowing that a couple of minutes ago we would have been all over each other. "What's wrong, Jasper? I'm…" I paused, wondering if I was just reading this whole thing wrong. "I'm sorry if I you thought I was suggesting something that isn't what guys do." He almost flinched at that. Christ, and I thought women were difficult to understand.

He sighed and slid a hand into one of his front pockets, not meeting my eyes. "Sorry, Edward, it's just…"

Just what? Was he having second thoughts about me again? I'd thought we had got past this on Friday night. In fact, that was such a good point, I thought I might as well say it.

"I thought we were past this, Jasper." It came out as a cracked whisper. Jesus, my eyes were even prickling. What did this man do to me to bring out my emotions like this? They usually were so well hidden, I half thought I didn't have any and now… He looked upset at my words or possibly my badly hidden hurt.

"Sorry, Edward. It's just that I don't…" He stopped himself from saying whatever it was he had been about to reveal and took in another deep breath. I silently urged him to continue. "We shouldn't date," he continued in a rush. "This, with us, it's just… see how it goes, yeah? It's not…" He jammed his hand into his pocket and clenched the other into a frustrated fist and, with dawning understanding, I silently cursed the jack ass who had hurt him in the past. Instinctively, I reached my hand towards him, brushing the backs of my fingers over the clenched backs of his, a barely-there touch like he had given me earlier at breakfast.

"It's okay," I replied as softly as I could manage with all the turmoil inside. "We're just…yeah. See how it goes. I'm sorry about what I said. I didn't mean… it's just a word, you know?" The squirmy thing in my chest was doing its best to kill me, or so it felt like and the prickling in my eyes was back. What the hell was wrong with me?

He swallowed hard, slowly unclenching his fingers and smiling a smile that was more like the Jasper I knew. "Thanks, I guess I needed that." I thought his eyes still looked a bit wild as he gazed at me, like there was a fight going on inside his head. I could almost feel the thoughts as they battered around in there and I watched as he fought them into some kind of submission. "Sorry," he sighed, his whole body seeming to sag and I thought he looked sad. I smiled at him hoping to get a response and thankfully he seemed to come back to me a little. He reached down for his backpack then and opened it, handing me my jeans freshly washed as promised. When he looked back at me, the confusing emotion was gone from his eyes and memories of Friday night swirled there instead. His growing smile was full of memory, too. I was so glad to see him smile.

I fought down the heat in my cheeks that thinking of Friday gave me and took the jeans from him, throwing them on the bed, and matching the knowing smile with one of my own. The last ten minutes faded away as memories of the heat and the passion and the oh, so damn good, swirled around us and our smiles stretched to grins as we both remembered. The tension around us shifted from uncertainty and confusion into want, need, touch, taste, but although we swayed towards each other as though we were pulled together by some invisible force, we each managed to regain enough sense to straighten up and pull away, and not give in and make a grab for each other. But it was hard.

Achingly hard, actually.

Clearing his throat and stepping away from the very real possibility that we might break every single house rule right there and then, Jasper shrugged apologetically and I suddenly didn't know what to do with my hands. I settled for shoving them in the pockets of my jeans—less chance of me reaching for him and grabbing him and kissing him…

He sobered again, a flash of sadness flickering in his eyes, and took a deep breath. With the appearance of a man walking to his own death, he gestured around the room. "I thought you might like to get out of here tonight," he said. He had his hands shoved in his pockets now, too. "I know a place that's fun, has good beer and serves amazing chicken wings. Want to go?"

Now, if I didn't know better, I might have thought I had just been asked out on a date. Very reluctantly. His mood swings were giving me whiplash. Confused, I just nodded. "I'd love to," I replied and that was that.

"Great." He flashed me a grin that didn't quite make it all the way to his eyes, and added, "I don't think I'll be around at lunch time, just to let you know." He looked at me, telling me he wasn't avoiding me, asking me to trust him. "Mondays are usually pretty hectic," he explained with a shrug, "so I'll meet you downstairs at eight, then? Is that okay?" I nodded again not sure if he actually wanted to take me out or not. But he had asked.

He grinned again and sketched a wave as he left the room, and I watched him leave, confused and aching. This wasn't going to be easy, but at least we were going to spend time together again. That had to be a good thing, right?

Jasper POV

I sat at my desk. Monday morning lists and chores piled around me. But I hardly saw the chaos. Breakfast hadn't gone quite as I had planned it. I was scared. And that was something I just didn't feel.

I'm not saying that I never got scared, but it was rare. The first time I was flown into Vegas by Corbin and had been asked to strip naked in front of a camera. That hadn't scared me. But then, I'd always been a bit of an exhibitionist.

