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"Bones… are you saying what I think you're saying?"

Brennan pressed one open palm against Booth's cheek and looked deep into his eyes. "What I'm saying, Booth…is that I have changed since you and I first met, even if you don't think so. My views and opinions have been altered by working with you; and by working with the Jeffersonian and the team we've assembled. But mostly, because of you. I have evolved, Booth, and while I still don't believe in fate, it's a ludicrous theory, I do believe in myself and I believe in you; and perhaps most importantly, I believe in us." She shifted so she could place her other hand against his opposite cheek, so she could cradle his head in her hands.

"I believe that we are more complete when we are together than either of us could ever be separately. I believe that you will be true to me and that you will keep your promise to never leave me, as long as it's in your power. This past month, regardless of everything that happened and disregarding everything that occurred between us this past year, I have never felt more whole. I have never been completely comfortable with one person to the extent that I am with you, Booth. With you, I can just be myself and I don't have to put up any fronts, no metaphorical masks. You know all my weaknesses and you still tell me, every day, that you love me. You know how stubborn I can be; and you, more than anyone else, certainly know how opinionated I am…But still, you take me in your arms and you hold me and you show me that everything is going to be alright."

She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his, a soft kiss full of promise. He splayed his hands across her ribs as he held her securely on his lap and he sighed into the kiss, sensing that she was going down the path he had always hoped they would travel together.

"Booth," she continued when she pulled away. "What I am saying, is that…if you still have the desire, and if it's something you still desire with me, I am no longer opposed to the 'traditional meaning' of the gift you gave me tonight. I used to think, as you well know, that marriage was archaic and that monogamy was a societal-forced institution. All of my studies have taught me that the natural way of Homo Sapiens, in order to reproduce and develop advanced cultures, was to engage in coitus with multiple…" Seeing his eyes darken with disapproval of her tangent, she bit her lower lip and veered back on track to what she intended to tell him. "I'm sorry, Booth, I digress…" She smiled shyly and saw his face slacken back into his relaxed attentive expression.

"Booth, I don't want any regrets – for either of us. And perhaps more importantly, I don't want any doubts. I don't want you to ever doubt how I feel about you. You indicated that you would wait until I was ready to take that next step… For eight years, Booth, you've been patiently waiting for me to be ready. I won't make you wait any longer. I see now that I should have listened, and while I can't change the past, I can help alter our future…"

Booth brought his large hands up to her cheeks and crashed forward, claiming her supple lips with his, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, immediately deepening the kiss. Brennan wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close as she swallowed his moan.

Pulling back after several moments, Booth tenderly stroked her cheek, following the path of his fingers with his dark chocolate eyes. "Bones, would you prefer a diamond?"

"I find that I have grown quite fond of sapphires, Booth. They're beautiful, and they mean so much more when they're coming from you." Her words were whispered and husky with her blatant desire for him.

"Marry me, Bones." It came out as more of an order than a question, but he continued nevertheless, his voice quivering with nerves. "Become my wife… be my life partner… make me the happiest man alive. Let's create the life together that we deserve."

"Yes," she started to cry, but she didn't try to hide it, she let the threatening tears escape as they saw fit. "Yes, Booth, I will."

He pulled her tight and kissed her hard, his own tears of happiness and relief now mingling with her obvious emotion as their cheeks brushed against each other's. He felt her surrender under his caress, and he swept her sweet tongue with his, drinking in her flavor, taking his turn in swallowing their combined moans. He wrapped his strong fingers around the nape of her neck, swiping his thumbs up in reflection to each other, finding her earlobes beneath each calloused pad. He felt the weight of the dangling sapphire-heart earrings that matched her ring. Her engagement ring, he thought to himself… Her sapphire engagement ring

Having a sudden thought that he might be dreaming, or God-forbid, a tumor reoccurrence, Booth pulled suddenly away and looked deep into her eyes. "Bones," he breathed, "tell me again…Tell me I'm not imagining all this…Tell me you'll be my wife…"

Warming him with a broad smile, Brennan wove her fingers into the short hairs at the back of his head. "I will be your wife, Booth…If you will do me the honor of becoming my husband."

With a deep chuckle of giddy delight, Booth scooped her up in his arms and stood to his full height. With his right arm beneath her legs and his left holding her torso, he carried her down the hall while planting tiny kisses all over her face and neck. She laughed at the ticklish sensation his lips caused and she let herself be carried without protest. When he reached what Booth now considered their bedroom, he lowered her legs slowly so she would stand before him. Her giggles died down to contented hums as she leaned against his expansive chest and turned her face to peer up at his.

His eyes grew serious as his left hand rubbed her back through the multitude of lattice-patterned straps and his right hand caressed her shoulder and neck. "I've waited so long, Bones, to hear you say that." He lowered his lips to brush the outer shell of her ear. "And it was only in my dreams that I ever thought you'd say it." His tongue darted out and blazed a trail from behind her lobe down to the hollow of her throat as she let her head drop back, baring her throat to him the way she knew he loved. "Yes, I will be your husband. I can't wait to be your husband. And I can't wait to have you as my wife." He brought his hand from her back and reached it up to cradle the back of her head as she remained in her submissive position beneath his towering frame. He pulled her upright slowly, supporting her body the whole time, until she once again was standing chest to chest with him. He met her eyes and caught his breath of the depths he saw there. "I love you…Temperance…I have always loved you."

Her soft smile reached up to her eyes through crimson colored cheeks. "I know, Booth… I love you, too. Thank you for being patient."

"I'd wait a lifetime for you, baby… longer if you needed…" he angled his lips over hers, covering her mouth completely and ran his tongue from one corner of her lips to the other, and when she opened to him once more, he pushed into the far reaches of her warmth, battling for dominance within her silkiness.

