Diamond in the Rough

Summary: Sequel to A New Hope. Newly crowned Rika wishes there was a way to bring back the lost loved ones, for she sees the loneliness of her dad, Rei, Luna, Diana and Haruka. She dares to go to the past to destroy Diamond before he comes to reign Tokyo.

It is thanks to sangoscourage, that I was able to get this sequel up out of the depths of darkness. Most of this first chapter was written by sangoscourage

Chapter One: Plans for a better future

Rika sighed as she signed the last document and closed the folder. Putting it where her secretary could find it easily, the young queen stood up and went over to the window that looked out in in to the luscious gardens.

It had been a week since she had begun her duties as the new queen and ruler of Crystal Tokyo. Everything had been going quite well, and the people loved her, but still, there seemed to be an emptiness, a hole that just couldn't seem to be filled. She had noticed that Haruka, Luna, Diana and her father seemed quite sad sometimes. She did have a good idea of what the problem was; they were missing there loved ones.

Even though Rika could barely remember her mother or her siblings, she still had dreams of her mother playing with her, and of her brother and sister taking her places. Just then she heard a soft knock at the door and turned to see her father and Luna entering the room.

"Rika, is there something troubling you, dear?" Helios asked quietly as he came to stand by his daughter.

"I'm just worried about the two of you, and Haruka. You all seem so sad. I feel that you are still missing mother, father, and you are missing Artemis, Luna. And I have no doubt Haruka is really missing Michiru. I just wish there was something I can do to remedy this." Rika answered sadly.

"We are missing them sweetheart" Helios said softly, sitting down. "It takes time to heal after the loss of a loved one. But what can we do? We can't bring back some one who has died." None of them had noticed Sailor Pluto listening in at the door. She cleared her throat and they turned to look at her.

"I believe there is some thing that can be done your majesty. Since Diamond and Wiseman messed up the timeline; it can be fixed. I can send someone in to the far past where Neo Queen Serenity was still a teenager." Sailor Pluto replied walking further into the room. "To the first time we faced Diamond and the Black Moon Clan"

"How is this possible Pluto?" Helios asked, confused. "Unless Earth is in extreeme danger, you are not allowed to change what has happened."

"I have spoken to my father, Chronos about this and he has agreed to allow Rika to travel to the 21st century to stop Diamond and Wiseman there." Sailor Pluto answered.

"If you don't mind me asking Pluto, Why Rika?" Luna asked, even though she was sure that she knew the answer.

"Rika is the one who stopped them in this time. So she will know what to do, and what will be happening." Sailor Pluto responded.

"Are you up doing this Rika?" Helios asked tentively. He was worried about his daughter, but if it meant that his wife and children would survive, he would let her go.

" Of course father" Rika said firmly. "I want everyone to be happy again, and the damage that Diamond caused, to be repaired. I just want to know who was the one who allowed Diamond and Wiseman to live, if they knew they were evil." Rika answered.

"I'm afraid it was your grandmother; when she was a teenager. She had a kind and gentle heart but she let it bind her at times" Pluto replied. "Diamond was killed by Wiseman the first time he came to Earth and we thought that your grandmother had destroyed Wiseman, but she later revealed that she couldn't do it and she sealed him. He broke free and brought Diamond back to life, more evil than ever" Rika turned to stared out the window.

"Then I will do it, for everyone." She stated firmly before getting lost in her thoughts.

"What is it your highness?" Luna asked, coming closer to Rika.

"I just wish I had known my mother." Rika sighed. Helios placed an arm around his daughter.

"She was a pistol, your mother" He said. "When I first met her, she saved my life. When you meet her, in the past, she'll be much younger than you, for she was a little girl when Diamond invaded Earth the first time" Rika nodded. Sailor Pluto smiled.

"I will come for you soon" She said, vanishing in a puff of smoke.

Rei Hino was sweeping the courtyard of the temple when a woman appeared before her. The woman was dressed as a Sailor Senshi, but one that Rei had never seen before. Rei was unsure of whether or not she needed to transform, but she decided to hear the woman out first.

"Who are you?" She demanded to know, flipping her long black hair over her shoulder.

"Mistress Mars, I need to talk to you in private. Is there a place where we won't be overheard?" Pluto said, not revealing her identity just yet.

"No one is around right now; so we can talk here. Who are you and what is going on?" Rei asked.

"My name is Sailor Pluto, guardian of time, which is why we have never met. It is my duty to stand guard at the gates of time, but I have been given special permission by my father, Chronos, to come here and give you a message. Before I give you my message, you must swear an oath that you will tell absolutely no one about what I am about to tell you." Rei hesitated, but her gut feeling told her that this woman was being completely truthful.

"I swear on my oath as a Shinto miko, I will not convey, in any way, what you have to tell me." She said. Pluto nodded.

"Good. In two day's time, I will be bringing a young visitor from the far future to correct an evil that has been committed in that time period. The reason that I am telling you and none of the others, is that you have a major part in what happened. You must also be aware that this girl looks a lot like Queen Serenity. I must go now, your friends are coming." Pluto told her.

"Very Well, Sailor Pluto. I will meet you and the young girl in meditation field just behind the storage shed." Rei replied as Pluto quickly vanished, just as Makoto and Minako came around the corner.

"Rei, is everything alright. I thought I just saw a flash." Makoto asked, concerned, considering the new threat they were facing.

"Yes everything's good. I think it was just a cloud passing by the sun" Rei replied. Makoto accepted her answer and Minako grabbed Rei by the hand.

"Let's go" She said excitedly. "Everyone's waiting"