Well ladies and gentlecolts. Thank you for those who have read my first chapter! I realize that there are many grammar and punctuation mistakes, so this recent re upload aims to do just that, correct them. I also added more details to add length to the story. Please enjoy this rewritten first installment of 'The Greatest Story Ever Written'!


My Best Friend

"Hey Flame Trotter!" Twilight, the purple unicorn, said popping out of one of her many piles of books. There was quite a bit of hope in here eyes as her lips parted to relay her request. "Do you want to spend the night over my house?"

The orange pegasus looked at her with a perplexed looked. "Again?" The pony known as Flame Trotter gave a simple answer, yet Twilight immediately knew what it truly stood for. The unicorn frowned upon her friends words, "But I don't want you to leave!" She said flailing her arms wildly, obviously unamused by the so-so answer she was given. "What if we just send your bird friends Spark and Charge to go tell them you'll be staying the night again?" Twilight exclaimed pointing to a male and female bird duo quickly perched atop. Flame Trotter put a hoof to his head in thought. "I'm sure they'll want to see me personally. Sorry Twi, but this is one you ain't winning." Flame Trotter smiled deviously and Twilight clung to his back legs as he was about to make his exit. "Awwww, come on, Flame Trotter please don't go!" Twilight started kicking her own hind legs, in a sort of oppression her eyes growing big and watery in a puppy-dog like fashion.

Flame Trotter sighed heavily and walked over to Twilight's desk. He easily found what he was looking for. A quill, a piece of parchment and ink. "Huh, hey Flame Trotter, what's that? Come on, let me see," Twilight begged trying to get over the older ponies shoulder. With a slightly annoyed look on his face, Flame Trotter started scribbling on the paper, playfully letting choice words be seen by his female counterpart. Twilight could make out some words, but in the grand scheme of things they only confused her more when trying to figure out what the letter could be about. "

After a while of jumping and writing, Flame Trotter sealed the note and shoved it in between two large books. "Alright" He said smiling largely "Now I really ought to get going, don't want to be late getting back home." Twilight looked from the two large books back to Flame Trotter. "But you left your-" Twilight began, but Flame Trotter tugged on her hoof "Come on! You've got to see me out the door!" He tugged Twilight into the living room and next to her parents. The two giggling a bit as their daughter blushed furiously trying not to trip over her two back hooves. He released her hoof and she caught her breath, simultaneously shooting angry looks at her parents for giggling. Flame Trotter laughed under his breath as he took a step out from the house, spread in his soft gallant, orange wings.

"Bye Flame Trotter!" Twilight's family shouted out waving him off as he flew threw the sky, his orange body making an amazing streak against the it. "Buh-bye!" He waves back and then suddenly taking off. Once she could no longer see the orange streak in the sky Twilight bolted back inside her home and into her room. Hopping up on a chair and pushing those same two giant books aside. She gasped, the letter was actually addressed to her! She used her magic to open it and the letter slowly sprawling out on the desk. She began reading it:

"Dear Twilight,
I'm terribly sorry for leaving you today. I know you wanted to keep playing some more, but my mom and dad really miss me. Its a shame that you can't come visit me in Cloudsdale, not being able to fly or stand on the clouds and all. To make it up to you I'll come stay with you the whole next week! (Aren't you special!) I know, I KNOW that sounds like a lot coming from me, but I promise it's true! ...And if I can't keep my promise then I want you to keep this letter safe and sound, and when the time comes I promise to marry you..."

Twilight gasped and began to blush finding herself start to sweat under what she thought was a dream come true. Nonetheless she continued on reading the letter

"...I hope that you'll keep this letter safe and my promise even safer.

May my flame keep you safe,
Flame Trotter"

"Wow, its been almost four years since I've seen him...I wonder, what he's doing right now." Spike walked past the day dreaming Twilight . "Your still reading that letter, Jeez Twilight, you've been at it for almost an hour."
"Hey! I just started reading it, thank you very much!"
"Don't tell me your missing your boyfriend!" Spike said, teasing Twilight as she chased after him. "What! Boyfriend?" Twilight came to a screeching halt and looked at the letter still in her hoof smiling sweetly. "Boyfriend...just wouldn't do this letter justice."