Brennan brought her fingers to the bottom hem of his t-shirt and pushed her cool hands inside against his warm skin, encouraging him to remove the shirt. When he didn't move fast enough for her liking, she pushed further, causing him to raise his arms while she ripped the shirt from his body. As soon as his hands were free of the encumbering garment, he immediately replaced them on her body, desperate to keep contact with her. He could feel his growing erection straining against his still-fastened tuxedo slacks, but he wanted to get her out of her sinfully sexy dress before he did anything else. Searching the bodice of the gown for a zipper, he finally found it along the side panel and his wide fingers stumbled to grasp the dainty zipper-pull.

His head spun with desire-filled-confusion when she pushed him backwards and he felt the bed at the backs of his knees. Wasn't I moving her towards the bed? How did we get turned around? He pondered to himself, but his thoughts were quickly flushed away as he found new purchase on the side of her neck, latching his lips onto the delicious flesh he found there.

"Booth…" she breathed into the otherwise silent room… "yes…" She continued to hiss as she inhaled through clenched teeth, trying to regain some control. "Wait….wait…." she placed her hands on his bare chest and found herself momentarily distracted, forgetting why she told him to wait. But when she met his pleading stare, she recalled her mission. "Sit down, Booth. Just…watch…" She pushed him gently backwards, so he flopped down onto the edge of the bed, his hands grasping firmly to her hips, squeezing firmly and trying to pull her down with him.

She struggled to remain standing and grabbed his hands in her tight little fingers, pulling them away gently. "The dress is kind of tricky," she said with a smirk, "with all these straps… Let me…"

He watched with smoldering eyes as she oh-so-slowly finished unzipping what he had started, letting the seam fall apart just enough so he could catch a glimpse of her perfect alabaster white skin beneath the royal blue material. When she saw the tip of his tongue dart out to moisten his lips as he watched her in awe, she felt her nipples harden and strain against the thin material of her bra; her breathing hitched in anticipation of what she imagined him doing to do to her. With great care and seductively slow deliberation, Brennan turned while she peeled the dress upward over her body. As the skirt hem rose higher by the inch against her thighs, Booth could feel himself growing harder and harder. By the time the bottom of the dress reached her hips, Brennan's back was to Booth and she pulled the dress off the remainder of the way.

Booth's mouth went dry at what he saw standing before him. Completing her revolution, she turned to face him, her shoulders squared proudly and her chin held high. She stood in front of him, wearing a royal blue lingerie set – lacy, skimpy, and sexy as hell -complete with a garter belt holding up her thigh high hose. Her breasts were nearly spilling over the cups of her bra, and Booth could see her nipples begging for attention. My attention, he thought cockily… Those luscious, pouting tits want my attention… He was ready to reach for her when his eyes continued their visual tour of his lover's body. In contrast to his previously dry mouth, he suddenly found his saliva glands working overtime as he admired her barely-there-thong panties. Without a second thought, his own hand flew to his hardening cock, grabbing it through his pants as he raked his coal-black eyes over her body.

She stood perfectly still, letting him get an eyeful of her scantily-clad body. She knew he loved her curves, he had told her many times, and she was suddenly appreciative of the successful results from her work-outs and yoga classes. The fact that she was so visually stimulating for him made her smile and she felt her body flush with an overwhelming heat, starting at her core and spreading throughout, as if molten lava was coursing through her veins in a spider-web pattern.

After standing still for several more moments, Brennan took a step forward, her knees nearly touching Booth's as he sat in obvious arousal upon the bed, fisting his growing cock. When his eyes reached hers once more, she flashed him the crooked smile that was so often his undoing. "Do you remember this set, Booth?"

The look of confusion that crossed his eyes told her that his brain wasn't firing on all circuits.

"The first day you took me to my apartment to gather some clothes - you found this set in my drawer. You held it up in your hands and stared at it before replacing it and choosing some more practical undergarments for my recovery." She took a tiny step closer, swinging her weight to her opposite hip. "I surmised from your expression then that you would enjoy seeing it on my body, and I surmise from your expression at this moment that you do, in fact, like it… Am I mistaken?" She smiled knowingly as she shifted her weight yet again, taking another teeny tiny step closer, so she was now standing between his parted knees.

His ebony gaze traveled from her thighs up to her adorable belly button, then to the valley of her breasts before settling over the inviting swells threatening to spill from the confines of the bra. As he looked at her body, he felt his own hand reflexively stroking his aching dick. When he finally met her eyes, he knew that she knew what she was doing. He let go of his grip and reached both of his hands out, grabbing her hips and pulling her against him. He buried his face against her tummy and breathed in her scent. "You're not mistaken, Bones…You hit the nail on the head, baby." He mumbled against her soft skin in between kisses and smiled when she didn't analyze his use of the common phrase. He tilted his head up to look at her and found himself in a dream-state as their eyes locked. "You're gorgeous, Bones. I swear it; you are the most beautiful creature in the world."

She blushed, despite her playful seduction; she always felt her cheeks blossom in heat when he complimented her so openly and honestly. Resting her hands on his shoulders, she lightly drew little circles with her fingertips. "Thank you, Booth…" her words were whispered and rough with barely-contained desire.

With a smirk, he turned his attention back to her abdomen and curled his arms around her hips so he could grab the soft globes of her heart-shaped ass, one cheek in each large palm. He trailed open-mouthed kisses along the waistline elastic of her garter belt, stopping every now and then to tug it with his teeth. His hands massaged her perfectly shaped ass and he let his fingers slip beneath the thong strap as he pulled it from its tight home. Noticing that she had put her panties on after her garter belt, he realized that meant he could take that itsy bitsy blue G-string off and she would still be wearing her garter. Smiling at the realization, he palmed the fleshy part of her hips and turned her around, so she was facing away from him.

