Chapter 1

Can you save her, Agent Booth?

A/N This takes place after Booth gets back from Afghanistan, bringing Hannah with him, and Bones returns from Maluku Islands. Booth does not propose to Hannah in my world.

Reader beware, this is rated M for various reasons. Angst warning, kidnapping and violence follow. But don't worry, there will be a little bit of fluff and likely a fair bit of smut later on in here too... But we have to get thru the tough part first, in order to enjoy the good stuff!

I had requests to continue my first story, 'I love You, Too,' but the conclusion to that one was not coming to me, so I went with this.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bones or any of the characters within. A couple of Agents, I made up, but they are minor roles. Very minor roles. I do not get any money or good stuff from this - I am just allowing my inner-muse to enjoy some creative writing, which I haven't done for quite a long time. Several years, in fact, and I suddenly realized how much I missed writing. Please read and review. Constructive criticism is welcome, but please don't be mean about it, okay?

Can you save her, Agent Booth?

Booth's peaceful slumber was rudely interrupted by the shrill ring of his cell phone receiving a text alert. He woke with a start and pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. What the hell, he mumbled to himself as he untangled himself from the sheets, reaching for his phone. His digital clock read 3:17 am, and he grimaced, he had just gotten to sleep less than an hour ago. He spent most of the night laying awake, playing and replaying in his mind, the conversation he wanted to have with Bones, updating her on the new status of his relationship with Hannah, he was up 'til after 2:00... Who the hell is texting me at this hour? he was trying to get his eyes to focus. His phone screen came to life and his eyes were immediately focused on what he was reading. The message came from Bones' phone, but it definitely wasn't Bones writing it...

"If you want Dr. Brennan back alive, you will follow my instructions without fail, and without compromise. As long as my list of demands is met, you will get your precious Temperance Brennan back alive. If you fail, she will die. It's very simple Agent Booth. Can you handle that? You have 18 hours from now to complete your task. At 18 hours and 1 minute, don't bother, because she will be dead. Game on, Special Agent Seeley Booth, Game on." A list of absurd demands followed the message; everything from wired money to amnesty, arranged airfare out of the country and immunity against all back-lash.

Jumping out of bed, he threw on his jeans and t-shirt, grabbing both of his side arms on his way out the door. With lights flashing and sirens blaring, he made his way to Bones' apartment building. He was trying to call her cell with no answer. He tried her land line, again, no answer. As he pulled up to the door and ran in thru the lobby, he ordered the night desk attendant to call the cops, he had it on good authority Dr Brennan had been kidnapped and he was going up there. The young man on duty stared wide-eyed and started dialing. Kidnapped?, he wondered, impossible, I've been here at the desk all evening….

Much to his dismay, Booth found the front door to her apartment broken into, the door remained ajar. He knew there would be no one inside, but he readied his weapon and proceeded with extreme caution.

Switching into sniper-mode, Booth made his way into the apartment silently, gun raised and ready. He glided thru the living room and into the main of the apartment. Furniture was out of place, and from the end of the hall, he saw a faint light coming from Bones' bedroom. Something about the shadows of that light just didn't look right. He stalked down the hall and cringed when he saw her disheveled bed sheets, the night stand and lamp knocked over to it's side, casting an eerie shadow against the wall. Carefully circling the bed, cautious to not disturb anything in this crime scene, Booth's blood ran cold as he saw scarlet droplets on the floorboards leading from her bedside; it could only be one thing, and that brought caused Booth to clench his jaw in fury as he holstered his weapon.

As he turned to leave, his back-up had finally arrived. "No one is here. Get the forensics team in here. There is blood on the floor of Dr. Brennan's bedroom. This furniture is out of place, look for prints; the door was broken, there are fibers embedded in the door jam. I want every inch of this place checked. EVERY INCH. And I want EVERYTHING you find sent over to the Jeffersonian immediately upon retrieval." He barked orders at the assembly of officers. "Find me evidence of who did this. NOW!" No one dared question his authority at this scene; they all knew where they were, they all knew who he was and most of all, they all knew how protective he was on the occupant of this apartment. As he made for a swift exit, he turned back to the team, "Anyone who screws this up can figure on a very dull future career of pushing paper in the filing cabinets of the basement storage center, do I make myself clear? I will NOT tolerate inferior investigative methods in this case. Is there ANYONE to whom I am not making myself crystal clear?" He paused a moment, understanding that everyone had acquiesced to his 'method of motivation,' he moved to leave. He wanted to - he needed to - he would- find Bones.

Flipping open his phone as he headed towards the elevator, he called Hodgins. "Hey - yes, I know exactly what time it is, listen, I need you and Angela to get to the Jeffersonian for some pending evidence that will be making its way there straight away." He was interrupted from his next sentence by a very-furious Hodgins questioning Booth's current state of sanity. Booth just talked over him, "LISTEN, someone has Bones. Someone took Bones. A forensics team is collecting evidence from her apartment as we speak and I need you two there. Like, NOW." This time, he didn't wait for the interruption from Hodgins, he just disconnected. He called Cam and then Sweets, with the same message, repeating the same domineering, yet desperate demand.

As Booth waited for everyone to arrive at the Jeffersonian, he headed into Bones' office. Using his spare key, he let himself into her domain, hoping to find some clue as to what the hell was going on and who the hell may have taken her. Whoever it was knew enough to text Booth. Whoever it was knew Booth, he was address by his full title in the text. Whoever it was knew that Booth would do anything to get Bones back safely.

As he stood in the center of her office, Booth inhaled deeply, taking in a lungful of her heavenly scent. Her perfume permeated every fabric and surface in this room. A scent he had learned to love over the past 7 years, along with other things about her; his mind went on a momentary hiatus, thinking of her eyes, her smile, her hair. Shaking his head to refocus, he grabbed a bottled water from the mini-fridge by her desk. He berated himself, he could not think about Bones like that until they found her. He had to concentrate, he had to locate whatever clues were there for him to find. His gut told him there would be something.

He searched her desktop, her drawers, coffee table, shelves, files. Everything seemed in order. Everything was as it always was... He eyed her computer. She normally took her laptop home, yet, here it was, closed and standing on end beside her desk. It was her older laptop, not the newer one she usually carried. He picked it up and popped open the screen, punching in her password to gain access. They had long ago shared their passwords with each other, and as her emails started downloading, Booth was thankful that had done so. There, at the top of the inbox, was an email received just moments ago, at 4:23 am. The subject line was what grabbed his attention - "Can you save her Agent Booth?"