The time Gram had told me Pops had prostate cancer. That had scared me, sure, but I was determined he could beat it, so it scared me but spurred me on, too. It made me angry that it had happened to him and fucking determined that he could beat it. Which he had.

But this. This with Edward. This scared me.

In so many ways, it was so right with him. The timing was perfect. I had already made the decision to stop the porn films job; it had been fun and I'd enjoyed it while it lasted, but that phase of my life was over now. I wanted different things now. A 'proper' job. A healthy relationship, not just a bad choice or a succession of pick-ups that lasted a night or a weekend in between rounds of health checks and abstinence. I was ready for more. And with Edward, I felt I'd found that.

I was drawn to him like no one else. There was something between us that was more than physical attraction. And when we were together… words failed me. Friday night had been incredible. Fuck, he was beautiful when he came. I'd never get enough of seeing him like that. And we hadn't even taken our clothes off. I'd come in my pants like a schoolboy and hadn't even cared. Gone was the legendary restraint, the ability to come only when I let myself—something very useful in my former profession. Friday night, Edward had undone me completely.

He was perfect.

Except for one little thing.

He was completely inexperienced; freshly out and as green as they came.

I'd believed him on Friday when he'd said that he was sure he was gay and that it wasn't just a phase with him. I honestly believed now that he wouldn't 'change his mind' and go back to hetro heaven, but he was still so new to all of it.

And that was the crunch; how could he be sure that I was the one, like I was with him? His slip about not knowing if two guys dated had stabbed me in the chest, reminding me of how little he knew of the world. My stomach turned at the thought of getting hurt again. I'd let one man into my life before. Risked, without thought or consideration, my heart. Just threw it over the fence, the future be dammed. And I'd been treated badly and got hurt. I was scared. Scared to let it happen again.

But what I'd reminded myself over the weekend was that I never gave in—it wasn't the Whitlock way. When I saw something I wanted, I went out and got it, and if something was in the way, I dealt with it. I wanted Edward. The fact that it was my own fear standing in the way made no difference. I would overcome it and get what I wanted.

It had taken me all weekend to come up with that. A whole two days of time wasted away from Edward. But it was good to solidly make the decision to put away my fear and to try.

And at breakfast this morning, it had lasted about five minutes.

As soon as Edward had mentioned that he thought Dru had looked good during his scene, I had felt my heart sink, because I knew that it was wrong of me to try and keep him. Edward was basically a kid in a candy shop for the very first time. He had no idea what it was he wanted. I was just the very first Popsicle he had seen.

I put my head down on the small bit of space on my desk as I thought about it and contemplated thumping it up and down a few times. It might distract from the burning I felt inside whenever I remembered that Edward had seen Dru naked and had liked what he saw. I growled and thumped my head experimentally. Nope, it didn't help. Of course, my little show earlier stretching in the chair had kept Edward's attention on me, so much so that he hadn't even heard Dru ask him when they were working together again. I smirked at that thought. Jasper 1—Dru 0.

Sighing, I sat back up. As we sat out in the sun earlier, I had known that I wanted him to only want me, but it dawned on me that there was a whole world of men for him to choose from. Not Dru, because he was straight, but I knew I shouldn't be staking a claim on Edward and not let him really choose. Did he even realize that there were other men out there who would love to be with him? Men who would be so much better for him than I was?

I knew it was only fair I let him see what was available out there. I didn't want him to pick me because he thought I was the only gay man around who wanted him. He should have a choice, a chance to work out who and what he liked, what he wanted. I was going to have to do the right thing, dammit, and it fucking pissed me off.

I groaned and sunk my head into my hands. I could try and hide it. I could push it away and pretend it wasn't there, but whatever I did, it wouldn't go away. I was scared. Scared he wouldn't pick me and that would hurt, and scared he would but would then leave me for someone else. I was screwed either way.

I sighed and ran my hands through my hair. I was a fucking idiot for doing it, but I knew I needed to take Edward out and show him the world. Well, a bit of it anyway. So tonight I was taking him to a gay bar. God, help me.


At eight o'clock, he was wearing the jeans I'd returned to him this morning and a loose shirt—black and white check, baggy, wrinkled and was that toothpaste on it? I hoped it wasn't something else.

"Sorry," he babbled, stumbling down the stairs. "The scene ran late. I was going to do laundry but I just didn't have time. Sorry." He looked so miserable at not having spent time preening himself, I laughed. God, the man could do the puppy dog eyes like no one else.

"It's fine," I assured him. "Wear what you like." I meant every word—he didn't need to dress up for me.