Brennan put up very little struggle at his 'man-handling' of her body, and let him control of her movements. Over the past month, she had, several times, allowed herself to be handled by Booth the way he wanted, just as he had allowed her to control him in return. She quite liked when he let his alpha-side loose in the bedroom, and this night would be no different. Well, it would be slightly different because of the enormity of what they'd just agreed to do in moving their relationship full-steam-ahead, but she knew that he was still her Booth and she was still his Bones, and they would continue to be perfect together.

She focused on what she could feel…His hands were squeezing and massaging her hips and stomach as he reached around her waist from behind…His mouth left a trail of wet heat along the small of her back…His knee, which had found its way between hers, pushed her legs just a little further apart, widening her stance to where he wanted it. Reaching up to grab her aching breasts, Brennan squeezed them through the flimsy lace of her bra. She momentarily entertained the idea of removing the article, but thought better of it, knowing how much Booth enjoyed undressing her. He told her one night that when he undressed her, he felt like he was unwrapping the greatest, most sought-after Christmas present in the world. And his grin that night, mixed with the adoration she found in his eyes, made her feel like she was the one receiving the best gift ever.

As Booth moved his mouth further south, nipping and licking in between kissing, the curves of her hips and the soft flesh of her ass, Brennan found her body involuntarily arching back to meet his touches. She felt a pool of warm moisture grow at her core and, while keeping one hand on her breast, she dropped her other to caress herself through the soft royal blue satin triangle that covered her throbbing sex. Knowing what she was up to, Booth seized her wrist in his firm grip, holding it against her torso as he wrapped his arm around her.

"Uh-uh, Bones… not tonight, baby… that's my job." His breath against the still-wet skin that he was kissing caused shivers to rake through her body.

"Booth…. Please….. I need you to…" her words were cut off as she felt his hand slide beneath the delicate vertical strap of her G-string, pulling it from where it was nestled between her buttocks, and he inched the panties down her long legs slowly…almost painfully slow in his movements. Arching the small of her back, she pressed her ass into his hand when he brought it back up to stroke her skin. Finally, he released her wrist and brought that hand to her tummy, letting the tips of his fingers just graze the upper edge of her thin air-strip line of pubic hair. "Please Booth…" she grabbed her tits again, hoping to gain some sort of release of the unmentionable tension that was building up inside her body. "If you don't touch me soon, I think I am going to explode, Booth…"

Smiling against her hip, where his mouth was working its magic, he raised his eyes just enough to catch the sight of her frail, yet strong fingers squeezing her bra-clad tits. The bottom swell of each breast was begging to his attention, as he saw them heaving with each shuddering breath she took, and he could only imagine how hard her pretty little nipples were, just aching for his mouth to pull them between his teeth. "You told me that spontaneous combustion is very rare occurrence, Bones, which has yet to actually be documented… Every case ever reported has been hear-say…"

"Fuck you, Booth…Don't quote my own lectures to me when you're making me so wet with want…" Her words were breathless but playful as she bantered back at him.

Chuckling against her skin, he moved his focus to the opposite hip, causing her to tremble from the unexpected contact as he gently nipped her flesh between his teeth. Without removing his lips from her body, he reached his hands up and trapped hers as he completely covered her full breasts. She let his hands cause hers to squeeze and she let her mind stop thinking…she just let herself feel what was happening to her body…and she fell a little deeper in love with the man bringing about such delicious feelings.

She felt as his mouth moved back to the small of her back and then up the line of her spine, as far as he could reach from his seated position behind her. Feeling his body shift, she realized that he was slowly rising to his feet, and he was soon raking his teeth across her shoulder blades and up to her neck, all the while, his hands still trapped hers against her bra. When he reached her ear, she let her head fall to the side and back a little, resting it against his strong shoulder.

"Never in my life, Bones….never before have I had such difficulty controlling my urges as I do with you… No one has ever driven me crazy the way you do, baby…" He tugged her earring clad lobe into his mouth and moaned in appreciation of her taste. "No other woman has ever completed me the way you do, Bones…" Moving to her jawline, he traced the sharp angle with his tongue. "Everything about you is sexy…Every move, every laugh, every squinty lecture…every moan, every freckle…Every damn thing, baby…" Releasing his hold of her hands, he brought his up to her bare shoulders and rubbed them tenderly as he moved his fingers to the decorative hair combs holding her French twist in place. Pulling the hair barrettes out, he ran his fingers through her silky chestnut hair as he tumbled to her shoulders. Nuzzling his nose into her soft tresses, he trailed his fingertips to the back of her bra, intent on unhooking that last piece of material stopping him from looking at her completely. "This lingerie set… Jesus Christ, Bones… It's a good thing I didn't know earlier that you were wearing it…I would have taken you right there on the patio when we were alone…"

When she pressed her ass into his granite erection, she moaned. "You could have taken me if you wanted to, Booth… You could have pumped into me out there on that patio and no one would have known." Feeling his teeth gently dig into her shoulder, she knew he was enjoying the thought of having his way with her in almost-public. She continued grinding back against him while she massaged her own breasts. "You could have hiked my up skirt and bent me over one of those tables, penetrating me from behind with your throbbing cock…you know I would have been ready for you…" She swallowed thickly at her own game. "I'm always ready for you… Or you could have pressed me against the wall, hooking one of my legs on your hip while you rocked into me, your big dick spreading out my tight pussy to the perfect fit…" Hearing him groan as he thrust his hips forward, pressing his erection against the curve of her ass, she smiled… "Yeah, you'd like that wouldn't you?"

