Behind These Hazel Eyes

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Glee.

Couple: Quinn/Rachel

Rating: M

Chapter 1


Rachel was the first person to enter the choir room. Her head proudly lifted, as she took her seat and waited impatiently for the rest of the glee club and Will Schuester to make their way into the room. She tapped her foot and crossed her arms over her chest as she waited. She needed to tell him her amazing idea for sectionals. It would, after all, be completely selfish if she deprived the club of her wonderful idea.

Last year had been a complete disappointment. They had lost at Nationals, undoubtedly due to the kiss that she and Finn had shared on the stage, and as romantic as it had been, she had vowed that this year she would do whatever was in her power in order to win at Nationals. It was her last year of high school and she wanted to have something to take from it, aside from all of the other various clubs and organizations that she had been a part of.

She had agreed to date Finn again, only if he did not attempt to get in the way of her dreams and her future on Broadway. In order to assure this, she gave their relationship a time-limit of one year. It was not that Rachel did not love him enough to take him with her; it was more so that she loved him enough to let him go and have a life that he longed for, regardless of how much she disapproved and believed that he could do better.

It was not her life to live. He needed to do whatever it was that made him happy.

Rachel had contemplated convincing him to go along with her, but she held back, only mentioning it on occasion in order to perhaps plant a seed in his mind. She was not trying to be manipulative though. Honestly, Rachel just wanted to have him in her life forever, and have him be more successful than working at a garage for the rest of his life in Lima Ohio.

The other students filed into the room, followed by Will Schuester who wore a bright smile on his face as he set down the sheets of music on the piano. He had spent the weekend choosing a few songs that he thought would work for sectionals.

"Hello guys, I am excited to tell you about the assignment for this week, it is going to be—"

The short diva raised her hand quickly, interrupting him. "—Mr. Schue. I have come up with the perfect composition in order to showcase my vocal talents at sectionals this year. It took some time to sift through the many options, but I finally found the perfect combination of—"

"—Rachel, you can show us which song you have chosen next week." He informed. "Now, on to the assignment for this week." Will began to pace in front of them as he explained their assignment. "It will be another girls versus boys challenge. Only this time you will perform without being under the influence." He stated sternly, glaring at his class as he recalled the last time they had a competition. His ex-wife had slipped drugs to all of his students in order to enhance their performance.

Kurt raised his hand and smiled brightly. "Mr. Schue, this time I would be inclined to be paired up with the rightful gender."

"Of course Kurt, you will be paired up with the women for this competition." He said with a smile. Kurt's smile spread from one ear to the other and his blue eyes shimmered with excitement at all of the possibilities. Will knew that he preferred to be on the girls' team. A few years back it would have been bothersome, but the teacher had grown to be far more accepting since then.

"Now, you will have to get together with your group at some point during the weekend in order to spend an extensive amount of time working on both finding, as well as practicing your song."

"Great, I get to waste an entire weekend with man-hands." Santana stated with a roll of her eyes, before being nudged by the blonde woman that she loved. Brittany had grown to really like glee club and Rachel. It annoyed the Latina to no end. Along with this, she earned a hazel eyed glare from her best friend. Although Quinn would never admit it, she and Rachel were kind of friends now.

"Well, I suppose that this could be acceptable. That is as long as my team is willing to perform the Broadway classic—"

"—There is another part to the assignment, Rachel." Will interrupted her again, ignoring the way that she crossed her arms and huffed out a breath in annoyance, causing her bangs to fly up. Rachel could be extremely impatient when things were not going her way. She loved to be in control. "You will have to choose a song that is considered "underground."

Rachel knit her eyebrows together in confusion, chewing on her full bottom lip as she tried to comprehend the sentiment behind the word 'underground'. "Are you saying that we are to choose demonic music, Marilynn Manson, perhaps?"

Everyone turned to look at the diva. They wore a mix of emotions, some were confused, some shocked, some amused, and some simply looked appalled by the accusation.

Quinn, on the other hand confused everyone by letting out a soft chuckle into her hand. None of them had expected her to find anything that Rachel said humorous. Quickly she hid her amusement and glared at them all as they turned to stare at her. She had not meant to let it slip, but sometimes the blonde could not help it. Rachel's naivety and ridiculous conclusions could be quite charming in an adorable and extremely annoying way.

Will paused for a moment, attempting to think of a nice way to respond to Rachel's assumption, but finally he decided upon simply explaining it. "No. 'Underground' as in music that has never been played on the radio or performed on Broadway."

"Oh." She muttered out, before drawing her plump bottom-lip between her teeth to chew on it as she mulled the definition over in her mind. She could not think of any songs that fit into a category like that. "I do not really know of any such artists Mr. Schue, but I am Rachel Berry and I assure you as such, I am always up for a new challenge in order to showcase my vocal range. So, I accept."

"Good to know." Santana sneered in a sarcastic bitter tone of voice. She could not stand the starlet.

"Alright, that concludes the assignment for this week. I would like all of you to take this seriously and put some effort into getting together this weekend as a group. That is all, you're dismissed." With that, he clapped his hands together and smiled. He had hoped to go over some song ideas for sectionals, but decided that he would just leave the kids up to their own devices and see what came of it this time, instead of dictating as he always did.


"Alright, as unpleasant as it may be for some of us—" Rachel started, brown eyes glancing in Santana's direction as she did so, "—I do believe that it would be best if we all got together at some point during the weekend in order to go over song choice options for this competition. I think that I speak for most of us when I say that we want to be prepared in order to win."

"Hell to the yeah!" Mercedes stated confidently, earning a few smiles from the group of girls and Kurt.

"Thank you very much Mercedes for agreeing, albeit vulgarly, but agreeing furthermore. I suggest that we choose a time and location in order to meet up as a group and work on the competition." The short diva dictated, smiling brightly as everyone else begrudgingly nodded their heads. They knew that she was right. Rachel Berry was almost always right, but that didn't mean that they wanted to ever agree with her.

"My place is out. My mother would kill me." Quinn hastily interjected, speaking for the first time since glee club had started. Her voice was deep and quiet, nearly inaudible.

"Well, we could hold it at my place but I don't know how I feel bout having Berry over polluting the air with her manly stench." Santana stated with a disgusted look on her face, earning another nudge from the blonde standing beside her, and an almost too obvious glare from Quinn. This look did not go unnoticed by the other members of the club.

Rachel forced the initial hurt from the insult off of her face and glanced toward the ex-cheerleader who seemed to be defending her with her eyes. She could not help but notice. She always seemed to notice Quinn. It was quite endearing and also completely confusing. Ever since the brunette had dragged Quinn back to glee club and saved her from her terrifying life of rebellion, they had gotten a lot closer, but she would still definitely not consider them to be on a "friend" level.

"My dads will be out of town this weekend on a business trip, so I suppose that we could hold the get-together at my house?" Rachel offered.

The group all agreed to this plan, deciding that they would meet at the Berry residence on Saturday night at seven in order to work on the song. Though, a few Cheerios had decided that there was always a better way to use an empty house.


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