"But I can't," he replied. "This," he grabbed the edge of the shirt and flapped it around his body for emphasis, "…is all I have left that's clean." He noticed the blob of hopefully, toothpaste and his face fell even more. "Shit. It was clean. I guess we'll have to go out another night?"

He looked so crestfallen. So damned cute. So completely fuckable. Remember the plan, Jasper. He's not yours, not until he actually chooses.

"Want to stop by my place and borrow one of my shirts?" It came out before I thought about it. Fuck, why had I said that? I could have postponed this outing, kept him to myself for a little longer, but it was too late now.

"You wouldn't mind?" he asked, looking hopeful and more than a little excited. God knows the 'come back to my place and get changed' line was as old as the hills, but he honestly looked like he'd never heard it before.

Back down, Jasper, I thought sternly. No fucking him, just dressing him.

Fuck my life.

"'Course, I don't mind." If I said it through gritted teeth, it was understandable. Now not only did I have to introduce him to a bar full of horny men, I had to dress him to show him off, too. I was a saint. Seriously. "Come on, let's get out of here." And get this torture over with.


We went to eat first, steak and beer and conversation, and I forgot for a couple of hours that he wasn't mine. I watched the way he smiled, the way he laughed, the way he bit his lip, the way his long fingers gestured as he spoke. And I fell even deeper.

Afterwards, I took him to Piranha because we might as well do the Las Vegas experience, right? It was nothing to do with the fact that the high price of the nightclub would at least keep the worst of the guys away from Edward and give him something a bit classier to … pick from. Not that class was something you saw a lot of around here.

I fiddled with the hem of my shirt which I'd left untucked over my favorite dark grey pants. I'd dressed carefully. Just because I was showing Edward that he had a choice didn't mean I wasn't going to try damn hard to be chosen. We'd picked out a deep blue shirt for Edward and it was snug across his shoulders and chest, giving the buttons something to do each time he moved. He chose to wear it tucked into the black pants I'd loaned him and the view of his ass whenever he turned away from me was going to give me a coronary.

We got a beer each and then settled back against the bar to watch the world go by. Well, the gay portion of it currently hanging out here, anyway. Edward was excited to be here and he could barely keep his eyes off the writhing mass on the dance floor. I was stood next to him, shoulder to shoulder—hey, the bar was crowded—and each time he turned his body to gawk at a particularly flamboyant sight passing by, his ass brushed against my hip, and I gripped my beer tighter and gritted my teeth. He was going to kill me.

Needing to do something to distract me from his-ass-and-my-hip, I gestured to the mass of bodies on the dance floor, most of whom were moving to the heavy beat of the music and some of whom were oblivious to it. "Do you want to dance?" I asked.

Edward spun his head round to face me so quickly I jumped back. "Dance? Me?"

I laughed at his incredulity. "Yeah, you. And me." I clarified, just in case he thought I wanted him to go and put a show on for me or something. Not that I'd mind.

"Oh, um, no... that's not...I don't think..."

"Relax." I laughed, unable to resist slinging an arm around his shoulders and squeezing reassuringly. "We don't have to, we can just watch." He relaxed and turned back to watch the crowd again and I sighed in amused pleasure. He sure was different from the guys I usually hung out with here. Or picked up here.

After a while, my not groping the sexy as hell man I was standing next to became obvious to everyone there and we began to generate some more obvious interest. The first guy to approach Edward eyed me cautiously as I glared at him—I couldn't help it—and sidled up towards Edward. All blond haired, I-can-be-innocent-if-you-want twink, casually flipping a coin from one of the casinos as he approached. Edward looked at him curiously, and I kept back, waiting to see what would happen.

The boy-man—I really hoped he was legal— shuffled up to Edward and looked up at him with a wide bright smile.

"Hi," he said. I snorted to myself. Kids these days; is that the best they can come up with?

"Hi," replied Edward, friendly and curious. And, I realized, clueless.

The kid realized he needed to work a little harder and stopped tossing the coin, holding it between thumb and finger. He leaned closer to Edward, who leaned back, trying to maintain a space between them.

"So," the twink persisted, bringing the gleaming gold coin up to his admittedly hot and pouty lips and tapping them with it. He looked up at Edward through his eyelashes and asked with a pseudo, innocent bite of his lip, "If I flip this coin, what are the chances of me getting head?"

I snorted again. Really?

Edward looked perplexed. "Well," he began uncertainly, glancing at me. "Statistically, I think that the odds are fifty-fifty for heads or tails, so..."

The kids eyes brightened and he stepped closer so he was brushing up against Edward, who was trying to lean sideways away from him.