Struggling to maintain control of himself, Booth pawed the fleshy skin of her hips, her stomach and up to her tits, joining her own hands in their massages. "So fucking hot, Bones….you're fucking unbelievable…"

She smiled with her eyes closed, as she let his words wash over her, knowing that he was going to pay her back for her teasing... Quietly, she replied, although she knew he wasn't waiting on one. "This is what I needed to get from my apartment, Booth…on the way to Angela's…I wanted to wear this for you tonight…"

"Mmmm…." He growled in her ear, "Well, I approve and I'm glad you asked me to stop at your place…" Tracing his fingers along the edge of her bra down to her lower back, where the style held tight against her body, he released the hooks that were still confining her. Following the lines of her arms back up to her hands, which were still held tight, keeping the cups in place over her bosoms, he slowly peeled her fingers away, allowing the bra to fall to the floor as he pulled her arms down to her sides. He observed her heaving chest as he gazed over her shoulder from behind, and smiled at the perkiness of each pink nipple. Letting her hands go, Booth grabbed her hips and pulled her back against him, so he could grind his straining erection against her once again, letting her know just how much he wanted her.

He wrapped one hand around to cup her dripping core while he brought the other up and pinched one of her begging tits between his thick fingers. "So fucking sexy, Bones… fuckin'-a…"

She smiled at his crude language, knowing by now that when he started talking like that, he was close to losing his ever-present self-control. The notion that he was so on-edge, sent her mind reeling with anticipation and, with a throaty moan, she rocked her ass back against his hardened dick again, encouraging him to keep talking. In moving her ass against him, she managed to thrust her tit further into his grasp at the same time as she ever-so-slightly widened her stance, giving his other fingers more room to fondle her.

Knowing that his lover got off on dirty talk, sometimes even more than he did, he recognized her silent plea. With a solid squeeze of her nipple, and a quick sweep of her slick folds, he returned to his previous purchases, simply cupping her with both hands, one still upon her breast, on covering her throbbing pussy. Clenching his teeth, he growled in appreciation of her sensual movements. Hardly containing himself, he wanted to make her realize just how badly he wanted her… always… "I don't think you know just what you do to me, Bones…You don't realize that whenever you're near, my dick ends up with a throbbing hard-on…I want to take you and bend you over the closest piece of furniture and fuck you till your eyes can't focus. I want to make you scream my name, over and over again, until you're so hoarse you can hardly talk. I want to take you from behind…or up against a wall with your legs wrapped around me…I wanna watch your tits sway while I pump into you from below when you're riding my cock…or simply pound into you while I'm nestled between your sweet parted thighs..." Booth's breathless confessions triggered Brennan's desire to become frantic as she tried to release some pressure by rocking against his lower hand, hoping he'd hit that special spot that drove her over the edge each and every time.

"Booth…" she moaned his name quietly, knowing he could feel her wetness as his fingers playfully parted her slick folds. Turning her head, she reached for his lips with her own and captured them in a passionate kiss, deep and familiar, swallowing his growl of approval. Pulling her mouth from his, she craned her neck, silently inviting him to latch on, knowing that he would do so immediately; he'd told her over and over how much he loved her neck. She wasn't disappointed as he suckled against her skin, grazing his teeth gently before licking to sooth the rough sensation. Leaning her full weigh against his strong posture, Brennan widened her thighs even more, allowing Booth's hand more room to move as he began stroking her vigorously. "Yeah… my clit, Booth… please… circle my clit…" He did as she requested and brought the pads of his middle and forefingers to her hard little nub, and applied just the right amount of pleasure while rubbing her.

"I want you to cum, Bones…Before I ever enter you tonight. I want you to cum all over my fingers, babe… would you like me to make you cum?" He hummed against her neck, letting the vibration of the sound radiate into her body.

"Yes, Booth…yes… Make me cum for you…" Her desperate plea brought a cocky smile to his lips as he intensified the pressure.

"You're mine, Bones… Tell me…"

"Yes…" she would agree to anything, as long as he would bring some relief to her throbbing body. Her mind was foggy, her legs shaking from her attempt to remain upright on her own, her breasts were heavy with desire… "Yes, Booth…I'm yours…Only yours… I want to be your wife, Booth…I'm yours forever…"

That was what Booth wanted to hear…her admittance, once again, to becoming his wife. He wanted to hear more, and promised himself to make her tell him again, but for now, since she did as he asked, he delivered as promised. He increased the pressure to just how he knew she liked it and swept tiny circles around her pert little button. Sensing her body tensing, he knew she was about to shatter, and his mind flashed in momentary panic to the fact that they were not alone in his house. Relinquishing his hold on her soft breast, he brought his hand up to her face, tracing his finger along the thin line of her pouty lower lip. "Suck on that, Bones…You gotta be quiet baby."

His eyes nearly rolled back in his head at the vigor with which she pulled his finger into her warm mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip while she held on with her teeth. Imagining that was his cock sliding between her inviting lips, he quickened the pace of his strokes while pressing his agonizingly hard cock against her ass once more. Barely able to stop himself from slipping his fingers into her dripping pussy, he struggled to make her cum like he said he would…before he ever entered her that night. He was desperate to feel her walls tighten around him while she splintered, but he reminded himself that this was just the beginning…they had the whole night ahead of them. And, thankfully, his Bones was blessed with the ability to orgasm multiple times in a night, making for fun romps between the sheets whenever the mood hit them.

