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Chapter 1. Truth or Dare.

"Whom would you rather have for a father: You-Know-Who, Filch, Snape or Lockhart?"

The Gryffindor trio were sitting in the Gryffindor common room and, after days of being pestered by Hermione for never anymore having activities that would involve all three of them at a time, were now playing "Truth or Dare". It was Hermione's turn to ask and, inspired by the soap operas she'd been forced to watch during family dinners for the most of her summer, the ridiculous situation in which one discovers their parents are not their real parents was only to be expected to be one of the first in finding its way from the top of her mind to the tip of her tongue. Hence, the question, which to make matters worse also happened to rhyme. "Whom would you rather have for a father: You-Know-Who, Filch, Snape or Lockhart?"

Harry laughed at the last. "Definitely Snape," he answered lightly, causing Ron's eyes to bulge in horror and laughing again at the sight.

"No way, Harry!!! How can you even say that!" Ron sputtered, nearly choking on his own words.

"Well, what else could I answer?" Harry shrugged. "I certainly wouldn't want to be the next Dark Lord, but neither would I like being a squib. That would mean that I'd never get my letter from Hogwarts and would have to live with the Dursleys forever and attend St. Brutus's Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys instead. While Lockhart would probably obliviate me every day for practice and make me curl my hair. And that only leaves Snape! Though then I would probably have to live in the dungeons and brew potions all day. Even so, out of Snape and Lockhart -- better Snape." Harry concluded, hoping that his explanation sounded sensible.

"Wow, Harry, I don't know. That's just creepy." Ron shuddered. "How does it occur to you ask such questions, Hermione?" He now was outraged. "That's it! I'm not answering any of the questions YOU come up with. Make mine a dare."

"Very well then, I have just the perfect dare for you, Ron: get on with your Transfiguration essay!" she immediately countered without so much as blinking an eye.

"Oh, no!" Ron groaned. "You had to bring THAT up, didn't you?"

Harry couldn't help but notice that Ron looked horribly eager now that it was his turn to ask a question. He'd been fidgeting on his seat waiting for Harry to choose between truth or dare. That could not be good. 'Something must be on Ron's mind,' Harry resolved, 'something really embarrassing at that, like asking about Cho.' No, Ron definitely knew or suspected too many things he'd rather keep from the rest of common room or even from Hermione. 'Better not risk it.'

"Dare!" he declared out loud.

But instead of looking put out Ron only grinned almost enough for his ears to fall off. It seemed like call for dare was exactly what he was expecting. With open conceit he smugly announced what was supposed to be one of his greatest ideas, spoiling the solemnity of the moment when his voice turned to squeak at the end, out of trying to contend the laughter. "Throw a Filibuster firecracker into Malfoy's cauldron during the next Po- Potions."

Harry's expression just started changing from highly discomforted to mildly entertained when Hermione felt it was her duty, what with her being the voice of reason of the trio, to put end to this inane merriment. "I have to remind you that according to our rules, questions must be fair and dares safe. They should not lead to death, expulsion or negative house points." She listed with an annoyed tone and stern face. "And knowing Snape, he'll inflict all three upon you if you are senseless enough to go ahead with this plan. And he doesn't even need to know it was Harry! He would have no second thoughts in blaming something like this on him, even if it weren't."

Though reluctantly, both boys had to admit she had a point. "You just have to be such a spoilsport, don't you, Hermione?" Ron's posture was a mock mix of irritation and disappointment. "Now we'll never know what Draco looks like covered with some poisonous goo," he pouted.

"I still doubt the sight is worth getting expelled," Hermione retorted full of reproach.

After some more reasoning on part of Hermione, the dare has been changed to snicking out to the kitchens for some food. Thanks to Harry's cloak, this didn't present a challenge, so that 20 minutes later all three of them were stuffed with chocolate cookies.

Harry rolled his eyes when Ron asked Hermione whether she continued interested in Viktor Krum. "You shouldn't resent Krum so much," Harry told Ron later that night when they both were in the boys dormitory and couldn't be overheard by Hermione." It was only because of him that you'd finally noticed Hermione in first place, and now she is no longer in a relationship with him."

This retort, of course, only earned him a good smack on the face with a pillow, for as expected, Ron resorted to hiding his feelings for Hermione in a display of anger towards Harry. But Harry didn't mind the half-hearted anger of his friends. What he was really getting tired of was their so blatantly being in love with each other while refusing to admit it even to themselves. He just rolled his eyes again and threw the pillow back at Ron.

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