"Scram, kid, he's not interested." The boy blinked uncertainly at me for a moment then realized that I meant business and skedaddled away. I watched him disappear into the crowd only to notice just how many other guys were looking our way. Jesus, I was never lending Edward any of my clothes again. The man was a magnet.

Edward just looked at me, puzzled. "Weird kid," he offered with a shrug.

Oh, yeah. Weird all right.

I thrust the fresh beer into his hand and took a good long pull of mine. Was it wrong that I suddenly wanted Edward locked away where no one else would be able to see him, only me?

We leaned a bit closer and talked about the music, the things some of the guys were wearing. Edward had a keen eye for details. It was the subtext he seemed to completely miss.

Before long, the muscled hunk, who had been eyeing us from the other end of the bar, sauntered over. I sighed. We should have stayed at home.

He took one look at me, saw my glare and fixed his attention on Edward. Stopping in front of him, he managed to stand so that his impressive chest and arms were shown in the best light and flexed just enough to be noticed.

Poser. He waited just long enough for Edward to notice—which he did—fixing his gaze on the impressive pecs clearly defined by the tight tiny tee before dragging his eyes away in polite embarrassment.

Oh, Edward, he wants you to look, you dolt. What was I going to do with him?

Edward met the muscle man's bold stare and swallowed. Hard. Damn it, did he really find all that steroid-induced muscle mass attractive?

"Hey," He-man drawled in an Earl Jones' voice that might actually be real. I tried to imagine him with a squeaky voice and swallowed back a laugh. He-man ignored me, zoning in on his target.

"My name's Tom." He flexed again, his pecs jumping under the fabric. "Shall I call you tonight?" Edward's gaze had been drawn back to the chest-with-a-life-of-its own in front of him.


He-man looked annoyed. "Shall I call you?" he repeated, disgruntled now that his best pick up line hadn't worked.

Edward just looked blankly at him. "Um, what for?" he asked confused. I didn't have a mouthful of beer but if I had, I'd have been wearing it right now. He-man huffed, turned on his heel and ponced away, hips swinging. I laughed aloud and Edward joined in. "He's a character, isn't he?" He laughed. Oh, Edward.

Eventually, the beers worked their way through and I had to go to the bathroom. I didn't want to leave him there unprotected, because he's obviously completely out of his depth, but he's a grown man and I could hardly insist he came with me. Well, except if I was going to … no, don't think about sexual activities with Edward in a bathroom stall.

"I'm going to the bathroom," I told him. "Will you be okay?" I couldn't help adding.

"Sure, " he replied, gesturing out to the crowd. "There's plenty to watch." I was more worried about them watching him.

"Okay," I muttered, not happy, putting down my beer and making my way through the crowd. I had a horrible vision of every man in the club seeing me put down my beer and leave, and taking that as their cue to make their move on Edward.

Don't be stupid, I told myself, he'll be fine. It's not as though he's the only, gorgeous, single male, standing around waiting to discover the joys of gay sex.


I pushed through the crowd. I was going to take the quickest piss in history and get right back out there.

But, it turned out I took longer than I'd hoped. I ran into a couple of friends and had to stop and catch up, a couple of fans spotted me and wanted to chat and the bathroom had been full of guys getting it on together. It takes longer to piss with a hard on.

I was so relieved when I got back and Edward was still standing where I had left him—blue lights from the bar making his shirt an even deeper blue—comfortably leaning up against the bar. Thank God, I'd brought him to an upmarket club. In some of the seedier places, he'd have been swarmed.

He smiled as I settled in next to him again, close enough that I could just feel his body heat and the occasional brush of fabric as we moved.

"You know, if the cameraman job doesn't work out, I could get work here setting up an information desk," he stated, sounding bemused.


"The amount of people who have asked for directions or asked for help or just wanted to talk while you've been gone!" he cried. "You wouldn't believe it!"

Yes, I fucking would. I saw red. Guys had been hitting on Edward, my Edward. I had known that they would but hearing him say that... unconsciously I slid the half a step closer to him that would bring our hips into touching distance. Really, he was like a lamb in a lion's cage. I was going to have to explain things to him.

"Edward, those guys didn't want directions. They were hitting on you."

He turned his laughing eyes to me, not seeming to mind the new physical closeness, though a pink tinge to his cheeks that I could see even in the bar's colored lights showed me that he had noticed it.

"Very funny, Jasper," he said with a smile and a laugh, and I was about to assure him that I hadn't been joking when a tall, dark skinned man stepped in front of us and smiled a white toothed smile down at Edward, though he shifted position slightly to include me in his smile when he saw how close we were standing.