"Yeah, baby….that's it… you feel the pressure building now?" His voice rumbled low in his chest and vibrated into her back as he pressed against her.

Her answer to him was a moan as she sucked his finger harder and rotated her hips against his hand with enthusiasm. She reached up and grabbed her begging tits, squeezing her nipples between her own fingers.

"You ready, Bones? You ready to cum for me? You ready for me to let you shatter?"

"MMMmmmm!" Her cry was muffled by his finger, which was still lodged firmly in between her lips.

Finding the one place that he knew so well…the special spot just at the top of her clit…he swept his fingers lightly before pressing hard against her and rubbing roughly. "Cum for me, Temperance. Cum for me…"

And with that, she splintered at his touch and at his gentle order,(just like always), and sucked hard on his finger as he played with her tongue. Panting raggedly, she slumped against his expansive chest while cradling her own breasts in her hands. When Booth extracted his index finger from between her teeth, be brought his palm to her tummy and held her tenderly, pulling her back against him. He nuzzled into the soft skin of her neck and inhaled her scent deeply. "Mmm… Bones… like I said…so fuckin' sexy…"

Spanning his wide hands around her hips, he turned her to face him and she wrapped her arms around his waist as their eyes met. He smiled at the satisfied expression that danced across her angular features and filled her clear blue eyes. "Thank you, Bones…"

She looked at him quizzically. "You're thanking me? I should be thanking you, Booth…And returning the favor…" she smiled slyly as she pressed him back towards the bed once again.

Standing in place, he didn't let her move him. He cradled her face to force her to be still for a moment. "Yes, I thank you, Bones… I thank you for letting me touch you…and for being so intimate with me…" He skimmed his gaze over her face, from her eyes to her cheeks to her lips and back to her eyes. "I am so in love with you…"

"Make love to me, Booth. Make love to me tonight... Slow and intense…let's break the laws of physics, Booth." Her voice was husky from the aftermath of her orgasm, but full of emotion and open trust.

He bowed his head and captured her lips with his in a deep kiss. He felt her fingers dancing at the waistline of the tuxedo pants he still wore and he smiled into their kiss as she wrapped her fingertips around the button, popping it open in preparation of freeing him from his constraining clothing. He gently spun her around so she fell onto the bed, her knees bending over the edge, so her feet were still on the floor. He pressed her back so she would lay flat on her back and he lowered himself, squatting between her parted thighs, which were still clad in her garter belt and stockings.

"You know, Bones, these are very hot…" he ran his fingertips along her inner thighs, from her knees up to the apex where they met her body, marveling at how her skin was just as soft as the stockings that were hugging her legs. He rose from his squatting position and pressed his fists into the mattress on either side of her waist as he lowered his mouth to her begging tits. As soon as his lips latched onto one nipple, she arched her back upward, pressing further into him while she wrapped her fingers into his short hair.

"Booth…" she breathed his name, unable to say anything else, unable to think of anything other than his mouth on her. "Yesss…"

He moved from breast to breast, lavishing attention equally between her nipples, nibbling as he moved. He pressed his abdomen against her core, feeling her moisture gathering once again, coating the skin of his lower stomach as he rubbed against her. Pulling up from his favorite place between her breasts, he pinned her with a heated stare, one that sent shivers through her body. With a grin, he moved slowly, trailing open kisses along her tummy and finally settling, once again, between her thighs.

Using his shoulders to widen the V of her legs, he brought his hands to her core, gently spreading her silky lips open. He sighed in deep appreciation and arousal at what he witnessed. "Bones…" he breathed against her sex as he lowered his lips for the most intimate kiss possible. Holding her inner folds open, Booth laid the flat of his tongue against her opening and licked from bottom to top, finally settling at her perky little clitoris, sucking it between his lips and teasing it with his tongue.

"Ahhh!" She surprised even herself at her sudden outcry when he suckled her nub. Grabbing a pillow from far above her head, she brought it down and covered her own face with it, trying to muffle her moans. Writhing against his face, Brennan let Booth have his way with her orally… She let him lick her the way he wanted to, she let him finger her as fast or as slow as he wanted to, she let him maneuver her legs into a position that satisfied him. And when she finally shattered for the second time that evening, with Booth's tongue deep inside her pulsing sex and his thumb circling her clit, she begged him to take her completely…

Quick to oblige the woman in his bed, Booth slid up her body, kissing her smooth skin along the way. He crawled along her prostrate length and settled his hips between her parted thighs. Moving his mouth along her jawline, he reached her gaping mouth and took control of it. Her response was immediate as she kissed him in return, eager to please him as he had her. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she lightly scraped her fingernails against his skin, eliciting an approving groan from deep within his chest.

Booth suspended his weight above her by resting his elbows on each side of her head, and when he pulled back from their kiss, he looked deep into her darkened blue eyes, noting the tiny speckles of grey and green against the blue iris that stared back at him. "Bones…" he began hesitantly, "I didn't mean to get so… I don't know… dominant over you tonight." He blushed at the recent memory of how he made her submit to him and wondered if it was something she had enjoyed. "Tonight we're celebrating; it shouldn't have been like that. I'm sorry."

Smiling back at him, she pulled him down for a kiss before she pulled away to answer. "It was perfect, Booth. I enjoyed it; and I know you did, too, which made it even better for me…" Her grin turned mischievous, "but I believe we have some unfinished business…" she swiveled her hips against his, letting him know that she was far from finished. "And I think that you need to release some of your tension…Agent Booth…" She craned her neck to reach his lips again, kissing him deeply as she gathered the momentum and caught him off guard, flipping them over, so he was now lying beneath her, as she straddled his hips. She searched his eyes for any indication of disapproval from him at the change of position, but found nothing but desire staring back at her. "How would you like to release that pent-up frustration?" She purred into his ear as she rubbed her core against his lower belly. "Would you like me to take you in my mouth? Or would you rather take me from behind? It's your call, Booth… I'm yours…completely…so tell me what you want…" She tugged his earlobe between her silky lips and hummed while she sucked gently.

