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This is a Naruto/Kamen rider double crossover.

This story is gonna be about the three years that the Hardboiled Shinobi go through! Now this is gonna resemble the Kamen Rider Double series, so give suggestions for stuff to add! Here's the layout for a suggestion:

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Last Time:

"So we know where the church and the dress shop is."Sasuke said placing a pin in the two locations.

Naruto wrote the names of the kidnapped brides and their grooms on the board."We know that they all got kidnapped around the same timeframe. Sasuke I think you need to check out the gaia memory library. I'm gonna visit the dress shop. See if the owner knows anything."

Sasuke nodded."Got it." He entered the stance that accessed the library as his chakra flared.

Naruto exited the room and headed into the streets. 'Hopefully, we're not getting in over our heads...'

Dress Shop

As Naruto entered the shop, the doorbell rang and a voice popped out,"Welcome to the Yamashita Dress Shop! May I help you?"

Naruto looked to his left and saw a a girl that resembled Ayame Ichiraku except with black hair and light brown eyes. "Yes um..."

"Oh how rude, my name is Seiko Sakai. May I have your name?" Seiko asked curiously.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. May I talk to the owner?"

"Of course." Seiko answered as she went into the back door."Shiori-chan, there's someone here who wishes to talk to you."

Gaia Library

Sasuke looked around the library and sighed."Well lets get started. Keyword: Marriage. Rose. Black. Bride. Kidnapping."

The books narrowed down to about half a shelf."Hm. Not a narrow enough search. Guess until we get more info, I can't narrow it."


"Have you heard of Akatsuki?" Itachi asked Sasuke who was shocked at the social tone his brother's voice took. He could only shake his head no.

"Well now you will. Keyword: Red Dawn..."

The books disappeared showing a book that seemed to be about 300 pages long.

"You will need this knowledge in order to help Naruto. Also..."Itachi faced his brother."I'm proud how you turned out Sasuke. Sadly now I have to knock you out."

Sasuke stared at the red book before all became black.

Sasuke didn't know why that memory popped up but his vocal cords spoke up."Keyword: Red Dawn." The same red book appeared in his hand. He stared at the cover and was about to open it when a sudden beeping sound screeched in his ear.

Hotel Room

Sasuke fell out of his mindscape and reached into his pocket. He pulled out the Stag Phone that was finally operational and answered it."Yeah Naruto?"

"We've got a problem." Sasuke heard crying in the background."The dress shop was bombed."

"What?"Sasuke shouted.

Dress Shop (5 minutes ago)

"So Seiko-chan said you wanted to talk to me?"Shiori asked. Seiko had left to pick up some materials.

"Yes Shiori-san. Now I'm sure you're aware of the recent kidnappings happening in the city?"Naruto asked taking out a notepad and pen.

"Who hasn't? Everyone's talking about it. It's also been affecting my business. No one wants to get married during times like this."Shiori said sadly.

Naruto wrote down what she said and mentally crossed her name off of the suspect list. Why would she want to ruin her own business?

"Do you know anyone who would want to do this?"Naruto asked.

"Well the only one I know of is-" Shiori was interrupted by her door being blasted off the hinges. 3 kunai then flew in and hit the back wall. A low sizzling sound was heard as Naruto's eyes widened.

"Get down!"Naruto said tackling Shiori behind the counter.

A giant plume of black smoke erupted from the store as Seiko turned around the corner of the street. She saw the smoke and screamed.

Naruto groaned as he got off the now unconscious Shiori who seemed to take the least damage but Naruto being a shinobi had a higher tolerance to explosions in your face.

"I'm pursuing the suspect now." Naruto said after leaving Shiori with Seiko who was still crying.

"Are you gonna need Double?"Sasuke asked pulling out Cyclone.

"Not sure. You'll know if we do."Naruto answered closing the phone.

The hooded figure stopped in a clearing and turned around, facing Naruo.

"Ayano-san take off the hood. I know its you."Naruto demanded.

The person looked shocked before her hand reached up and pulled down her hood revealing the same hazel eyes."How did you know?"

Naruto gave a sad smile."You're wearing your ring."

Ayano looked down to her hand and saw the jewelry glinting off the moonlight."Tch I knew this thing would be me downfall." Ayano sighed,"Now I bet you're wondering why I'm doing this."

"Your instinct is top notch."Naruto said with the same sad smile still on his face.

"Well it all started 1 year ago. My boyfriend of 9 months proposed to me on this exact day 1 year ago actually. I was like every other fiance. Ecstatic. Excited. Happy. But that all ended a month later. I was walking with my bridesmaids to pick out some things for the wedding when I saw him making out with some bitch off the streets. Filled with anger and sadness, I killed both of them. After that, a man approached me. Telling me I could save all the other females in the world from the disgusting people known as men. I now have these." She showed Naruto two gaia memories. A purple and red one. The purple had a black B on it and the red one had a red R on it.

"These have given me the pwer to keep the woman pure and untainted. Now I will erase another man off this world. You..." She pressed the buttons on the memories.



She pulled back her hair to reveal two memory ports. Ayano gave a wide smile that resembled someone who need to go to an asylum as she inserted them.

The Black Rose Dopant(who shall now be known as BRD) was a solid black, exactly like a shadow. The arms, legs, and torso were covered in purple vines, covered in red thorns. The head looked like a rose that was partly wilting with glowing sickly-green eyes hiding behind a couple of petals. The hands, hidden under black leaves, had purple thorns as fingers while the feet resemble roots made of black ink.

Naruto sighed, he was hoping to end this without a fight, but it looks like his life won't let him have a normal day. Naruto closed his eyes and reached into his pouch.

BRD took a step back while entering a fighting stance.

Naruto's eyes snapped open as he pulled out the DoubleDriver. He snapped it onto his waist and grinned."Let's do this."


"Let's finish this quickly. I got a book to read."Sasuke said standing up from his seat.



"Henshin!" Naruto shouted separating the ports away from each other.

As CycloneMetal appeared, BRD stared in shock."How? There's no way you have those! He said only I have two."

"Oh. So you can count? Well sorry to burst your bubble but we have more than 2. Let's see if you can count your sins."Double pointed at BRD while changing up his signature taunt. Double spun his staff as he charged in.

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