He was hot. Glossy skinned, high cheek bones, luscious lips. I could totally go for him. If I weren't hook, line and sinker falling for the man currently pressed against my side.

Mr Tall, Dark and Fucking Gorgeous didn't see my glare, or ignored it, and returned his attention to Edward, who appeared politely curious, but to my eyes completely clueless about what this man could want.

I felt an exasperated kind of fondness and almost wished he could stay like that. But he was such a target, I had to warn him.

"Hey, there, Handsome," Mr Tall and Dark spoke to Edward. I seethed.

"I was going to invite you to the bar at my hotel, but," he paused, running his chocolate brown eyed stare up and down my body. "I'd be happy to include the both of you in the invitation." His voice was a deep based purr, his stance provocative, his body tempting. A week ago, I wouldn't have hesitated, but now, I felt a deep protective anger that someone would blatantly come onto my Edward.

I remembered my pledge to allow Edward to make his own choices and gritted my teeth, clenched my fist around my poor beer bottle and said nothing in reply. Waiting to see what Edward would do.

"Oh, well, thanks, that's nice, but this bar is pretty good," stammered Edward in tongue-tied embarrassment. "Look." He waved the beer he was holding towards the dark stranger's face. "They even have my favorite brand, and that's hard to find, so I think we're happy to stay here."

Mr Tall, Dark and Completely Fuckable looked nonplussed for a moment but didn't back down. He absolutely had the look of a guy who always got what or who he wanted.

"I was thinking we'd just skip the bar and head on up to my suite." He stepped a little closer to Edward, rested a hand nonchalantly on the waist of his jeans and unmistakably twitched his hips towards Edward, the pull of the denim outlining an impressive package within.

Okay, it had all been unmistakeable to me anyway.

"Sorry. Like I said, I'm happy to stay here." Edward's voice was a little firmer now. A hint of aggravation, a dash of confusion and a whole lot of I don't want to make a scene so I'm being polite to you.

Oh, Edward, what am I going to do with you? Don't finish that thought, Jasper.

Tiring of the scene, I turned so that my body was at right angles to Edward's as he leaned somewhat awkwardly back against the bar and shifted that bit closer. Edward's hip now nestled firmly against my groin. No mixed signals to anyone else in the room now. He was with me. I turned my head to the dark stranger, and curbing my temper said, "We're not interested, goodbye." And gave him my best fuck off glare that was nowhere near as semi polite as my words.

Taking the hint, he backed down and nodded, striding gracefully away onto the dance floor moving in time with the music in moments. Goodbye, Mr Tall Dark and I Want to get into Your Boyfriend's Pants. Whoa, wait. Boyfriend? I felt a momentary hint of panic clawing at my chest. I didn't do boyfriends, not since... Edward and I weren't, we were just … Well, okay, I wanted more than a one night stand and I didn't want him to want anyone else and I wanted to see him every day and every night and… Yeah, okay. I could do boyfriend.

Edward was looking at me in anxious, turned on confusion. He could clearly feel my cock as it stirred awake, pressed against his hip and I couldn't hold back the minute rhythmic nudges that I was making with it against the taut muscles and hard bone of his hip and thigh.

He licked his lips, his eyes glazing slightly. "Jasper, what...?"

"He was hitting on you," I murmured, settling my chest against his arm. I couldn't get enough physical contact. It was like a drug and I was hooked.

Edward spun his head back to the dance floor in the direction that Mr Dark and Handsome had disappeared, an astounded expression on his face.


"They all were," I growled, my chin against his shoulder, my lips inches from his ear. I put my forgotten beer down on the bar behind him and carefully threaded my fingers into the soft hair at the nape of his neck, pressing my fingers into his skin and loving the feel of it against mine even in this tiny amount.

Fuck giving him a chance to choose. He was mine. I was here first.

"So, what was all that with the coin, then? Heads or tails?" he asked, leaning his body in towards mine and turning his head so he could look at me.

I grinned at him. "Heads, Edward. It's a gay club. Most of the guys here like to give or get head."

"Oh, God! I feel so stupid." He wrapped one of his arms around me and was threading his fingers through my hair, too. It felt knee-weakeningly good.

"No, you're not," I mumbled into his neck, my breath ghosting over his skin. "Just unprepared. Next time we come here, you'll know what to expect."

"Next time?" I could feel his pulse hammering under my lips.

"Yeah, and I'll get you to dance, too."

He snorted at the idea then breathed a sigh as my lips made contact with his skin.



"Take me home."

"Thought you'd never ask." Hell yeah, I was the chosen one.

I won't make you wait so long for the next one!