Booth wrapped her hips in his large palms and pulled her weight down on him completely, finally wrapping his arms around the small of her back and spanning his hands as far as they could, covering her smooth skin with his calloused fingers. He didn't supply her with an answer to her question right away; instead, he just let the sensation of her delicious curves against his hardness wash over him. He focused on the feel of her mouth on his neck, certain that she was marking him as he had so often done to her over the past several weeks.

He didn't mind… in fact, he welcomed the evidence that he would carry on his body, proving that he was hers. He was not an idiot – he knew what the women at the Hoover thought of him…he knew that he had been on the 'secret, but not-so-secret' list of most eligible bachelors, an office pool, for several years running. And while it was just a bit of fun, he knew that if he had shown even the slightest bit of interest in any of the women who came on to him after those lists made their way around the various departments, he would have been roped into an office romance in which he wasn't interested. He noticed many of those very same ladies at the banquet earlier in the evening, and saw the jealous stares they shot at his Bones while they were dancing. He observed the whispers, and pointing fingers, when he stepped into the bidding war for his partner. He heard the feminine gasps when he flattened Sully for stepping a little too far over the line. But he chose to ignore all of them. He had eyes for one and only one. The one to whom he had given his heart years prior, and the same one with whom he could finally be romantically involved and not worry about his job. So, to ensure that Bones made it a good mark, one worth showing off, he tilted his head a little further to the side, exposing more skin to her hungry mouth.

When he made the slight adjustment, Brennan knew that he recognized her eagerness, and the fact that he allowed it caused her actions to become even more fervent in her quest to leave her mark upon him. I'm wearing a ring to prove that I'm taken…what does he have to prove it? She thought to herself as she nipped and sucked. It's my right… that's what Angela said, anyway… She had the capability of rationing even the basest instinct, making it a logical choice in her mind, thus allowing her to continue without a guilty conscience. Moving from his neck up to his ear, once she was certain he would have a prominent blue hickey that matched the perfect shape of her mouth, she whispered huskily once more. "So, Booth… you didn't answer my question…How would you like me?"

Without a word, he flipped her onto her back with a gentle grunt and smiled down at her sultry eyes. "I want you every way, Bones." He waggled his eyebrows at her, eliciting a tiny giggle that he adored. Then he grew serious, "But we have plenty of time for that… for tonight, I want to be able to look into your eyes, just like this…" And as he locked her with a loving gaze, cradled her head against one of his palms, he moved his other hand down to align himself with her.

The intensity of his deep brown eyes stilled Brennan's movements and slowed her racing heartbeat. She felt herself fall into a near trance, something that she'd never experienced before. Her hands where placed on his muscular shoulders as he suspended above her, and once her breathing had calmed to almost a natural state, she felt it…

He watched closely as she became visibly soothed. Her breathing had regulated itself back to normal, and he could see the small crooked smile that he loved so much just ghosting on her lips. Her tight grip on his shoulders relaxed, loosening to where she simply rested her hands upon him. As her eyes grew dreamy in their lost moment with each other, he made his move.

Booth rocked his hips forward and slowly entered her welcoming warmth. He hissed at the snug feeling as her walls sheathed him completely, pulling him further into her heat. He fought the urge to close his eyes and experience the sensation by touch alone, and instead his eyes remained trained on his lover below. Bones pressed her body upwards, meeting Booth's gradual pace and she threw her head further into the mattress below, causing her throat to arch, begging for his attention. But Booth didn't lower his mouth to her inviting neck; instead, he maintained his observation as he slowly pulled out from her body before pressing back into her core, pushing deep once he was sheltered inside.

Keeping his weight suspended on his left arm, resting just above her shoulder, Booth brought his right hand to her left, pulling it away from his shoulder and bringing it to his lips. He kissed her palm as he quickened his pace ever-so-slightly, and then turned her hand so he could kiss the finger that held his promise. At his movements, she opened her sea-shaded eyes and just watched him watching her. With her hand still against his lips, and his hips still pressing into hers, he spoke softly, the breath from his words dancing over the fine hairs on the back of her hand. "Marry me, Bones?"

"I will marry you, Booth…" Her answer was an intimate promise, breathed into the night, reaching his ears like the sweetest music he'd ever heard. "I will be your wife…"

He let her hand fall back to his shoulder and he cradled her head, now with both hands, as he picked up the pace even more. He thrust into her with a rhythm as old as time, and she met him at every plunge. He lowered his head finally, to the crook of her neck, knowing he was unable to last much longer. Opening his mouth against her sweet, sweat-coated skin, he tasted her completely, pulling her flesh between his lips tenderly while inhaling her scent. "I can't promise perfection, Bones…But I'll do my damnedest to make sure you're happy. Every day, Baby…Every fucking day…"

His language told her that he was getting close to crashing and she wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles at the small of his back, effectively pulling him in closer, more completely. "You already make me happy, Booth…happier than I ever imagined possible…" Her words were spoken in pulses, in perfect timing with his thrusts. "I want to be yours completely, Booth…forever…"

She knew what she was doing… She knew that he loved her unconditionally; but she also knew that her submission to him, whether she did it emotionally or physically, would ultimately push him over the edge. He was an alpha-male through and through, and he couldn't deny that instinct. It's what made him Seeley Joseph Booth. It's what made him the man she loved. And she wanted to give herself to him, however he needed her…

"Oh God, Bones…" he groaned, recognizing what she was saying to him. "Forever… Forever, Bones…" He started driving into her harder, deeper. Reaching further than any man had ever penetrated into her reaches. His rhythm faltered slightly, losing a bit of his finesse, but he didn't let that stop him as he pounded into her with vigor.

