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"The show goes on all night

Till the morning we dream so long

Anybody ever wonder

When they will see sun go

Just remember when you come up

The show goes on"

Ms. Kiryu stood in front of her full length mirror. She was wearing a blue dress that was tight fitted, then poofed out by the waist. It ended a few inches above her knees and the sleeves and collar where matching white lace. It matched the oversized lace bow tied around her waist and her lace thigh high socks. She pulled on her blue stilettos and put on a string of pearls. She sighed and looked at the time on her iPhone.

"Senji, it's time to leave."

"I'll start up the car" Mr. Kiryu, Senji, replied with a smile.

Ms. Kiryu walked down her stairs, only to be surrounded by two small boys.

"Where do you think your going? asked Ichiru accusingly.

"I'm going out with Daddy." she explained and smiled.

"Did I give you permission?"Zero asked seriously.

She ruffled his hair.

"Sorry,officer." she mockingly apologized, then stuck out her tongue playfully. "Yagari should be here soon, don't worry." She gave both of them a kiss.

"Okay." they agreed.

"Do me a favor..." she said after thinking for a moment. "When Yagari comes...be the biggest brat you can manage."

Ichiru and Zero shared a look.

"That can be arranged."

A while later,they're was a knock on the door. Zero ran answer it.

"Umm...Hello." greeted Yagari pleasantly. He wasn't used to being around small children.

"Hi!" Zero replied, giving his biggest smile, and tilted his head, for extra cuteness of course."I'm Ichiru!"

"I'm Zero." added Ichiru with a smile.

"We are gonna have so much fun!" Zero said.

Yagari smiled. This wasn't going to be as bad as he thought. They seemed friendly enough. But it would be hard to tell them apart, they were dressed exactly the same. He ran a hand through his navy hair. Senji and Naomi probably did that on purpose. They were infamous for pulling pranks on the poor hunter.

But what sweet children they had.

Ichiru sat on Yagari's lap, tugging on his hair playfully.

"Zero, why do you like my hair so much?" Yagari asked, still oblivious to the fact that this was not Zero.

"Cuz it's Navy and Wavy!" exclaimed Ichiru.

"Navy Wavy!" Zero said

"Navy Wavy!" Ichiru screamed back.

"Navy Wavy!"



Yagari sweat dropped. "Okay boys, let's calm down."

It got dead silent. What had I done? Yagari thought, confused.

He was suddenly afraid for him life.

Suddenly, Ichiru pulled Yagari's hair mercilessly.


"Who do you think is in charge here?" asked Zero, narrowing his eyes.

Yagari's eyes widendded. It was true. These really were the kids of Naomi and Senji. Demon spawns. Then suddenly, it all went black.

Yagari woke up two hours later, with a horrible head ache. There was a mess of glass and roses on the floor.

"What the hell...?"

Did they throw the vase at him?

He staggered up and looked around the room. Everything was perfectly clean expect for the glass. You wouldn't have thought that four year old twins lived here. Events started tocome back to were the twins? He looked in the kitchen. He sighed with relief. They were in there and they where fine.

"Boys...what happended?"

They barley spared a glance. "We threw the vase at you. Knocked you out for awhile."

"Why would you-

Then he realized what they where doing. One was emptying out the refrigerator, the other brat was drawing on the white wall!

"ICHIRU, STOP!" Yagari screamed, addressing the child who was drawing on the wall. The child gave him dirty look.

"I'm Zero, you moron." the rude four year old said.

"And that would be Kiryu-sama to you." Ichiru added as he was emptying the refrigerator, milk in hand.

"You said you were Ichiru!"

"Yeah, we lied."

"Well then...Zero stop drawing on the wall!"






Ichiru quickly turned and glared at Zero. He then proceeded to throw the milk carton in Zero's direction. It exploded,leaving milk everywhere.

"Why would you draw Yuki-Baka? She is sooo stupid!" Ichiru didn't like Yuki.

" ICHIRU! Go sit in the time out !" demanded Yagari, now flustered because he was being treated badly by kindergartners.

Ichiru and Zero both started to laugh.

What brats! Yagari thought, shocked. He picked them both up, one under each arm. The started to scream and flail, pounding their tiny fists and feet against Yagari. He carried them into the living room and put them onto the couch.

"Please listen!" Yagari pleaded, sounding desperate."If you guys get hurt, your parents are gonna kick my ass!"

"BAD WORD!" screamed the boys in unison.

It was silent for a moment.

"How old are you, Yagari?" Zero asked innocently.

"Huh? I'm twenty-one."

The boys eyes sparkled.




Yagari sweat dropped. "Uh..yeah?"

"Buy us beer!"

Soon, the Kiryu's came home.

"Oh Yagari!" said . "Your bleeding!"

"I am?" asked Yagari confused.

"Your head!"


The parents flinched.

"Boys..." Naomi started. "When I said be a brat, I didn't mean try to kill him..."

"Daddy's proud!" gushed Mr. Kiryu as he hugged his two boys.

Yagari then left promptly.

What weirdos.

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