Diamond in the Rough

Alternate ending

Rika awoke in her father's arms.

"Papa, did we do it? Did we kill Wiseman?" She asked worriedly.

"Yes you did sweetheart" Helios replied. "Thank you. Thank you for bringing your mother and everyone else back." Rika's eyes watered.

"Mama...and the others are back?" She asked quietly. A soft lovely voice was heard from behind Helios.

"Yes I am my baby girl." It was her mother, Serenity.

"Mama?" Rika whispered. "MAMA." She yelled suddenly, tears of happiness running down her cheeks as she ran in to her mother's arms at long last. Serenity stroked her daughter's hair.

"Everything is okay now" She whispered. "You saved us all"

"I was so scared Mama" Rika whispered. "I was afraid that I'd fail" Serenity chuckled.

"You're grandmother and I failed many times before we got things right during our battles" She said. "But you Rika, you saved Diamond, Emerald and Sapphire as well as the rest of us. You have a good heart and I can see that you will be a wonderful princess. I regret that we will never really get those years back when you lived with Rei, but we can all start a new era" Rika smiled, but then her smile fell.

"My warriors" She said quietly. "If the other senshi are alive, then..." Helios smiled.

"They are living normal happy lives" He replied. "When the time is right, they will return to the palace"

"So, it's over" Rika said quietly.

"Yes, my darling. It's over" Serenity said. Rika smiled and took her mother's hand. They exited to room to go meet her brother and sister. She had suceeded.