"Yes, Booth…more… more…" She rocked against him, grinding against him, causing a delicious friction.

He knew what she wanted…what he wanted…And he refused to tumble until she did once more. He brought his hand down between their thrashing bodies and found her perky little clit and circled it quickly with the rough pad of his finger. His action brought what he was seeking as she immediately began to splinter at his touch, surrendering to his coaxing fingertips.

Booth crashed his lips to hers, swallowing her cry of ecstasy. Her sweet moans, combined with the way her silky walls milked his throbbing dick, caused him to explode in a blinding flash of light, sucking her bottom lip between his and pressing his hips against hers, rocking her through the aftershocks of her own eruption. Pulling back to look down at her, he struggled to catch his breath.

With a satisfied smirk, and a great amount of effort, Booth rolled to the side, pulling his fiancée with him, wrapping his left arm tightly around her body. He felt her sigh against his neck, where she nestled her head, and he rubbed her shoulder gently. Reaching up with his right hand, he grabbed her left where she rested it on his chest. Once again pulling it to his lips, he dropped a kiss on each knuckle before letting it fall to his cooling skin once more. Turning his lips to her forehead, he pressed another kiss there. "I love you so much, Bones…" His voice was still rough from their exertion, and it caused ripples of delayed desire to rake through her body.

"Hmmm…" she purred against his neck, "I love you too, Booth…" she raised her head and looked at him with heavy eyes. "I can't promise to get everything right, you know…This is all new territory for me, Booth. But I will do my best. That, I can promise."

He chuckled and jostled her gently, "Hey baby, we're both going to make some mistakes…But as long as we ride out the tough times, and keep on loving each other, even if we have to agree to disagree, we'll be fine. We've been through hell and back already…We can do this."

She smiled and her eyes danced with orneriness. "Angela noticed my ring earlier, Booth…"

Waiting for her to continue, he raised an eyebrow.

"She asked me what it meant. I told her that it was a promise… and I was really proud to say that…" She smiled and looked up at his face, taking in his sharp features and olive skin. "I'm going to ask her to be my Matron of Honor…" her voice trailed off, as if she wasn't sure she should talk about that just yet…but she wasn't one to censor her thoughts when talking to Booth, so she spoke up.

"I wouldn't have expected anything less, Bones. I'm happy that you have a best friend like her."

She smiled, "You've been my 'best friend' for a long time, Booth. But Angela's been my best 'female-friend'. I am very lucky to have her in my life. Just like I'm lucky to have you in my life as well." She rested her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. "Are you going to ask Jared to be your Best Man?"

He remained thoughtfully quiet before answering. "No." He felt her body stiffen in surprise, but he continued. "I want Parker to stand by me. He's old enough to be my Best Man. Jared, I will ask to stand behind Parks… But I want my son at my side when I take you to be my wife, Bones." He craned to see her face and felt a swell of warmth when he noticed her smile. "Whatd'ya think?"

She rested her chin on his chest as she looked up into his soulful eyes. "I think that's brilliant, Booth. Wonderful and perfect. He will be thrilled." A crease then formed between her eyebrows. "Well, I hope he will be thrilled. I know he approves of our relationship; he has made that perfectly clear. But do you think he will be alright about us actually getting married?"

Booth was charmed by her sincerity and concern, but knew his son well. "He'll be over the moon with excitement, Bones. I have no doubt… He's loved you like a parent for such a long time; I'm surprised he hasn't started calling you 'mom' already." He laughed softly, but grew serious as he stroked her soft cheek. "He loves you, Bones. He'll love having you as a step-mom… But he'll likely continue calling you 'Bones' because he likes that we have a special nickname for you…a name by which no one else can call you. He feels pretty special about that." He stared at her for a few silent moments, trying to read her mind, but knowing that he would never be able to know everything that went on in her genius thought-processes. "Are you alright with becoming a step-mom? I mean, you'll be stepping into a ready-made family when you marry me... That's something that would scare some women…" He swallowed thickly, hoping against all odds that she wouldn't change her mind. But he knew it was something she needed to give serious thought to; and it would be better to address it now, before they got any deeper. He knew that if she wasn't ready to be a mother, then he would simply need to resign himself to remaining her 'significant other'; they would not be married.

She brought her fingertips to his cheek and brushed against the barely-there stubble. "Booth… I love Parker…as if he were my own son. I've thought of him in that way for several years now. I would give my life to protect him…just as I would any child that I bear to you in our future." Her words made him stop breathing as they enveloped him in a blanket of warmth.

"Thanks, Bones…You don't know… you can't know how much that means to me." He kissed her gently, palming her cheek as he did so. When he looked at her again, he grinned, "Thanks for helping me win tonight, Bones. I didn't like the idea of that guy dancing with you…" He laid his head back against the pillow and pulled her into his side while he pulled up the blanket. "I don't like the thoughts of any other man dancing with you…putting his hands on you… but I am especially opposed to men I don't know…"

Tracing light circles across his chest, she inhaled his scent, breathing in through her nose and mouth, so she could not only smell him, but taste him as well. "Mmmm…" she moaned quietly, "I couldn't see who you were bidding against. The lights were too bright in my eyes on the stage for me to be able to make out the man's features. I just knew that it sounded like the auction was going to continue much longer than I would have liked."

