To Each His Own Hell

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: punish

Summary: How can you win a battle when it turns out that you are your own worst enemy?

A/N: Happy Birthday small1171 – may your wishes come true (as this one, hopefully, did – delusional, hurting, desperate Dean, at your service :-D Take my hugs and enjoy.

The eyes were the worst.

They watched his limbs twitching to a feral song of torture, watched his body burn to the bones with an unseen fire, watched him begging through cracked lips until his voice was nothing more than a broken whisper.

He could feel them like fiery arrows slashing into his soul.

His father's yellow eyes. His brother's nightblack ones. Pamela's, a searing white. And Castiel's, cold and uncaring as the stars.

"Punish me", he moaned, flying on the wings of pain. "For I have wronged you in so many ways."

But they kept their silent watch, unblinking.