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This is a Naruto/Kamen rider double crossover.

Welcome to the sequel! i hope you guys enjoy this as much as the first! I came up with the title! Anyways this isn't gonna be Shippuden. This story is gonna be about the three years that the Hardboiled Shinobi go through! Now this is gonna resemble the Kamen Rider Double series, so give suggestions for stuff to add! Here's the layout for a suggestion:

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Now I'll be doing every single suggestion that is posted until the 5th chapter. Only one suggestion per chapter please.

Also Naruto and Sasuke are 14 now.

Here we go!

Tanzaku Gai, Fire Country

"So what are we doing here?" Naruto asked walking around a corner.

"Well in addition to training, we have to settle some things that Tsunade got into before rejoining Konoha." Jiraiya said. "That includes her debts. No one will respect a Hokage who won't complete what she started. We can't pay off her debts either because of the sheer volume of them. So she's counting on us to convince them to let go of the debts."

"So we're her errand boys basically?"Sasuke asked.

"Yep." jiraiya answered with a smile.

Naruto and Sasuke sighed.

"So who do we need to talk to first?"Naruto pondered as Jiraiya stopped them in front of a casino."Nevermind. I should've known."

"Our target is Goro Miyazaki. He's a relatively rich person who has a decent amount of control with the higher ups. Tsunade owes him an extrememly small fortune but he's been calling her out on it when he learned she became Hokage."Jiraiya explained as they entered the establishment. The bouncer at the door stopped them. He had a grass headband and seemed to be a rather lanky for his height. He also had a chuunin vest.

"There's a private game going on, invitation only." The bouncer said.

"Well sir, we have a message for a person participating in this private game. So could you please let us throu-" Jiraya was interrupted by a large boom going off inside. There was screaming heard as a window on the left side of the casino was destroyed by a masked figure carrying a bag with something squirming in it. The masked ninja jumped onto the roof and threw explosive tags at the Konoha shinobi.

"Move!" Sasuke shouted as the explosive tags sizzled.

As they jumped away the explosive tags finished their fuse and exploded forming a fireball.

Jiraiya landed on a roof and formed rapid-fire seals. "Water Style: Water Bomb Jutsu!" A basketball sized orb of water appeared in Jiraiya's hand before he tossed it at the fire. The orb then exploded drenching the area and putting out the water.

"That bastard!"Naruto said as he turned to the retreating enemy."Get back here!" Naruto began following the enemy.

"Naruto! Get back here!"Jiraiya shouted but Naruto was already out of earshot."Damn it. Stupid idiot."

Jiraiya jumped down to Sasuke and the Grass ninja's team.

The jounin walked up to Jiraiya."Thank you for your help Sannin. We can take it from here. You have no business here."

"He attacked us! Of course its our business!"Sasuke shouted.

"My student is correct but that's not our only business. Where is Goro Miyazaki?"Jiraiya asked.

"He's inside. Follow me." The jounin led them into the bar where a man was surrounded by others who seemed to be comforting him.

"Goro Miyazaki?" Jiraiya asked.

"Y-yes?" Goro said wiping away a few tears. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He wore a brown suit and red tie.

"We are Konoha Shinobi. Tsunade has sent us here to discuss her debts."Jiraiya explained.

"Can we talk about this later? My daughter has just been kidnapped."Goro said before another round of tears expelled from his eyes.

"What if we get your daughter? Will you drop Tsunade-sama's debt?" Sasuke asked hopefully. This was rather embaressing watching a grown man cry.

"YES! Will you? Will you return my dear Miu-chan alive?"Goro pleaded.

"Sure. What does she look like?"Jiraiya asked as Goro gave him a picture of the girl from his wallet.

The girl in the picture was about 16 in age. She had a light brown color hair but her eyes were a piercing green.

"We'll get your daughter Goro-san."Sasuke said." Its a promise."

"Thank you. Thank you so much!"Goro said as the Konoha Shinobi exited the casino.

"Lets go in the general direction that the enemy escaped. Hopefully Naruto hasn't gotten lost."Jiraya said as they began roof-hopping.

Forest, Near Fire Country Border

Naruto dashed through the trees still following the masked shinobi. After 20 minutes, the enemy seemed to be losing steam as Naruto began to catch up. Just as Naruto was about to punch the ninja another person kicked him away.

"Well what do ya know, a little Konoha genin."The person said as Naruto got a good look at him. While he was masked his outfit looked lie Gaara's sensei Baki. He wore Suna attire and had a Suna headband with a cross through it signifying a missing-nin."Well looks like today you're ging to die." The inja said nonchalantly as he took out a large shuriken resembling Mizuki's."Wind Style: Nightmare Shuriken."

The shuriken which was already large grew to an astonishing size of 7 feet. The blades were curved and as sharp as any katana.

"My name is Yasuo Takeuchi. Also known as your executioner!" Yasuo said as he threw the shuriken.

Naruto barely jumped out of the way as the shuriken tore through several trees and returned to Yasuo's hand."Well my name is Naruto Uzumaki! also known as the winner of this fight. Now count up your sins! Shadow Clone Jutsu!" 3 clones appeared next to Naruto. The Narutos then spit up and charged Yasuo in different directions.

Yasuo smirked as he formed three seals."Wind Style: Fujin Trap!"

A light green barrier erected itself around Yasuo as blades of wind shot out from it slicing into everything. As the last Naruto poofed away, Yasuo looked around letting the barrier fall."Now where'd you go?"

"Behind you! Rasengan!"Naruto shouted as he burrowed the orb of pure chakra into Yasuo's back sending him into a nearby boulder. Two scrolls fell out of the unconscious missing-nin.

Naruto opened one and read it.

Mision Rank: B-Rank

Client: Yoshio Arai

Detail: Capture daughter of Noble Goro Miyazaki. Deliver to Arai-san to hold ransom for money.

Pay: 20,000

"They captured a girl for money? Those evil monsters."Naruto muttered as he opened the other scroll. It contained some high level wind techniques."I'll take this for payback." Naruto said as he put the two scrolls into his pouch. He then kicked Yasuo in the balls and began to tree-hop once again.

Chapter 1 done! You guys like it? Please don't forget to review with suggestions!