"Ah, it was some guy named Peters or something like that. Wendell did some snooping and said he was some big wig that got into the place along with the Secret Service. But I've got no friggin' idea who he is." His voice was nonchalant as he stroked the ivory skin of her waist and side, running his weathered hands along her body lightly.

She raised her head in question. "Richard Peters?"

"I dunno," he shrugged, then smiled at what she said… "heh… that's funny, Bones. Richard Peters…" At seeing her obvious lack of enthusiasm at the joke just waiting to happen, he frowned. "You know… Richard?" With a disbelieving huff, he rolled his eyes and continued. "A nick name for Richard is Dick. And slang name for a dick is peter…. So his name basically describes him to a T. He's a Dick."

"Booth – Richard Peters is the highest monetary contributing individual member of the Board of Directors for the Medico-Legal Lab. He donates more money as a single person than any other."

Confused, Booth looked down to Brennan, "I thought you were the highest contributor…?"

"No, my Foundation is the highest contributing organization. Hodgins' family is the highest contributing Trust Establishment. But Peters gives more than any other individual. Usually in the range of hundreds of thousands throughout the year. That's how we get the equipment that we have. If that's who it was, then he could have easily outbid us, even with my additional money tossed into the ring."

"Big guy, over-weight, but a little shorter than me? Thinning hair on the top. Was surrounded by body guards who didn't take kindly to my threatening him…."

"You threatened him? Booth! What did you say?" Her look was incredulous… "Tell me you didn't threaten to shoot him…"

"I don't remember. I told him to back off, I know that. He said he was a big fan of yours, but I told him to forget it and to back the fuck off…But no, I did not threaten to shoot him… although I wanted to…"

"Well, your description sounds like him." She lowered her head to Booth's shoulder, but not before he saw a smirk dance across her lips. "I guess we won't have any donations from him next year…"

"Aw, c'mon, Bones…. Now you're sorry that I didn't let him win so he could put his grubby paws all over you?" He craned his head to look down at her.

Brennan's smile spread wider, "Oh, no… not at all, Booth. I'm glad he heeded your warning." She rested her chin on his pec so she could once again look at his handsome face. "I am quite pleased I didn't have to dance with him. I have never actually spoken to him, though I have seen him at most of the Jeffersonian Fund Raising functions. He stares at me a lot… I don't particularly enjoy being stared at…Unless you're the one doing the ogling." She nipped his chin playfully and kissed him before resettling against his chest. "He sort of…in Angela's words…creeps me out. Does that make sense?" She wasn't sure she was using the phrase correctly.

"Oh, it makes perfect sense, Bones… He creeped me out just going toe to toe with him and his goons… but I wasn't about to let him win easily…"

After several moments of silence, the pair simply enjoying being in each other's arms, Brennan craned her head once again and observed her partner through sleepy eyes. He tightened the arm around her and brought his other hand up to stroke her cheek tenderly. "Get some sleep, Bones…It's been a big day." He leaned forward and kissed her softly. "I love you."

"I love you too." She smiled and rested her ear against his chest, listening to his heartbeat. "Can I tell you something? It might sound stupid…"

"Of course, you can always tell me anything, Bones. Nothing you ever say sounds stupid, don't ever think that."

He felt her smile against his chest. "When I'm with you, I feel….feminine… womanly…" She sighed briefly, and then continued. "In my past, I've never felt that way with other men."

"Bones, you are feminine. You should feel that way…you should feel womanly, and soft," he squeezed her waist gently, "and curvaceous," he dropped his palm to her hip and rubbed the soft skin, "and beautiful," he brought his lips to her forehead, "and loved…" He pressed a lingering kiss against her ivory skin before nuzzling his nose into her hair.

"Thank you for saving me, Booth. Not just from Baker…" she rubbed her fingertip lightly over the prominent scar on his chest …"but from all of them… even from myself…" He felt the wetness of a tear reach his skin below her cheek and he encircled her with both arms, holding her tight.

Memories of close-calls didn't need to be voiced. Both minds flashed back to Booth pulling his partner from a would-be grave beneath the sands of a quarry, compliments of the Grave-digger… A battered-Booth pulling Brennan from an accident caused by a bomb delivered on behalf of Gormogon… The pair cornering Epps in her apartment on a dark night, before the convict jumped off the balcony to his death…Brennan heading to the refrigerator for a beer, only to be stopped by Booth, just before he was impacted by a bomb placed there for her – then later that night, Booth rescuing Brennan from Agent Kenton in a dark and dreary warehouse, despite his own injuries…Finally, as Brennan continued to circle the scar on her lover's chest, their minds flooded with visions of Pam Noonan aiming a gun at a singing-Brennan as Booth stepped between the women, taking the bullet himself. He tightened his arms, knowing she was thinking the same things he was.

Then, as Booth's mind wondered to the times she had saved him, (while being tortured for information he refused to give up…while trying to escape his prison aboard a decommissioned ship destined to be blown up…while talking to cartoon characters, before anyone realized he suffered from a brain tumor…) her memories went in a different direction: Booth offering her an 'olive branch' a year after getting her drunk on tequila in order to fire her…Booth standing beside her when Michael Stires played her for a fool… Booth compromising the evidence to protect her when he came to her in New Orleans, risking his own career…Booth sitting up with her all night after they found her mother in Limbo…

When Baker issued his challenge to Booth after kidnapping me, she thought, he didn't know the fire with which he was playing… 'Can you save her,' he asked…What a foolish question…

Finally breaking the silence, Booth's raspy voice spoke softly against her hair. "There's nothing I wouldn't do for you, Bones. I will always be there for you. I promise. You're safe with me."

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